Best Outdoor Table Tennis Tables in 2021

We have pooled down the list of top-quality best table tennis tables for you in 2020.

The list contains the top 7 Best Tables to play table tennis with detailed analysis, buyers’ feedback & user reviews online.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Table Tennis Tables in 2021


The following list contains the major world-class popular table tennis tables for you in the year 2020.


JOOLA is one of the most known and famous brands in table tennis. The JOOLA Nova DX and JOOLA Nova Pro Plus are outdoor table tennis table that is specially designed with constancy & recreation in mind.

It has a 6mm aluminum plastic composite table-top which makes it in-corrigible and prevents it from warping out of shape in humidity & atmospheric moisture.

The main difference between the two models is that the nova pro plus has heavy wheels (6” the DX model, which has 3’’).

It gets good reviews from sports lovers. Let’s have a look at its features.


• Dimensions – 9 ft. x 5 ft. (Regulation size)
• Weight – 144 lbs.
• Assembly time – 15 minutes (Arrives 95% pre-assembled)
• Surface thickness – 6mm aluminum plastic composite top


  •  easy to assemble
  • weather resistant net (it has a 72’’ weatherproof net)
  • one year warranty
  •  it has a 6mm weather-resistant surface


  •  Wheels are not of better quality
  • Storage is much more complicated. You need to unscrew both sides of the net to separate the halves. For setup from the folded position, it’s even harder, you have to find even ground, then screw and tighten the net.

Final Words

Overall, Joola Nova is very good and affordable table tennis.

Easy to move, and it is very durable even if you don’t cover it, but we suggest putting a cover on it when not in use.

2. Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table review

Stiga XTR is one of the most popular and known outdoor table-tennis tables in the world. Its construction is too innovative that offers a quality surface.

It has been getting very positive comments over the last years on amazon too. Talking about its specifications, listed as follows:


• Dimensions : 9 x 5 feet (Regulation size)
• Weight: 166 lbs.
• Assembly time:10 minutes (comes 95% preassembled)
• Surface thickness: 6mm Aluminum composite surface

Looking towards its positive side, some main features are:


  • Strong, durable, and weatherproof frame
  • Easy to fold & has a playback feature
  • has a 72-inch exterior grade net
  • one year warranty
  • Portable (table easy to move around)
  •  simple and quick to assemble
  •  Very reasonable price


Not too many cons but some are as follows:

  • Heavy (heavier than other similar products)
  • Don’t come with a cover (you should always use a water-proof cover)
  • thickest tables get the better bounce, but it has not much thickest table thickness

Final Words

Ideal for regular players as Stiga ensures you a one-year warranty, besides this, it assembles quickly and simply, easy to move the table around and most of all price is much reasonable so why not go for it.