Rules Of Tetherbal | How to Play [ Basic Winning Strategies, Fouls ]

Tetherball rules how to play

Tetherball is a famous game. The basic rules of Tetherball require two players strike a volleyball with their hands. In the game setup a ball is suspended from a stationary metal pole. A rope or tether is used for this purpose. The game has further winning strategies, fouls etc as explained with basic official rules. … Read more

301 Darts Rules | Scoring, Winning, How to Play [ Players Guide ]

301 darts rules how to play

If you have ever witnessed your friends playing with darts, then you must have probably thought for a while how simple and interesting this game is! Certainly to play darts 301 you needed to get familiar with 301 darts rules, scoring and other rules etc. This brief guide is dedicated for the purpose to let … Read more

Kubb Rules | How to Play Kubb [ Game Rules & Instructions ]

Kubb Rules how to play

Kubb is a game played at an area of short, regularly mown grass, called a lawn. As per the Kubb’s rules, basic objective of the game is to strike over wooden blocks called, kubbar. The players throw wooden batons (kastpinnar) at them. Kubb can be explained as a mixture of bowling and horseshoes. Play startsĀ  … Read more

Crokinole Rules | 5 Important Rules, Techniques, Scoring [ Official Rules ]

Crokinole Rules how to play crokinole

Wondering to know the basics of crokinole game rules, techniques, shots, scoring etc? I’ll explain here crokinole rules basics, game setup, equipment, how to play 3 players & 3 players crokinole, in simple steps Crokinole Board Game Basically, Crokinoleis a board game. It is more or less like the Carrom board game. Setting Up Before … Read more