500+ Funny Team Names For Your Squad

Anything that’s funny generates joy and merriment, be it funny team names for school, work, sport, or Trivia, which we all love all the way. The humor is inbuilt among us. We prefer being unique and entertaining.

500+ Funny Team Names List [ huge List ]


Keeping it up to straight, scroll down to hit the huge list of funny team names. The list includes selected funny team names for sports, quizzes, squads, hockey, football, cricket, basketball, groups, etc.

Funny Team Names For Quiz

Finding an extraordinary name for your quiz team is a challenge itself because every team tries to come up with the funniest name possible. A unique and funny quiz team name shows how smart as well as humorous your team is.

  • Game of knowns.
  • Country pumpkins.
  • Riskypedia.
  • We know everything, Jon snow.
  • Doodle google.
  • Quiz rollers.
  • Knowledge is a flower.
  • The embarrassments.
  • Winners have come.
  • We disagree to agree.
  • Who let the quiz out?
  • Think before you leak.

Every name is funny and unique in this list. Even if you do not win the prize, I can assure you that no one will forget about your team and you will make your way into everyone’s mind.

Funny Team Names For Football

Choosing a perfect name for your football team is as important as practice. If you have a funny team name, then you automatically catch the attention of football fans.

  • Here for the ball.
  • Son of the pitches.
  • No goals united.Funny team names for football
  • Multiple goalgasms.
  • Game of goals.
  • In it to kick it.
  • Here to kick the ball.
  • 99 problems but scoring a goal isn’t one.
  • Kinky kickers.
  • Holy goalie.
  • We goat this.
  • Kickunamatata.

A perfect team name does not guarantee victory.

For the victory, you still need to practice a lot to make your team number one, but if you have a funny name, then you will definitely be remembered as the most creative team.

No one talks about a team who does not have a unique name, so if you choose a funny name, then people will surely remember and gossip about your team.

Funny Team Names For Races

If you are looking for the best running team name, then you should choose a name that not just boosts your team’s spirit but also provides a fun element to give a positive vibe to the game.

Whatever name you choose for your team is the reflection of the personality of every team member. That is why you should choose a name that keeps your team cheerful and jolly.

Underlying is the list of funniest name suggestions for your team:

  • Miserable sprinters.
  • You can’t run with us.
  • Supergirls.
  • WTF-Where’s The Finishline?Funny team names for races
  • Ketchup if you can.
  • Sons of the run.
  • Ghost riders.
  • Been there, won that.
  • Faster than snails.
  • Speed ninjas.
  • Call a cab.
  • We-sain bolt.

By choosing a funny name from this list, you will not just make our team noticeable but also give your team that extra confidence to ace the big race.

Funny Team Names For Fantasy Football

You surely cannot control the scores or how well your team performs in fantasy football, but one thing that you have control over is your team’s name.

If you are looking for a team name, then you should choose the one which makes your team stand out in the league.

Here are some suggestions to choose from that will surely make you noticeable in your league:

  • Fantastic beasts.
  • Lords of the game.
  • We put ‘ing’ in flying.
  • Wizards of hazard.
  • Game of throw-ins.
  • Chicken tikka ma-salah.
  • Banned united.
  • Ayew serious.
  • Finding Neymar.
  • The aimless.
  • Ronaldonuts.
  • Kings of blunders.

If you are short on ideas, then you can surely count on these names to make your team stand out among the rest.

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Funny Team Names For Trivia

There are many benefits of taking part in Trivia. It is a healthy activity for your brain, and you also get to increase your knowledge.

So, if you have taken part in this game, then you already have so much pressure to learn about new things, and you also have the burden of thinking of the most outstanding name for your team.

In order to share this burden, we have arranged a list of the funniest team names, which will surely make everyone laugh and excited to support your team.

  • Good guessers.
  • Can we skip the question?
  • Here for free water.
  • Nerdypedia.
  • Dumb and dumber.
  • Clueless.
  • Chaotic minds.
  • What the trivia?
  • Let us google first.
  • Take a chill pill.
  • Is there any lifeline?
  • Trivia now, party later.

Now you have many amazing ideas to name your team. Even if you do not come first, you can still enjoy the applause that your team will get for having the most extraordinary name.

Funny Team Names For Work

Choosing a right-hand appropriate name for your work team is difficult. However, if you succeed in finding a perfect name, then you will be able to gather a more cooperative team.

When deciding on a name, you should go for the one with which every member of your team can relate.

