How to Make Magenta Dye in Minecraft

Many dyes are found naturally, but if you want colors that are not available naturally, then you can prepare them by mixing white color with a dye of various colors.

Making Magenta Dye in Minecraft | Step by Step Guide


Magenta is the most attractive dye that gives a light purple color to blocks and items. You can find the dye from wandering traders for emeralds.

You can get three magenta dyes from one emerald. If you are unable to find it, then no worries because you can easily make it.

The first thing that you need to know is that Magenta’s color is from the family of purple and violet, so in order to create it, you need purple and pink dyes.

Below are the materials that you need to make magenta dye.


how to make magenta dye in minecraft

Material Needed

Once you gather all the materials listed below, making magenta dye will be a piece of cake.

  1. Allium Flower.
  2. Lilac Flower.
  3. Pink Dye.
  4. Blue Dye.
  5. White Dye.
  6. Purple Dye.
  7. 2 Red Dye.

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Step by Step Guide to Magenta Dye in Minecraft

Make magenta dye using the following guidelines:

1.  Open Crafting Table

After gathering all the materials, open your crafting table, which should look like this:  Making Magenta dye in minecraft

2. Add Items to Crafting Grid

There are five methods for creating magenta dye. We have explained all five methods, so you have so many ways to make magenta dye; just make sure to follow the exact pattern like the following images.

Method 1:

Place one purple dye and one pink dye in the boxes like below.  Making Magenta Dye in Minecraft

Method 2:

Place one blue dye, one red dye, and one pink dye in the first three boxes:   Making Magenta Dye in Minecraft method 2

Method 3:

Place one blue dye, two red dye,s and one white dye in the first three boxes:  Making Magenta Dye in Minecraft

Method 4:

Place Allium in the first box like below:  Making Magenta Dye in Minecraft

Method 5:

Place Lilac in the first box like below:   Making Magenta Dye in Minecraft

3. Move the Dye to Inventory  

After using the above-listed method, you will see magenta dye appearing on the right box. Move it to the inventory.

Making Magenta Dye in Minecraft

Pro Tips for Making Magenta Dye In Minecraft

You will find Allium in Flower Forest, whereas Lilac can be found in Birch Forest, Flower Forest, and Roofed Forest. Wandering Trader may provide you Lilac or Allium for one Emerald.

Note that Magenta itself is made from secondary dyes, so you can just combine the basic ingredients. For instance, lapis lazuli, bone meal, and two pieces of rose red will make Magenta.

If not, then you can also the command to give yourself Magenta dye. If you are using essential plugins, then you will have to use /Minecraft: give instead of /give./give @p Minecraft: magenta_dye 1


Magenta is a beautiful dye that you can use for decorations and various color schemes. It is the most vibrant color in the Minecraft world.

Making your own magenta dye is super easy, and if you follow the above patterns exactly like the images, then you will be able to create it in no time. So, follow the methods and make your gameplay more colorful and vibrant.