5 Best Table Tennis Rackets for Professionals | Definitive Buyers Guide

Where several fail to distinguish one tennis paddle from the other, the professional knows what their paddle is capable of.

The paddle you use for your game matters a lot, along with your skills and expertise. Many paddles are featured to improve certain skills such as spin and control.

A good professional player knows the worth of the best compatible paddle as it affects the game to a great extent.

What we intended here is not only to show you the best professional ping pong paddles but also to make you distinguish features and select the best ones for yourself. You will also get to know our favorites here.

5 Best Table Tennis Rackets For Professionals Worth Buying in 2021


After reviewing a dozen or more table tennis rackets for professionals, we have come to the following best recommendations for the best table tennis rackets.

Image Product Features Price
STIGA Pro Carbon Performance- STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-
  • ITTF approved.
  • Features SDT 
  • Features carbon technology
  • Performance ratings; Speed:99, Spin: 100, Control:80
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Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket
  • Beautiful design
  • ITTF approved rubber
  • Comes with gift box and case
  • Affordable price
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STIGA Evolution Performance STIGA Evolution Performance
  • Performance ratings; speed:96, spin:94, control:90
  • Pro-concave handle
  • Features SDT and crystal technology
  • ITTF approved
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Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket
  • Performance ratings;
  • Speed: 99, Spin:93, Control: 90
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a casing
  • 30-days guarantee
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Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle
  • Performance ratings are;
  • Control: 8.5, Spin: 7, Power: 6
  • Attractive design
  • Comes with a storage memory book
  • Makes a beautiful gift
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Keeping in view your requirements and the points where you need more concentration, you can choose the best professional table tennis paddle for yourself. We have our two favorites:

  1. STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket 
  2. Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set:

Stiga Pro Carbon is one of the best models from the leading table tennis brand STIGA.

It fulfills all professional requirements with its advanced construction and unique technologies, which are a hallmark of STIGA. The international table tennis federation (ITTF) has approved the paddle for tournament matches.

Butterfly 401 is another top-best name on the list. we rate the Butterfly 401 in our top list in terms of its affordability along with reasonable performance.

This ITTF-approved tennis racket is good enough for professionals, and the flash looks make it glamorous in a way. Also, the gift casing makes it ideal for gifts.

1. STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket

Being a professional table tennis player, you will love the STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-level ping pong paddle.

STIGA Pro Carbon Performance Best Ping Pong Paddle For Professionals

This STIGA table tennis racket features all the latest paddle technologies from the tennis world. Its deluxe design will make your hands itch to hold it and start playing right away. What could be a greater motivation?

This ITTF-approved tennis racket is also used by professionals for flawless play.

The performance ratings; Speed:99, Spin: 100, and Control:80 is all that a professional shot needs, along with a professional hand.

The core construction is a 7-ply super lightweight blade surrounded by an S5 rubber which is ITTF approved. The 7-ply lightweight blade increases speed and rigidity while the rubber provides a good spin.

In addition, these 2 carbon layers are infused in between the blade to further add to rigidity and response. A 2mm sponge layer serves to absorb vibrations and gives you the perfect bounce.

The handle is professional concave shaped to fit right into your hand and avoid slipping.

The incredible SDT (shock dispersion tube) absorbs the vibrations and transfers energy out of the handle. This distinctive feature of the model is its claim to fame.

  • Durable manufacture.
  • Features SDT technology.
  • Features carbon technology.
  • Lightweight (0.45 lbs.)
  • ITTF approved rubber.
  • Overpriced for regular players.
  • Only recommended for professional use.

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Final Words

Having the perfect paddle for your game can be a great encouragement for experienced players. If you also dream of entering the white-collar line then purchasing this paddle might help you.

2. Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set

This very affordable yet efficient table tennis paddle will accompany you to tennis practices.

It lets you experience a poise mix of control, spin, and speed. Also, the Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket is approved by the ITTF for tournaments.

Best Table Tennis Racket For Professionals Butterfly 401

The vibrant red, black and blue colors and elegant design make the paddle glamorous in a way. The special feature is the 2.1mm Yuki rubber which is responsible for maintaining control and provides a good spin.

The total product weight is 15.2 ounces, and the dimensions are; 7 by 12 by 1.8 inches.

The Butterfly 401 table tennis racket comes in a gift-able box. Also, the paddle has a perfectly fitting case with fine zippers to keep it secure. it can make a great birthday present for a tennis-loving friend.

  • Elegant design.
  • ITTF approved.
  • Comes with a storage case.
  • Makes an ideal gift.
  • The handle is reported to be smaller than usual which makes it difficult for big hands.