Here is a list of some of the funniest team name ideas which can help your team to stay positive and energetic:

  • 50 shades of being awesome.
  • Creepy lunatics.
  • The egg-cellent team.
  • Bad influencers.Funny Team Names for Work
  • Horrible bosses.
  • The irregulars.
  • Beauties with brains.
  • Back benchers.
  • What is deadline?
  • Hungry monkeys.
  • The walking dead.
  • Stressed, depressed but well-dressed.

A team name plays an important role in developing a healthy work environment.

By choosing a funny name for your work team, you will be creating a friendly and humorous atmosphere where everyone will feel motivated and positive to work with more enthusiasm.

Funny Team Names For Basketball

If you are looking for a funny name for your basketball team, then you are at the right spot.

While choosing a name, you should keep in mind that your team’s name should be funny, memorable, and easy to understand.

A funny but extraordinary name will put fear in your opponent’s mind, and they will definitely think that a team with an extraordinary name must be having extraordinary members too.

  • Go high or go home.
  • You cannot mess with us.
  • Jingle balls.
  • Game of throws.
  • The Incrediballs.
  • Game over.
  • Ball of duty.
  • The big ball theory.
  • The untouchaballs.
  • Court rulers.
  • Kings of this game.
  • Ball droppers.

You can count on these names to make everyone smile. It does not matter if you do not win.

The thing that matters is that with these names, you will surely make everyone fall in love with your team.

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Funny Team Names For Golf

Deciding what to name your gold team can be pretty tiring. For golfers, a perfect team name is what makes their team outstanding among others and captures the attention of everyone.

That is why choosing n entertaining name is very important because your team name is your first communication to your opponent team and also the audience.

Funny team names for GolfHere is the list of funniest suggestions for your team:

  • Golf specialists.
  • Where is my ball?
  • Drunken strokers.
  • Hole diggers.
  • Just checking our luck.
  • 99 problems but golf isn’t one.
  • Par-tee squad.
  • Who’s your caddy?
  • Kings of swings.
  • Bros with sticks.
  • Strokeologists.
  • What’s in the name?

There is no better feeling than catching your opponent in astonishment as soon as they hear the name of your team.

We know that golf tournaments can be pretty tough, but these names will surely add fun to your game and make it more exciting for everyone.

Funny Team Names For Cricket

Cricket is one of the most liked games all over the world. People leave every work and try to reach the stadium just to support their favorite teams.

With the increased popularity of cricket, everyone wants an extraordinary name for their team as well.

If you are also looking for a funny name for your team, then this is a wise decision because the name gives the first impression about your team.

  • Aimless hitters.
  • Hit machines.
  • Catch droppers.
  • The jolly warriors.
  • Swinging masters.
  • 11 demons.
  • Wicket takers.
  • Where’s our trophy?
  • Spinning hands.
  • Epic disasters.
  • Wicket busters.
  • Terrible hitters.

If your team’s name is funny and easy to understand, then you automatically get the attention of the audience.

This collection will surely boost your spirit and help you to gather more audience in your favor.

Funny Team Names For Soccer

Coming up with a perfect soccer team name is never an easy task. You want a name that catches everyone’s attention but also the one that makes your opponent nervous.

That is why we have arranged a list of suggestions that will make it easier for you to find your perfect team name.

Here is a list of funniest team name ideas that we think will surely enable you to make your way in the game:

  • Look dad, no hands.
  • Abra ka shabra FC.
  • Risky chokers.
  • Funny Team Names for soccerBall kickers.
  • Noobs united.
  • Beercelona.
  • Lords of chaos.
  • Manchester disunited.
  • Just practicing.
  • Indeed for speed.
  • The retarders.
  • Neuergonna give up.

You can select any name that you think is most hilarious and would be liked by everyone on your team.

With these names. You are surely going to raise the bar for other teams.

Funny Team Names For Volleyball

Volleyball is the most loved sport in every country.

That is why, when you join a league or form a team with your friends, it is important to come up with an extraordinary name that makes your team unique from others.

While choosing, you should choose a name that makes your team and everyone smile.

You can choose a funny name to show everyone that you are not just amazing in-game, but your team has an amazing sense of humor too.

Here is a list of funniest name suggestions that we think will amaze your team members:

  • Size does matter.
  • Serve-vivors.
  • Blocking ninjas.
  • Here for practice.
  • Ball smashers.
  • Too tall to tackle.
  • Powerpuff sets.
  • Star ducks.
  • Spanky ballers.
  • Flex on the beach
  • Gooze-humps.
  • Wee gonna get you.

These funny and unique names will surely leave a humorous effect on the audience.

