Kabaddi Brief History & Popular Types

History of Kabaddi, Kabaddi types & Skills

Kabddi is the super sport with a wonderful history behind. There are a different types of Kabaddi, played at different levels, across the world. Let’s explore in depth to understand; Kabaddi history with popular types, , brief timeline, etymology, skills & facts that we needed to know about Kabaddi sport. History of Kabaddi, Timeline & … Read more

Croquet Sport; History, Game Types, Equipment & Skills

Croquet Sport, Hisotry, Equipment & Objectives-Croquet Sport

Croquet is a glorious game in the truest sense. It offers aesthetic delight and immense recreation. Here is a comprehensive guide on the game of Croquet that incorporates brief history, game types, equipment review, croquet setup, basic terms and complete players guide in all. Croquet History, Game Types, Equipment, Court Setup, 6/9 Wicket Croquet, Basic … Read more

Racquetball vs Squash & Tennis | Racquetball Comparison

Racquetball vs Squash

There is a bit difference between racquetball and Squash sport. They differ in terms of strategy, court equipment and in rules of playing. Comparison: Racquetball Vs Squash | Racquetball Vs Tennis Sport The following article deals extensively with the difference between racquetball and squash sport. 1. Racquetball vs Squash Racquetball and Squash are played on … Read more

Racquetball History, Equipment, Tips & Techniques to Play

Racquetball history, equipment, tips & Techniques

Racquetball is indeed a game of wonderful excitement. Here we are to discuss brief history of racquetball, tips and tricks for beginners as well as advanced level players, racquetball equipment including racquetball court, ball, eye guards, gloves etc. Let’s move ahead! Racquetball: Brief History, Equipment, Skills & Techniques of Playing Racquetball was invented by a … Read more

Shuffleboard History | Shuffleboard Court & Equipment

Shuffleboard is one of the remarkable sport in terms of ease, interest and comfort of playing. It can be played both indoor as well as outdoor. Played both singles as well as doubles, this game comes with different variation and names. The shuffleboard is an oldest historical sport with well defined rules, objectives & equipment … Read more