100+Cricket Team Names [ Unique, Cool, Funny, Powerful ]

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Let’s exhilarate cricket passion with the wonderful selection of Unique, funny, sweet, best powerful cricket Team names. This huge list of 100+ Cricket team names is going to boost your cricket experience to a wonderful extent.

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List of 100+ Unique, Cool, Funny, Powerful Cricket Team Names [Latest 2022]

We all know that after Soccer, Cricket is the most popular game that is played, watched and adorned worldwide. It is basically a team sport that comprises 11 players.

Cricket Team Names [Unique, Funny, Wonderful, Creative ]

Moreover, each team has a unique team name that is the identification of a group of 11 members. This set of 11 players, under a unique team name, plays various formats of the game that include international competitions, country wise T20 leagues, county-based tournaments and domestic events.

When it comes to international level, each team represents own country and, therefore, each team is known by the name of its country. And, when it comes to country-based T20 leagues such as IPL, CPL, BB, PSL, BPL, T20 BLAST etc, each team is designated with the name of particular state, province, region or capital city.

When it comes to cricket, there’s an added excitement; the top famed cricket players, the leagues and cool names for cricket teams are superb and wonderful, when it come for a die hard cricket fan!

Similarly, the county-wise and domestic events have teams with different county or regional team names for such competition.

However, when it comes to the club, school or college level cricket or even less formal tournaments of cricket, each team has to choose a unique and dashing team name so as to be different from others and also pose a threat to the opposite teams.

Excluding international cricket team names (where the choice of the name of teams is not entertained and simply the name of a country is the name of its team), the league teams, county teams, domestic teams, clubs, school or college teams have to opt an awesome team name for their being distinct from the rest of the competitors. Ah! not to forget here, that Indians cricketers are loved and adored!

Actually, selecting a superb team name is not an easy task. It entails a thorough analysis of the nature and level of the events that you intend to participate.

In case you intend to participate in domestic events, you may think of your area which you are going to represent; in case you are keen on partaking in eye-catching T20 leagues, you may give preference to your region or city; in case you are desirous of playing a small tournament with your club, you might be willing to designate the club with a powerful team name.

Moreover, when you are among the administration of a school or college and wish to participate in school level or college level cricket events, you would probably entitle your team with name of your institution. Last but not least, when you are an avid cricket and want to play with your amateur teammates, you can select any team name of your liking.

However, for nonprofessional or pastime cricket matches, you can choose funny team names, crazy team names, cool team names, good , awesome, powerful, fashionable, dangerous and team names according to colors such as blue team names, pink team names and so on.

In order to help you choose the best team name for your team, we have mentioned key factors below. Moreover, to readily pick a team name for your team we have arranged an exhaustive list of team names for your assistance.

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How to Find the Wonderful Cricket Team Names;  Step by Step Guide

Let’s have a glance at the factors of team name selection before you choose the name of teams:

  • Since a cricket team has 11 players, you need to take every player in confidence before selecting the name for your team.
  •  Choose the name of your locality for your team. For instance, the name of your region, state, city, town or village can be the name of your team.
  • Choose a name of your institution, department or bank that you are playing for.
  • Choose a name that is the combination of only two words. Out of these two words, one should be of your locality or institution and the other should be a dynamic one that may represent your spirit.
  •  Choose a name according to nature and level of the events. Formal team names suite international events, whereas, informal or funky names of teams suite leagues, club tournaments and friendly matches.

Note: You can also generate a unique team name with the help of team name generator. Team name generator is available online.

All you need is to ask the name of your team, and the team name generator will provide you with the unique team name. However, you can not solely rely on the team name generator.

Huge List of Cricket Team Names

Let’s now have a look at the list of cricket team names. Our list is based on top ten categories; we are sure that our list will cater the needs of your diverse choices.

1. Cricket Team Names Unique

As we know that each cricket team is unique owing to its name and the color of its uniform. Indeed, the name of a team gives us the first impression about its strength and courage.

So, a team with unique name always has the upper hand. Unique team names are suitable for any type of events.
Let’s now have a look at the top ten unique team names:

  1. Belligerents
  2. Challengers
  3. Strikers
  4. Sixers
  5. Smashers
  6. Destroyers
  7. Fighters
  8. Champions
  9. Guardians
  10. Victors

You can easily add the name of your region, city or locality before this word. That is how it will make the name of your team an exceptionally unique one.

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2. Cool Cricket Team Names

Cool names of teams are suitable for the teams that participate in nonprofessional tournaments. These tournaments may be organized at local levels, and the players involved may be amateur. However, the cool team names also instill a sense of supremacy over the opponent teams.

Let’s check the top ten cool team names:

  1. Invincible
  2. Conquerors
  3. Lords
  4. Maestros
  5. Gurus
  6. Rebels
  7. Leviathans
  8. Heroes
  9. Superstars
  10. Big guns

You can easily add the name of your region, city or locality before this word. That’s how it will make the name of your team an exceptionally cool one.

3. Funny Cricket Team Names

The word funny is self explanatory; it involves fun, mirth, pleasure, merriment and hilarity. The teams which play friendly matches may pick funny team names in order to entertain the audience to a larger extent.

