BBQs Team Names that Taste Funny, Clever, Competitive

Organizing a BBQ competition is the best way to spend quality time with your friends or colleagues, especially on weekends.

Whether you are participating in a serious challenge or having a backyard BBQ competition with your friends, you need a good team name to make you look the best among other teams.

A good team name shows how confident and skillful your team is. It helps to capture the attention of the audience.

You just need to make sure that your team name is simple and catchy.

Since you have other BBQ businesses around you, too, you need to make sure that your team name is attractive enough to pull the majority of customers.

BBQs Team Names | Funny, Cool, Creative, Serious Cooking Competition for Boys & Girls


A good team name not only creates a positive impression of your team but also improves the odds of success.

That is why we have created this list of 60+ amazing BBQ team name suggestions that will help you to make a sizzling impression.

So, go ahead and pick any name from this list to rule the competitive world of grilling.

However, if none of the names listed below make your team sizzle, then check out the guidelines at the end of this article for the best tips to create your own team name.

BBQ Team Names

Here are some flavorful team name suggestions for you:

1. Grillin’ & Chillin’.

2. The BBQuest.

3. Fire Masters.

4. Men, Fire, Food.

5. The Spice Girls.

6. Mission Marination.

7. Chicken Legs.

8. Chicken Rush.

9. BBQ Experts.

10. Grill, Eat, Pray.

11. Wood Whisperers.

12. BBQ & Beer.

13. Smoke In The Eyes.

14. Next Level Chefs.

15. Splittin’ Ribs.

16. The Masterchefs.

17. Heavily Sauced.

18. Fire Benders.

19. BBQ Champs.

20. BBQ, Spice & Everything nice.

21. Up In The Grill.

22. Grilling Bandits.

23. Sauce Boss.

24. Sauce Me Up.

25. BBQ Rush.

26. Chicken Lovers United.

27. The Marination Squad.

28. Smokin’ Hot.

29. Mad Grillers.

30. BBQ Showdown.

31. Burned Head To Toe.

32. Pigs Gone Wild.

33. Sauced Pork.

34. The BBQ Movement.

35. Blowing Ashes.

36. Keep Calm & Flame On.

37. Killing & Grilling.

38. Live Flames.

39. Rise n Dine.

40. The Daredevils.

41. Rub My Back.

42. Grilled To The Bone.

43. Gone Grilling’.

44. Burnt Fingers.

45. 7 Ribs.

46. Barbeque Nation.

47. The Sizzlers.

48. Grilling In Process.

49. A Touch Of Spice.

50. Simply Delicious.

51. A Matter Of Taste.

52. Grillin’ Them Hard.

53. Special BBQ Force

54. Meat Eaters.

55. Flavorful Origin.

56. Grill It.

57. Fresh, Fried & Crispy.

58. Crazy Delicious.

59. Final Result.

60. Holy Smoke!

61. Nothing Butt Chicken.

62. Hands On Fire.

63. The Grill Factor.

64. Hot n Temptin’.

65. Grill Patrol.

66. The BarBeCuties.

67. Marinated Flock.

68. The Ultimate Butchers.

69. Grilled Chicken Generation.

70. The Art Of Marination.

Guidelines on Creating Your Own BBQ Team Name

Follow these guidelines to create a tasty BBQ team name:

1. Keep It Short & Catchy

Do not go for names that are complicated or too long. Avoid lengthy or inappropriate words.

It makes your team look dull and boring. Choose relevant words that spread positive energy and exhibit your team’s skills.

2. Use Meat-Themed Terms

Making BBQ is not a piece of cake for everybody. It requires skills and focuses. You follow various steps to make delicious BBQ.

For example, grilling, chopping, marinating, etc. Use these terms and then incorporate them into a team name.

If you are out of words, then browsing through the cooking techniques and recipes will help you in generating unique ideas.

3. Choose Fun Words:

Humor makes every name perfect. It creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

So, choose words that are humorous or include puns as it will encourage the members to contribute to an enjoyable and harmonious community.

4. Take Suggestions From Other Members:

Having a brainstorming session with your friends will help you to generate lots of random and interesting ideas.

After taking suggestions, make a list and finalize the one that everyone in your team likes.


BBQ challenge is not just a simple competition. It is a test of your cooking skills, and if you are a good cook, then you already win half of the match.

To fully win the challenge, you need a team name-a name that represents your team’s skills.

That is why we made sure to write the best delicious suggestions for you. These names will definitely set your grilling team apart from the rest of the teams.