Racquetball vs Squash & Tennis | Racquetball Comparison

There is a bit of difference between racquetball and Squash sport. They differ in terms of strategy, court equipment, and rules of playing.

Comparison: Racquetball Vs. Squash | Racquetball Vs. Tennis Sport


The following article deals extensively with the difference between racquetball and squash sport.

1. Racquetball vs. Squash

Racquetball and Squash are played on a rectangular and enclosed court with racquets and balls.

Both games use the same equipment and same courts with minor differences. Let’s find out those slight differences between two seemingly similar games.

A. The Court

Both courts are the same in shape. Both courts are rectangular and enclosed with the help of 4 walls and a ceiling. But what makes their courts different is their measurement.

A racquetball court measures 20 feet wide, 20 feet high, and 40 feet long.

While a squash court is slightly smaller in width and length, and height than a racquetball court, and it measures 21 feet in width, 32 in length, and 15 in height.

B. The Racket

Racquetball has larger courts, while squash has larger rackets. A squash racket is larger in the sense that it measures 27 inches in length.

Conversely, a racquetball racket is roughly 22 inches in length. But racquetball rackets have larger heads as compared to squash. Larger heads are due to the larger ball that is used in racquetball.

C. The Ball

The balls used in both games are different from each other in two ways.

1.  Size:  The size of a racquetball is larger than a squash ball. Racquetball measures 6 cm in diameter, while a squash ball is 4 cm in diameter

2. Bounce: The racquetball ball is bouncier than a squash ball.

Note: Both the balls are made from rubber.

D. The Rules

This is an apparent difference between both games.

In racquetball, players are allowed two chances while serving, as is done in tennis. While, in squash a player has only one attempt at his disposal.

In racquetball, the server has to make the ball bounce on the surface before hitting it to the front wall. While, this rule is does not apply in squash.

In racquetball, a player can hit any part of the court be it four walls or ceiling. While in squash, hitting ceiling is not permissible.

In racquetball, a standard match consists of 2 games, that go on 15 points. In case a match gets tied, a game of 11 points is played to declared the winner.

Additionally, no rule of winning a game with the margin of 2 clear points is applied in racquetball.

On the other hand, a squash game can go up to 9 to 11 points. A game has to be won with two clear points as done in tennis and some other games.

Racquetball vs. Tennis; Comparison

Racquetball differs from Tennis sport in varying ways.

The following piece of writing discusses the difference between racquetball and tennis sport in terms of official rules, serving strategies, equipment, and tactics of playing.

a. The Courts

The court of racquetball is rectangular as that of tennis. But they, unlike tennis, are enclosed by four walls.

The Tennis court is fairly larger than that of racquetball. It measures 78 feet by 39 feet. While the racquetball court measures 20 feet wide, 20 feet high, and 40 feet long.

Both games have indoor and outdoor courts. Tennis courts are made from clay, cement, or grass. While racquetball courts are either wooden or cemented.

b. The Serve

There is one similarity in the services of both games. In both games, the server is allowed a second chance to serve if the first chance goes wrong. Other than that, there are many differences. They are:

In racquetball, players do not stand in opposing directions. They just stand side by side and hit the shots to the front wall.

There is no net in racquetball. While in tennis, players have to stand in opposing directions.

They face each other and respond to the strokes that come from the opposite side of the court after crossing a middle, fixed net.

c. The Rackets

Tennis and racquetball rackets have a similar shape but different sizes. A tennis racket is larger, approximately 28 inches from one end to the last end.

While a racket of the racquetball is, as per official rules, 22 inches from end to end.

A tennis racket does not come with a hand placer (a supportive band that helps in preventing the racket from slipping out of hand), while a racquetball racket comes with a hand placer.

d. Rubber Balls

Both games use hallow rubber balls featuring considerable bounce. The tennis ball is larger in size than a racquetball.

A tennis ball is covered with fluffy wool and is normally yellow in color. While a racquetball is not covered with any substance and is multi-colored, predominantly blue.

e. Scoring

Scoring in Racquetball is simpler than that in tennis. In racquetball, a player can normally score on serving, while this does not apply to tennis.

In racquetball, a match consists of 2 games with 15 points in each game. While in tennis, the number of points is 60.

In racquetball, the winner has to score 15 points before his opponent without leading by 2 clear points.

On the other hand, in tennis, one has to score 60 points before his opponent and must lead with 2 clear points.


Therefore, it is crystal clear from the above-mentioned detailed analysis of the difference between racquetball, squash, and tennis sport.