101 Christmas Team Names [ Funny, Quiz, Trivia, Themed, Clever ]

Christmas is the most fun and exciting day of the year. Everyone starts their Christmas preparations months before the actual day.

The thing that makes this day more exciting is lots of fun activities to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

If you are also taking part in such an activity, then you know that you need a Christmas team name.

And, for creative team name ideas, we can assure you that this is the best place for you.

A creative and unique team name adds extra fun to any Christmas Party. That is why we have arranged a huge list of Christmas team names that will keep your holiday spirit alive.

These names will help you to become the center of attraction at the party and make your Christmas eve fun.

However, if you are interested in creating your own Christmas team names, then do check out the guidelines at the end of this article. These tips will help you to create some best names.

Christmas Team Names | Funny, Clever, Trivia, Quiz & Victory Inspired Suggestions


We have arranged a list of Funny, Creative, and Best team names to add some extra element to your party.

Christmas Team Names

Funny Christmas Team Names

Funny team names make every event exciting. So, here is the list of funny team names to bring a smile on everyone’s face at the party:

1. The Grinch:     The Trouble Makers.

2. Screaming Santas:    It’d be better to get out of their way.

3. Trolls Holiday:  They live to annoy other people.

4. Here For Beer:  That’s the spirit.

5. Benchwarmers:     Their lazy asses won’t leave the couch till the end.

6. Christmas Chaos:  Everything gets messed up when they are around.

7. Naughty Elves:   There’s always something mischievous going on in their mind.

8. Jolly Jingles:   A happy-go-lucky team.

9. Ho Ho Hoes:   No Offense.

10. Christmas Pranks:  There will be so many pranks by them.

11. Jingles All The Way:  A Christmas carol.

12. Bad Hair Day:     Their hair is a mess in every occasion.

13. Flying Santas:  Too cool to be on this list.

14. Happy Feet:  Good for a dancing team.

15. Just Joshin’:     There will be pranks.

16. Cocktails and Candy Canes:   A total fun team.

17. Booze First:    That’s the spirit.

18. Sugar Cookies:    As sweet as cookies.

19. Procrastinators:    Do not expect much from them.

20. Jingle Balls:    Men with great guts.

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Christmas Trivia Team Names

Here is the list of creative team names to show how smart and creative your team is:

21. Cereal Killers:  Harmless psychopaths.

22. Worse Than Katy Perry:    Do not let them sing.

23. Merry Happy Whatever:  A team with a lot of tantrums.

24. Jingle Jangle:  Great for a dance team.

25. The Scrooges:    They are not into giving or spending money.

26. The Spice Girls:     Spicier than you could imagine.

27. Extra SANTAmental:     This team is a bit emotional.

28. Naughty List:     Never coming on Santa’s good list.

29. Stinky Stockings:  Yuki!

30. Grinch Gang:    Expect troubles when they are around.

31. Presents First:  The only thing that matters to them today.

32. Punny Elves:    Expect a lot of puns.

33. Santa’s Little Army:  A cute team name for a petite group.

34. Presents On My Mind:    This team knows what counts.

35. Parumpapapums:     After the Christmas song.

Christmas Themed Team Names


36. Stocking Stuffers:    For a team who is in charge of buying presents.

37. The Fab-yule-us:   Pretty fabulous.

38. X-mas X-citement:   Too much excitement in this team.

39. Candy Canes:     Too sweet.

40. Tinsel Toes:    For a Christmas ballet team.

41. We Noel It All:     For a team of nerds.

42. Thug Wrappers:   Especially when you are in charge of wrapping presents.

43. Red Nose Reindeers:   Party Clowns.

44. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree:   A famous Christmas song.