Actually, the friendly matches are aimed at attracting the massive number of audience and entertaining them with hilarious team names and similar type of batting, bowling and fielding in the ground.

Here is the list of funny Cricket team names:

  1.  Bat Breakers
  2.  Bowl Smashers
  3.  Pitch Demolishers
  4.  Crazy 11
  5.  All Nuts11
  6.  Rowdy 11
  7.  Duck Scorers
  8.  Catch Droppers
  9.  Willow Wielders
  10.  Sloth11

You can easily add the name of your region, city or locality after the words containing 11 digits. That’s how it will make the name of your team an exceptionally funny one.

4. Powerful Cricket Team Names

With the advent of T20 format, the playing nature of cricketers and cricket has changed drastically. Nowadays, the players with muscular body, brutal force and unprecedented power hitting rule the arenas.

Moreover, the teams with hard-hitting players and powerful team names rule the point’s table of every tournament. In nutshell, having a powerful team name proves to be an alarm of danger for the rival teams.

Underlying is the list of top ten powerful team names:

  1.  Titans
  2.  Incredibles
  3.  Tornadoes
  4.  Hurricanes
  5.  Giants
  6.  Game Changers
  7.  Mighty Sixers
  8.  Vikings
  9.  Sultans
  10.  Thunder

You can easily add the name of your region, city or locality before this word. That’s how it will make the name of your team an exceptionally powerful one.

5. Good Cricket Team Names

Good team names imply that you are friendly and non-aggressive on the field. Furthermore, you just want to play the game with positive approach and want to maintain positive relationship with the opposite sides.

Good team names are suitable for teams that avoid unfriendliness, rashness, aggression, cheating and above all arguments.

Given below is the list of good team names:

  1. Run Chasers
  2.  Big Scorers
  3.  Magicians
  4.  Sportsmen11
  5.  Committed Cricketers
  6.  Sensible Stars
  7.  Winners
  8.  Energetic Eleven
  9.  Dynamic11
  10.  Victorious

You can easily add the name of your region, city or locality before this word. That’s how it will make the name of your team an exceptionally good one.

6. Colorful Cricket Team Names

You must have heard the name of teams associated with the color of uniform they wear. Such names can be chosen by any team (except international teams) for any type of format or event.

It is important to note that some teams pick a particular color for a reason such as being a lucky color, color of the flag, representation of an idea, symbolic color of the region and so on.

Have a look at the following list:

  1.  The Blues
  2.  The Reds
  3.  The Greens
  4.  The Men in Black
  5.  The Whites
  6.  The Pinks
  7.  The Yellows
  8.  The Browns
  9.  The Indigos
  10.  The Silvers

These names are only for the teams that are dressed in above mentioned colors. We cannot use them otherwise. In nutshell, these names of teams are color specific.

7. Fantasy League Team Names

Fantasy cricket league is basically an online cricket game that is based on the principles of IPL: Indian Premier League. In order to play fantasy cricket you need to choose your Dream11.

After selecting your Dream11, you can pick a name for your Dream11. Let’s see which names are suggested for Dream11 that will take part in fantasy cricket league.

Here is a suggested list of Dream11 for fantasy cricket league:

  1.  Gladiators
  2.  Warriors
  3.  Gallants
  4.  Spartans
  5.  Knight Rider
  6.  Royals
  7.  Kings
  8.  Megastars
  9.  Supernovas
  10.  Legends

You can easily add the name of your region, city or locality before this word. That’s how it will make the name of your team an exceptionally fantastic one.

8. Animalistic  Cricket Team Names

The names of animals are often picked by the teams for certain reasons. Some teams pick animal names for their strength, courage, intelligence and stature and some teams pick them because those animals represent their national recognition.

Let’s have a look at the names of teams associated with animals:

  1.  Tigers
  2.  Lions
  3.  Pythons
  4.  Stallions
  5.  Stages
  6.  Falcons/Eagles
  7.  Bears
  8.  Hawks
  9.  Cobras
  10.  Panthers

You can easily add the name of your region, city or locality before this word. That’s how it will make the name of your team an exceptionally brutal one.

9. Strong Team Names For Cricket

In simple terms, stronger the name a team has, better the way it plays. In modern day cricket, strength, force, aggression, dominance and determination are the factors that really matter at the end of the day.

Therefore, to have a strong name does matter a lot. When you are playing a limited overs’ cricket, it is better to go with a strong team name.

The strong team names are:

  1.  Master Blasters
  2.  Hard Hitters
  3.  Brutal Batters
  4.  Muscular11
  5.  Hercules
  6.  Superiors
  7.  Ultimate Warriors
  8.  Supermen
  9.  Thunderbolts
  10.  Sun Riders

10. Desi Team Names

Desi team names are specific to the local areas predominately those of India, Pakistan and other subcontinent. In some countries of subcontinent, particularly India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Nepal, cricket is played locally with peculiar names of the teams.

So, the teams, which play cricket at local level, are advised to pick any suitable name from among the above mentioned cricket team names.

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