Spikeball Rules: How to Play [ Scoring, Serving, Winning, Rallies, Faults ]

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Spikeball Rules| Equipment, Team Makeup, Official Rules How to Play Expert Guide


Spikeball or round-net, is a team sport that is similar to volleyball (in terms of spiking). It is played by two teams of two players on a trampoline-like small netting surface—the set.

The players of both teams position in a way that each player should be facing his opponent standing across the center round-net; one of the players holds the bouncy ball.

How Spikeball is Played; A Brief Summary

Spikeball is a super sport. The basic purpose of this game is to outperform your opponent’s team by scoring more points than they do.

To meet this object, the players need to hit the ball off the net and make it difficult for the opponent to return it properly. Similar to many games, spike-ball also starts with the serve.

The server needs to stand at a distance of 6 feet from the round net before making the serve. Whereas the returner can stand at whatever distance he chooses.

Once the ball is served, the players can move in any direction they want because there are no boundaries, no sides.

In the process of hitting and returning the ball, a team has only 3 touches per possession. However, it is not necessary to use all three hits every time you get the ball.

Moreover, the hits must alternate between teammates, and the ball must be hit, lifted, thrown, or knocked with any part of your body except both hands together; use one hand instead.

A point is scored when you win a rally.

The rally is won when the ball hits the ground instead of the net, the ball hits the rim, the ball does not bounce off the net, the ball lands underneath the net and is trapped in the net, or the returner fails to make the ball bounce onto the net. Generally,

Spike ball games are played to either 15 or 21 points. The winner needs to lead by two points.

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Equipment Needed to Play Spikeball

Like all other sports, Spikeball does need a little stuff that you need as the essential Spikeball equipment. The early preparation for playing Spikeball includes the availability of the following essential things/equipment;

  1. Prepare the Team or the Team Makeup
  2. The Ground/Court Requirements for Spikeball
  3. Arrange the Spikeball Equipment
    • The Inflated Bouncy Ball
    • The Spikeball Set

Now, let’s deeply understand the equipment and early requirements for spikeball in depth.

1. Team Makeup & Requirements

Spikeball is a team sport. Each team consists of two players. In official matches, male and female players team up against male and female players.

However, if you take it as a recreational activity, you can play with any gender you possibly convince to join you.

In fact, this game requires equal participation of both teammates. As a rule, each player has to face his/her opponent from the beginning.

Moreover, each player has to touch the ball on alternate turns. So, the position, role, participation, commitment, coordination, and alertness are of vital importance in Spikeball.

2. Spikeball Court/Ground

The significant part of Spikeball court is round and looks like a small trampoline with a net.

On the whole, Spikeball court consists of the set, service lines, and additional playing space.

As per rules, the recommended size of the court is 25X25. As there is no concept of out of bounds, the players may operate in any direction.

Along with it, you are needed to understand the following major lines or parts of Spikeball Court. They include;

  1. The Set
  2. Serving Lines
  3. Additional Playing Area

a). The Set: The set hosts the actual round-net on which the ball has to bounce. It is assembled, grounded, and placed in the middle of the court.

b). Serving Lines: This circular line is designated for the serving. It is drawn either at a distance of 6 feet from the edge of the set or at a distance of 7.5 feet from the center of the set.

Moreover, hash marks are drawn at four serving positions for four players.

c). Additional Playing Area:  As there is no concept of out of bounds, this game allows 360 areas. The players can play in any direction and area around the set.

However, they remain close to the roundness so that they may not lose a point.

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3. Equipment to Play Spikeball

Spikeball is one of those games which need very less equipment to play. There are two necessary pieces of equipment that you need if you want to play it.

A). Inflated bouncy ball: An inflated ball with 12 inches circumference is used in Spikeball. It is soft, bouncy, and lightweight.

B). The Set:  The set of Spikeball is not ready-made; it needs proper assembly. The set includes 5 rims, 5 legs, and a net. It measures 3 feet in diameter and 8 inches in height.

Basic Steps; How to Play Spikeball?

Spikeball is fairly easy to play and master. All you need is to understand its following rules and follow a step-wise guide.