It will also help you to gain more fans in your support because no one likes to support a team that has a boring name.

Funny Team Names For Hockey

Thinking of the funniest name for hockey that suits your team can be a difficult task. Choosing a creative and funny team name is very important to keep your whole team united and motivated.

The name you decide for your team is going to reflect the personality of your team members.

That is why a team name should be humorous and entertaining to show how positive your team is. Here is a list of funny and catchy team names:

  • No pucks given.
  • Toothless fairies.
  • Ugly pucklings.
  • No hard feelings.Funny team names for hockey
  • Speed demons.
  • Puck boys.
  • Bros before goals.
  • Nasty rollers.
  • Pesky blinders.
  • We groove like a pro.
  • Hard sticks.
  • Are we there yet?

We hope you will find your ideal name in this list. With these names, you will surely stand out from every other team.

Funny Team Names for Sport

Every sport is incomplete without a perfect name. A unique name is what makes your team different from other teams.

That is why you should be very careful while choosing a name for a sports team because the name that you choose defines the personality of team members.

If your team name is funny, then it automatically captures the attention of everyone. Here is a list of the funniest name ideas to choose from:

  • Drunken warriors.
  • Bring it on.
  • Angry birds.
  • Noobs are here.
  • Plenty penalty.
  • Amateurs.
  • 90’s babies.
  • Tell us what to do?
  • Here comes the boom.
  • Team who must not be named.
  • Masters blasters,
  • The wanderers.

It is very important to take part in sports, and if you are good in a specific sport, then you should definitely make a team of worthy people and participate in tournaments.

For that, a funny team name will help you make your place in tournaments and gain more fans.

Funny Team Names For Baseball

You might be in search of a baseball team name that strikes fear in your opponent, but on the other hand, you want it to be humorous as well.

Therefore, you should go for a name that is a mixture of both.

  • Horrible pitches.
  • Mini giants.
  • Funny team names for baseballScrewballs.
  • The base-ics
  • Batman and robins.
  • Killing peaches.
  • Toxicated crew.
  • Pitch, please.
  • Red bull gave us wings.
  • Mighty swingers.
  • Noob fielders.
  • The game changers.

Funny team names are always appreciated by the audience. This appreciation will automatically boost your team’s spirit.

So, whether you win or lose, we can assure you that with these names, people will not forget about your team.

Funny Team Names For Groups

You have your perfect group who is your strength and motivation. Your group is always there for you through thick and think.

But it seems odd to have a group without any name. Now, choosing a perfect name for your group can be a difficult task because every member of the group recommends suggestions.

If your team members have a good sense of humor, then the following list is definitely for you:

  • Unstable minds.
  • Bad Kompany.
  • Sarcastic jokers.
  • Sleeper cells.
  • Bad influencers.
  • Sisters before misters.
  • Not your average type of group.
  • Trolling squad.
  • Drunken donuts.
  • Friends without benefits.
  • High 24/7.
  • 50 shades of savageness.

Life is too short of making a boring group. A funny team name is always the best option to add fun and excitement to your group.

With these names, your bonding with your group members will definitely get stronger.

Funny Team Names For Competition

The name that you choose represents your team. Therefore, picking the right name is important to turn the audience in your favor.

A humorous name for your competitive team means more attention from the audience.

  • Attention seekers.
  • Collective fools.
  • You cannot compete with us.
  • krazzyKompany.
  • Eliminators.
  • Too glam to give a damn.
  • Brain drain.
  • Problem solvers.
  • The power of Nokia 3310.
  • Epic disasters.
  • No shame, no gain.
  • The noobs.

We hope that you will find a perfect name on this list that will not only cheer up your team but also everyone in the audience.

Funny Team Names For Runners

Running is a lot of fun and a way to show your skills. If you have decided to create a team with other people who also love running, then you need to choose a name for your team too.

However, choosing a name for your team can be a difficult task but do not worry because we have provided you with a list of the funniest team names, which will make it easy for you to find your perfect name.

  • Miles runners.
  • Your sole mates.
  • Team misfits.Funny team names for races & competition
  • Speed bummers.
  • In your pace.
  • Mad runners.
  • How many miles to go?
  • Miserable tracksters.
  • Holy track.
  • We were bored so we paid for this.
  • Sole suvivors.
  • Chicken legs.

Even if you are not the fastest, you can still choose the funniest name, which will increase your popularity and keep your team as jovial as possible.

Funny Team Names for Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball is the most thing to do with your friends if you are bored.

Though basketball is a sport where you cannot predict whether you will win or lose. The game gets quite frustrating.

