Bocce Ball Rules [ Court, Scoring, Skills, Fouls ] An Expert Guide

Ever wondered how the bocce ball game is played with 8 large balls and another smaller one? Like all other sports rules, bocce ball has a wonderfully detailed rules & regulations. These rules of bocceball precisely define its rules, foul, penalties, skills & necessary equipment to play bocceball game. Scroll down and take the advantage … Read more

Tennis Rules [ Scoring, Rules for Singles & Doubles Tennis ] Expert Guide

Tennis Rules; How to Play Tennis

Tennis is, of course, more challenging than any other racket sport due to its unique scoring and playing pattern. This lucidly written article contains brief history, object & equipment needed to play tennis, rules of tennis including: court dimension, playing formats, starting & winning the match, scoring system, fouls, penalties, skills & techniques to play … Read more

Ultimate Frisbee Rules [ Scoring System, Positions, Fouls ] Expert Guide

Ultimate Frisbee Rules How to Play Ultimate Frisbee Guide

The game of Ultimate Frisbee is, unquestionably, worth experiencing. It is full of pleasure, discipline, grace and spirit of sports-shipment. Interestingly, the players themselves follow and implement the laws of the game since this game need not any referee. Following is a compendious guide on the game of Ultimate Frisbee, that is equally useful for … Read more