Baseball Team Names [ Fantasy, Funny, Cleveland Updated 2022 ]

Baseball is a wonderful sport. But, more than the sport itself, it is the team name that inspires! Thereby, the need to choose a baseball team name comes as first priority.

A true name of a baseball team is a combination of all, including; fantasy, funny, Cleveland, minor or major league, backyard, old, or the new baseball team name.

While going through tons of baseball team names, one might get confused! That’s why we have chosen the best selected and most recommended list of wonderful baseball team names.

Baseball Team Names | List of 150+ Baseball Team Names


Baseball is known to be America’s favorite pastime sports game. Be it young or old, everybody loves and can play this game for fun.

Many times even special tournaments are held in some places, so in order to represent a team, we need a decent and incredible name for it to get on, but this can be an awfully tough task too.

Baseball Tteam Names, 150 huge funny, creative baseball names


So, Below we have listed down 150+ baseball team names for your benefit also some tips for you to create your ideas.

21 Fantasy Baseball Team Names

  • Mark Green
  • Red Raiders
  • Ruddy Hotshots
  • Ebony Bats
  • Raven Bears
  • Black Knights
  • Gloomy Bloods
  • Blue Whales
  • Imperial Blues
  • Blue Man squad
  • Red, White, Blues
  • Nonchalant Yellow
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Purple Haze
  • Silver Surfers
  • Rosy Ladies
  • Pink Panthers
  • Gold pearls
  • White Sox
  • MurkyHounds
  • Quick shooters

30+ Best Funny Baseball Team Names

  • Ninja horns 
  • Sluggers
  • Avengers
  • Sexy Demons
  • Hot Hunters
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Bunt cakes
  • Sweet cheeks
  • Smoking bunts
  • Dirt Devils
  • Fly guys
  • Dingers
  • Diamond ace
  • Scrappers
  • Hitler attitude
  • Alpha males
  • Nasty boys
  • Bad boys
  • Champions
  • Cereal killers
  • Chicks with kicks
  • Terminators
  • Thunderbirds
  • Thunderstorm
  • Explosive chicks
  • Amigos
  • Bisons
  • Cute Tigers
  • The Softies
  • Bad news
  • Slam
  • Slam dunk
  • Danger
  • Smash

Funny, creative baseball team names

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19+ Good Baseball Team Names

  • Menace
  • Dunks
  • The Wild
  • Hit makers
  • Ka-Boom
  • Wilderness
  • Good as Gold
  • The Outsiders
  • Heatwave
  • The Hotshots
  • Supernovas
  • Alley Cats
  • Bat Crackers
  • Bases Loaded
  • Strike Attempts
  • Felons
  • Fastball Force
  • Wild Pitch Posse
  • Smash Hits
  • Power Zone
  • The Baserunners
  • Energy possessors
  • Striker

15+ Best Backyard Baseball Team Names

  • Dugout Diablos
  • Velocity
  • Rain Check
  • Bat to Base
  • Left Field Legends
  • Snowstorm
  • Homers
  • Nuggets
  • Saints
  • Timberwolves
  • Red hawks
  • Aggressors
  • Roughriders
  • The blast
  • The Isotopes
  • Sole mates
  • Sole Sisters
  • Sole Brothers

Best backyard unique baseball team names

11+ Cleveland Baseball Team Names

  • Defenders
  • 18 legs
  • Splinters
  • Cowboys
  • Brewers
  • Miserable legs
  • Flame throwers
  • The Dirty Dozen
  • Hitmen
  • Spartans
  • Head hunters
  • Slick fielders
  • Whammers
  • Eagles

11+ Minor League Baseball Team Names

  • Night owls
  • Bearcats
  • Whitecaps
  • Raptors
  • Americans
  • Perfecto’s
  • Independence
  • The Bandits
  • The Wild
  • Saints
  • Podunk Posse
  • Seabirds

15 Old Baseball Team Names

  • Coyotes
  • Avalanche
  • Pistons
  • Terrapins
  • Fire birds
  • Fireflies
  • Fire catchers
  • Battalion
  • Kings
  • Empires
  • River rats
  • Chunky guys
  • Awesome Blossoms
  • Dead-eye Daisies
  • Frantic Men
  • Feisty Females
  • Revenging Angels

13+ Baseball Travel Team Names

  • Mohawks without Barbers
  • Hoods and Saints
  • Secret Agents
  • The Flaming Flamingos
  • Disputing Mongooses
  • The Best Team
  • Columbian Boot Weasels
  • Honey Badgers
  • Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  • Insane Cows
  • Great Balls of Fire
  • Awkward Turtles
  • Astonishing Armadillos
  • Crazy Squids
  • Chuck Norris Offspring
  • Pokémon Rescue Squad
  • Donkey Kong Killers
  • The Splendid Pineapples

Baseball Team Name Ideas | How to Create a Good Baseball Team Name

A strong mantra, an animal mascot, a punny connection to the game, or an animal mascot can be included in the process of finding a great name for your baseball team.

Basically, It’s all about finding the perfect fit for your particular team.

Super fantasy baseball team names ideas

To create a really good name for your baseball team, while conferring, we need to keep the hereafter tips in mind in order to give it a perfect name:

1. Member’s Input: Input of teammates is necessary

According to the famous saying, “teamwork makes the teamwork!” no task should be left to an individual person.

The decision of the perfect baseball team name should be taken by all the members of the team. Ask the teammates about what they like and what type of name they want.

2. Get inspiration from the sport:

Shortlist everything you love about baseball games to get inspiration for the name of your team.

3. Branding:

The name of your team is the team’s identity, so you should also analyze the brand you want to compose for your team.

Do you want to be seen as a fun and energetic team?

The one that takes the game very seriously, or one that could bat with the best of them?

Choosing the right expression for your name will help you expand your team to probable fans and followers.