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Final Words

Buying the Butterfly 401 will be a good and affordable monetary investment for practicing your competence. It is also used for tournament matches.

Furthermore, it can also make a precious and memorable gift for a friend. The gift box and case do the magic!

3. STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket

The STIGA Evolution is a good shake-hand grip ping pong paddle. It will be a good choice for professional exercise.

Although a bit pricy but the investment will be worth it for professionals to sharpen their talent.

Best Table Tennis Paddle For Professionals STIGA Evolution Performance

It is rated 96 in speed, 94 in spin, and 90 in control which is a fair enough performance raring for the price. The rubber used in construction is ITTF approved.

It is constructed with a hex-layered, 6-ply lightweight blade for speedy shots. The 2mm sponge layer provides for control. The handle is a concave pro design for a better grip.

The paddle dimensions are 12 x 7.3 x 2.8 inches and are multicolored.

It features the latest tennis paddle technologies, including the SDT and crystal technology. The crystal technology hardens the blade to increase strength and speed.

While the SDT (shock dispersion tube) absorbs vibrations from the blade and dispenses them out through the handle.

This will enable you to deal with speedy and hard shots. The technology enables you to keep a firm grip no matter how complicated the shot.

  • ITTF approved paddle.
  • Features SDT and crystal technology.
  • Concave-pro grip handle.
  • The spin and control are lower than those provided by many other paddles.

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Final Words

You can choose to buy the STIGA Evolution tennis paddle as a practicing player. It will default your moves and help you recognize the tips. It will add professionalism to your playing style.

4. Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket

The spin-master Idoraz table tennis paddle will assist all those who want to enfeeble their opponent with a dazzling spin shot.

Best Table Tennis Paddle For Professionals Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle

The paddle claims to make you an impressive player. With performance ratings; Speed: 99, Spin:93, Control: 90, the Idoraz paddle will be a perfect game partner to you.

The paddle is a 5-ply pure wood for furious speed. A 2mm sponge layer along with the premium ITTF-approved rubber will provide you with a perfect grip on the ball and help you with a spin shot.

Balance and control will be assured by the Idoraz ping pong paddle. Sweating and continuous play often cause your grip on the paddle to loosen, so this paddle solves the problem with a flared handle which will ensure a balanced grip.

The rubber edges are finely pimpled in the blade to enhance control and keep it secure and

The product comes with a 30-day guarantee and is encased in a professional-looking covering. It tends to keep your paddle secure and easy to carry along.

You can hook up your racket in your room with the provided hook.

  • Idoraz Table Tennis Pros
  • Affordable price.
  • Great spin and speed.
  • Comes in a subtle casing.
  • Has a 30-days guarantee.
  • Easily portable.
  • Lacks professional quality.

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Final Words

Entering the white-collar line requires you to advance in all moves. The Idoraz table tennis racket will help you to improve your ball and paddle control and also coach you to manage the spin shot.

5. Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

Only the look of the Killerspin JET200 table tennis paddle will cause an urge to buy it. The beautiful design will definitely catch eyes and look super-cool. Also, a tennis-loving friend of yours will admire it as a gift.

Best Table Tennis Racket For Professionals

The Killerspin JET200 has been specifically designed to help the newbies polish their skills and style their moves.

The performance ratings out of 10 are; Control: 8.5, Spin: 7, and Power: 6, which is just fine for beginner level. The racket is made from 5-layer wood for strengthening and speed.

The rubber used is a basic one to make it easy for you. The handle is flared for good enough grip. The paddle measures 6” x 6 1/8” in total. The edges are well protected by PVC tape.

The paddle is just the right one for recreational tennis and also helps you to learn ball control and hone your skills.

The icing on the cake is the gift memory box that accompanies the paddle. It stores your paddle safely when not in use.

You can also record your experience in the memory book or take signatures from your favorite sportsman. Moreover, the memory gift box will make an excellent gift.

  • Flashy style.
  • Improves skills.
  • Includes a gift-able memory bookcase.
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty.
  • Not ITTF approved.
  • Only for beginner use.

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Final Words

The Killerspin JET200 will attract the youth for its style and looks. Beginners can hone their talent by learning the basics with this paddle.

Also, a passionate tennis player friend of yours will love to have one as a gift.


These were the best 5 table tennis rackets for professional games and practice matches. Now which one you choose will entirely depend on your needs and playing style.

Aggressive players will opt for speed and power, while strategic players will go for control and spin.

Also, your grip style will matter as it is important to check the compatibility of your holding style with the handle shape.

Hopefully, this article helped you choose the best and most economical ping pong paddle for yourself.