45. What’s Your Pointsettia?:    A wordplay on poinsettia, which is used as a houseplant during Christmas.

46. Jingle Belles:    A beautiful wordplay.

47. Runaway Elves:      You cannot catch them.

48. Sparkling Divas:    You will love them.

49. Sleigh All Day:  Sleigh or slay?

Christmas Quiz Team Names

50. Merry Quizmas:    For a quiz team.

51. Lovable Angels:    You just can’t help but love them.

52. Love, Laugh, And Enjoy: The way every Christmas eve should be spent.

53. Secret Santa Society:   There is something mysterious about this team.

54. Disco Divas:    Dancing all the time.

55. Santa’s Little Jumpers:     For a team in a high-jump competition.

56. Sugar Rush Christmas:  Filled with energy and enthusiasm.

57. We Match:     This team’s dresses are always color coordinated.

58. Mighty Candy Canes:   For a team of tall people.

59. Cuddling Santas:     Hugs just make everything better.

60. Gossiping Fairies:    They know all the gossip.

61. Christmas Memes:    They spend too much time on the internet.

62. Greetings From Jesus:      They come up with the coolest greetings.

63. Lollypops:    A candy everyone loves.

64. Red Posse:  All red from head to toe.

65. Better Looking Every Christmas:    Proven with time.

Cute & Clever Christmas Party Names

66. The Wise Women:    A play on three wise men.

67. Drummer Boys:   For a musical band.

68. Sugar Plum Fairies:   A cute name.

69. Hummingbirds:     They have most soothing and beautiful voice.

70. The Quizzards of Quiz:    For a trivia team.

71. Angels on Horseback:    Best for a horse riding team.

72. The Yule Planning Committee:    Skilled Organizers.

73. Sparkling Snowflakes:    They shine wherever they go.

74. Super Girls:     With a red cape to match.

75. Hippie Chicks:    Entertainment all the way.

76. Blizzards:    Snowstorm.

77. Greetings From Jesus:A bunch of nicest souls.

78. The Folks:   Their connection goes way back.

79. Reindeer Power:    They never get tired.

80. The Angels:    A team that looks out for everyone.

Christmas Group Names

Here is the list of best Christmas team names that will help you to stand out among other teams:

81. Christmas Knights: Ready for action.

82. Winter Fest:     Simple and unique.

83. A December To Remember:   No one will forget this team.

84. Yule Magic:    Anything can happen with some magic.

85. Christmas Miracle:    A team that makes the unbelievable happen.

86. The Mistletoes:     An evergreen plant that never loses its leaves.

87. Three Magi:     When Jesus was born, three magi came to look for him, bearing gifts of God.

88. Mmm Pie:    Nothing beats a good pie.

89. Wild Stallions:     Untamable.

90. With Great Event Comes Great Responsibility:     Responsibility to look amazing.

Xmas Names Running

91. TREEmendous Fixers:    They are in charge of tree decoration.

92. In Style:    The trendiest team among all.

93. You Name It, We Do It:    Full of confidence.

94. Winter Wonderland:      Like in Frozen movie.

95. Eggnog Lovers:    A Christmas traditional drink.

96. Rowdy Rudolphs:     Name of Santa’s reindeer.

97. Christmas Eve Rockers:    Happy go lucky.

98. Red Warriors:   They love red a little too much.

99. Christmas Carolers:    Great option for a singing team.

100. The Yule Think Tank:    A team that has to bring new ideas daily for the fest.

101. Yule Managers:     A team that is assigned to organize the whole event.

102. Lords Of Winterfell:    In reference to Game of Thrones.

103. The Christmas Knights:    Perfect for a drama team.

How to Create a Christmas Team Name? Few Important Steps

It is time for you to grab the attention of the audience by creating a creative team name. Just follow these tips because these tips will clear out every confusion that you have regarding Christmas team names

Christmas Team Name- How to create your own1. Take Inspiration from Movies & Shows:  There are so many Christmas shows and movies on the internet to take inspiration from.

Is there any Christmas movie that you and your team members love to watch again and again? Use that for inspiration too.

2. Take Ideas From Favorite Christmas Carols:  Make a list of all your favorite Christmas songs and hymn. This is the best way to get creative ideas.

There are tons of phrases on the internet to choose from. You can use those phrases as it is or plays with words to create interesting team names.

3. Add a few Puns:  Puns make every name better and more exciting. Adding puns in your team name is the best way to make everyone laugh.

You can easily turn common Christmas terms and phrases into puns to create a hilarious team name.

4. Listen to Your Partner!  While choosing a team name, do not forget to take suggestions from other team members too.

There is no point in choosing a name without your friends’ consent.

Christmas is a fun and exciting event, so make it more fun by including all your team members in this process.

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We hope that this article helps you out in choosing a good name for your Christmas team.

We have listed all the unique and best options for your Christmas team. Feel free to steal any and get the attention of the crowd.