Dodgeball Rules | How to Play Dodgeball

Dodgeball Rules, How to play dodgeball

Dodgeball game always brings laughter and joy on the faces of both; the players and the spectators. In this game you see the players rushing, throwing and catching the ball, diving, ducking and jumping to eliminate opposing players. To make you fully learn this game, we have brought an all-inclusive guide for the beginner and … Read more

Croquet Rules | How to Play, a Detailed Players Guide

Croquet is an outdoor game, that is played on a grassy lawn like golf. As in this players Guide we have focused on Croquet rules, how to play the game, Scoring System, Faults, Strategies, Skills & Tips for playing a beginner to advanced level Croquet Game. If you are overly competitive and looking for an … Read more

Squash Rules | A Complete Players Guide 2021

Squash sport is quite a unique and aesthetic experience! Here following is the detailed Players Guide on Squash rules that include equipment, court dimension, match duration, playing format, Scoring system, hindrances, fouls, Penalties, Strategies etc. The following extensive guide is quite handy for beginners to advanced level squash sport playing. Squash Rules | Scoring System, … Read more

Kho Kho Rules : How to Play [ Scoring, Faults, Skills, Chasers, Defenders ]

Kho Kho Rules & Regulations

Welcome to a detailed and  in depth study of Kho Kho sport with its complete rules and regulations, skills, equipment, terminology, players, team composition and advanced level kho kho playing strategies with a careful discussion on major Kho kho related questions and answers in the end. Kho Kho Rules | How to Play Kho Kho … Read more

Racquetball Rules [ Scoring, Serving, Faults, hinders, Shot ] Expert Guide

Racquetball Rules, beginners & advanced level players guide 2020

The racquetball sport is a fun to be with. The following articles, as brought to you, sheds light on each and every aspect of racquetball sport, including its brief history, objectives, rules to play racquetball with additional questions that you may wonder  while you learn how to play racquetball from being a beginner to an … Read more