  • Ingles all the way.
  • Beal there, done that.
  • Frozen gobert.
  • We are noah where.
  • Too hot to randle.
  • Irritable ball syndrome.
  • Ball lives matter.
  • Beal with it.
  • Forever young.
  • You can’t beal with us.
  • We noah nothing, jon snow.
  • Go miles or go home.

Funny Team Names For Games

If you want to make your game team recognized, then you should choose a name that is funny but simple too. People do not remember a name that is complex.

You can also use rhyming words to make your team name funnier and more creative.

If you are playing with your opponent’s team, then the only thing that they first notice is your team name.

The game becomes more interesting with your opponent if you have a funny name to tickle the funny bones of your opponents.

  • Daydreamers.
  • Bros before crows.
  • Fast and curious.
  • The under fakers.
  • We yell a lot.
  • Cereal killerz.
  • Been there, lost that.
  • Epic failures.
  • Confused since birth.
  • Who am I?
  • The maniacs.
  • Ninja turtles.

These names are surely the funniest, memorable and unique. Your name is what sets you apart from other players. Nothing creates a better impression than a hilarious team name.

Funny Team Names For CrossFit

An ideal CrossFit game is the one in which you connect and motivate your team too. CrossFit is really a challenging name, and you have a strong connection among your team members to ace it.

To connect with your team, you need a funny name that makes everyone laugh and, on the other hand, also puts fear in your opponent’s heart that they really should not mess with you.

  • No direction.
  • The misfits.
  • Keep calm and squat on.
  • All pain, no gain.
  • Slim squad.
  • The droppers.
  • What’s in the weight?
  • Talk less, squat more.
  • Run-tastic beasts.
  • Weights before dates.
  • Gym survivors.
  • Team scream.

Finding a funny team name can be time-consuming. However, with these suggestions, you can easily choose a name for your team or also create a name using these syllables.

Funny Team Names For Dodgeball

All of us have been playing dodge ball since childhood. No one can get bored with this game.

So, if you are a part of such a team, then you definitely need a name for your team too. If you want to win with grace, then you better have a killing team name.

Your team name should be a perfect combination of humor and cleverness. Here is a list of some of the funniest names for you team that will definitely excite you:

  • Team underdodge.
  • Not in the face.Funny Team Names for Dodgeball
  • The incrediballs.
  • Crewballs.
  • The dodgefathers.
  • Never stop ballieving.
  • The ball syndrome.
  • Dodge if you can.
  • Slumdog millionaires.
  • Let it dodge over me.
  • Game of dodges.
  • Hit me if you can.

It is a fact that the more interesting your team name is, the more chance of success it will have.

With these names, even if you do not get the first position, we can assure you that you will definitely stay in the spectator’s mind for a longer duration.

Funny Team Names of Walking Challenge

A walking challenge is an exercise that helps you to stay active. One of the best parts of this challenge is that you also get the opportunity to create a fun team.

If you are also looking for the funniest walking team names, then you are at the right spot.

You can also take ideas from puns to come up with a funny name, or you can take ideas from here. Here is a list of the funniest names that will definitely boost up your team’s mood and spirit:

  • Legs on duty.
  • Where’s my cab?
  • It’s all about the pace.
  • Walk-ie Talkies.
  • The walking dead.
  • Too tired to be inspired.
  • Miserable legs.
  • Can’t run, walk only.
  • Catch me if you can.
  • Mission impossible.
  • Slower than snails.
  • Scrambled legs.

You can decide the final name by also getting feedback from your team members.

Choose a name that is funny, witty, and easy to remember so that it stays in the spectator’s mind too.

We believe that with these funny names, you are surely going to make your place in the challenge.

Funny Team Names For Kickball

This game is all about the fun that is why your team’s name should also be fun. People who play kickball know that coming up with an extraordinary name for a kickball team is a difficult part.

  • Kick stoppers.
  • Side kicks.
  • Pickers and kickers.
  • Kicking is injurious to health.
  • I’m kicking it.
  • By hick or by kick.
  • Kick matters.
  • It’s all about kicks.
  • Kicks on the peach.
  • Kicky blinders.
  • Kick it to win it.
  • My kicks my rules.

You should definitely consider these names, especially if your team has lots of funny personalities in it.

Now that you have finally decided on the name of your team, you are all set to play the game and make a good first impression of your team.

Funny Team Names For Beer Pong

Beer pong is considered the king of all the drinking games among people who are party freaks.

If you are also a fan of this game, then you will know the importance of a good name for the beer pong game.