Steps of playing Spikeball

  • First of all, arrange an inflated Spikeball, the set, an additional area, and two teams of two players each.
  • Go for the toss to decide the first server.
  • Take your positions in a way that each player should be facing the opponent.
  • The position of players has to be around the set, near the circular serving line.
  • The server needs to stand at a distance of 6 feet from the set and do the service toward the opponent. See serving rules below.
  • As soon as the service is done and responds properly, you can change your directions in any way you want.
  • Try your best to make the ball touch the set and beat your opponent so that you can win a rally and, as a result,  a point. See scoring rules.
  • As per rules, a team is allowed three touches to make the ball land on the net.
  • If a team fails to do so, it loses a point.
  • Teams can use any part of the body to strike the ball except two hands collectively.
  • Throwing, catching, or hitting the ball with two hands is not allowed.
  • Spikeball games are played until 15 or 21 points. Moreover, you need to lead by 2 points.
  • In case a game ends in a tie, the first team scoring two more points is declared the winner.

Spikeball Rules | 5 Essential Rules of Spikeball

Similar to all professional games, Spikeball also has certain predefined rules of play. The basic rules of playing spikeball are as follows;

Rule #1. Scoring Rules for Spikeball

In Spikeball, a team can score points in a number of following ways:

  • When the opposing team misses returning the ball to the set (round-net).
  • When the opponent’s ball hits the rim instead of the center.
  • When the opposing player commits two successive faults.
  • When an opposing team makes a point-loss infraction.
  • When the ball gets trapped underneath the net.

Rule #2.  Winning a Game

A spikeball game consists of either 15 or 21 points. The team that scores 15 points or 21 points and is leading the opposing team by 2 clear points wins the match.

In case both the teams have scored 14-14 points or 20-20 points, the game continues until one team leads by 2 clear points.

Rule #3. Serving Rules For Spikeball

Service is the soul of Spikeball. So, you need to understand the basic rules of service before you start playing Spikeball

Given below are the major rules regarding service:

Before making the server, the server needs to stand at least 6 feet away from the edge of the set.

The server should make his/her feet before serving. While serving, the server must maintain contact with the ground with either foot.

The server is allowed to take one step in any direction he/she wants to. Before hitting the ball, the server must release the ball and let it travel 4 inches.

Service should be made with strike only; throwing or catching the ball is not allowed.

The server is allowed to strike hard or soft. Short serves are also permissible. The serve must not go over the erected palm of the receiver; this height is beyond reach.

Rule #4. Rules for Rallies

To score a point, a team has to win a rally. A rally is an exchange of playing actions between two opponents. It starts with the service and ends at the moment when the ball is out of the play.

Here are the basic rules for the rallies in Spikeball.

  • In case the serving team wins a rally, they win a point and retain the serve.
  • In case the opposing team wins a rally, they win a point and a chance to serve the next ball.

Rule #5. Main Faults/Fouls in Spikeball

Spikeball also has some faults which, if committed, lead to the loss of points. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid those fouls while playing the game.

Let’s find out the major faults found in Spikeball.

  • It is a foul if the server strikes the ball within the range of 6 feet from the set.
  • It is a foul if the server strikes the ball before letting it travel 4 inches.
  • It is a fault if the server throws the ball instead of striking it.
  • It is a fault if the receiver catches it.
  • If the server touches the serving line before doing the service, it is a violation.
  • If the server fails to maintain one point of contact with the pivot foot.
  • If the ball hits the rim and changes direction.
  • If the ball, after hitting the net, bounces higher than the height of the returner.
  • If the ball misses the set entirely and lands on the ground.
  • In the case of Lobster Trap—the ball lands underneath the set.
  • Any player impeding the way of his opponent.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Spikeball Rules & Regulations

1.  Who invented Spikeball?

Jeff Knurek, an American cartoonist and toy maker, invented Spikeball in 1989.

2. When it re-merge on the scene?

It was 2008 when Spikeball regained its lost glory.

3. Which game is considered the mother of Spikeball?

Roundness is presumably called the mother of Spikeball.

4. Is Spikeball a costly game?

No, Spikeball is affordable. All you need is an inflated ball and a roundness.

5. Which surface is preferable for Spikeball?

You can play Spikeball on any surface. But, it is recommended to find grassy and soft turf because this game involves diving and jumping.

6. How many times can I hit a ball?

You are allowed to hit the ball thrice before making it land on the set.

7. Can I strike/hit any part of my body?

Yes, you can. However, you are not allowed to strike with two hands.


In recent times, Spikeball has become mainstream. It is growing popular every passing day and is making its way into every country of the world. It is highly competitive, acrobatic, thrilling, and full of fun.

Moreover, it needs a few pieces of equipment—an inflated ball and the set—that makes it easily affordable.

We expect that this player’s guide serves your purpose.

In addition to this, you can check here complete guidelines of major sports rules & regulations.