This game becomes more interesting with a funny name. However, if you are confused about what to name your team this year, then do not worry because we got your back.

  • Beer it on.
  • Here for the beer.
  • Pong to the rescue.
  • Too play to drunk.
  • Drunken donuts.
  • Drink it on.
  • The alcoholics.
  • Dear, bring me beer.
  • Team pukers.
  • The beer pong theory.
  • Oddballs.
  • We’ll beer right back.

Everyone loves to play beer pong. We hope that with these names, you will definitely form your dream team and stay connected with your team members.

Funny Team Names For Beer Olympics

If you are a fan of drinking games, then you surely love beer Olympics too. It does not matter if the weather is warm or chill; your friends would love to get together for the beer Olympics.

It is a game to test everyone’s speed around the bar.  However, you should take care of how much your or your friends drink.

Beer Olympics is much more fun if you have an extraordinary and funny team name.

That is why we have arranged a list of funniest ideas for you that will help you get more attention and support from spectators:

  • Beer it on.
  • Party crashers.
  • Beer burrrrrp.
  • Rum in my tum.
  • Strange brew.
  • The walking drunk.
  • High school boozical.
  • We’re already drunk.
  • The discoholics.
  • The brew crew.
  • Win or lose, we still booze.
  • To infinity and be-pong

Beer Olympics is all about fun and laughter, and when you have a funny team name, then you enjoy playing it.

If any of these names are making you laugh, then you should definitely consider it.

Funny Team Names For Fantasy Baseball

In fantasy baseball, it does not matter whether you have a weak team or a string team; what matter is how creative your team name is.

The best team names are often the ones with inside jokes. No one loves a team that has a boring name.

That is why creating a unique and funny team name is as important as practicing for the game.

  • Ace on your face.
  • Dose like jose.
  • Wild pitches.
  • Hookie Mookie.
  • Trevor hits fever.
  • Make goal, not war.
  • No extra innings attached.
  • Catching potters.
  • Burner into turner.
  • Correavirus.
  • Corbin in the wood.
  • Ball Seager.

The best team name is a combination of creativity, wit, and inside jokes. With these names, even if you lose, you still have a chance to shine with a funny team name.

You can also create your own name by thinking about the personality of your fellow players.

Think about what is common in them, shortlist the ideas and then finalize the one which gets the best remarks from your team.

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Guidelines On how to Come up with Funniest Team Names

Coming up with the funniest team name is certainly not an easy task. Sometimes, you go through a list of 500+ names and still find nothing that matches the personality of your team members.

That is why here are some tips which will help you to create your team name easily.

Funny Team Names how to Create your own

Keep it Simple & Fun.

Your team name should not be based on complex words. No one will remember your team if you have a complicated name.

For example, if you are deciding on a name for your quiz team, then you should choose a name that is fun but also a threat to the opposition team, like the name “We know everything, john snow”.

It is a name that is fun, creative, and also a threat to your opponents that you have knowledge about every subject and you are going to ace this quiz.

Find a Common Interest

Before deciding on a name, think about your team members. What do they have in common, what are their interests, and what are their hobbies?

For example, if every member of your team is obsessed with gym and exercise, then you can name your team “gym survivors”.

Just find a common them of your team members, and it will get easy for you to finalize a team name.

Go with Plan

You can also use inside jokes to add humor to your team name. You can choose a normal name and change some of its words into something funny.

For example, you can change the name Wikipedia to riskypedia to make it more interesting.

You can change the term “Catch up if you can” to a food pun like “ketchup if you can.”

In the term “The soaring eagles,” you can change the term and add “The soaring eagles” because the continuous practice can lead to sores, so this will make your team name more interesting.

Use Words that Convey a Strong Message

You should choose terms that are humorous and creative. If your team name conveys a message in funny sentences, then that makes your name more interesting.

No one wants to support a team with a boring name. With a funny message, you will automatically gain the attention and support of the audience.

Avoid abusive Terms

Your team name should not include racist, abusive, or religious terms.

It is okay to add funny abusive terms, but they should not cross the line.

Take Consent From Your Team

Sometimes, a name sounds good in your head, but when you say it in front of others, then it does not sound as funny as you thought it to be.

That is why it is important to involve your team members too in deciding a team name. After writing all the names, shortlist the names that you think are the funniest.


After shortlisting, ask you, team members, to decide the name. Finalize the name with majority votes.

You need to make sure that your team is happy with the decided name because there is no point in choosing a name that is funny but does not make your team happy.

Moreover, your name should be interesting enough to catch everyone’s attention. That is why feedback is important.