How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft [ Minecraft Recipes ]

Cobblestone is the most variant of stone which is grey in color and has a visible outline. It is the most important block when it comes to the construction of buildings.

You can use it to craft smooth stone slabs and blast furnaces. It also works as a job block for villagers and turns them into armorers.

Making Smooth Stone in Minecraft [ Minecraft Recipes ]


Creating a smooth stone is hardly a 2-minute process. Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you to make smooth stones but first, you need to gather all the materials essential for making smooth stones.

Making smooth stone in minecraft

Materials Needed

The materials you need for making smooth stone are:

  1. Cobblestone.
  2. Coal.
  3. Furnace.

You can find cobblestone and coal in and around stone areas. For the furnace, you need eight cobblestones.

Use eight cobblestones in the crafting menu and make sure to fill every block except the center one to craft the furnace. Once you gather all these materials, follow the following steps:

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Step by Step Guide to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

1.  Open Furnace Menu

To make a smooth stone, you need to smelt your cobblestones in a furnace. After right-clicking the furnace, you will see a furnace menu like this:

Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

2. Add Fuel 

In the available space under your chosen block, place your form of fuel. It can be anything made of wood like coal, charcoal, or lava bucket.

This fuel will help to smelt the cobblestone into stone.

Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

3. Add Items

Now place the stone in the top box. You will see the flames doing their work. After that, wait for the arrow to fill completely.

This arrow indicates how much smelting has been done. Make sure to follow the exact patterns as shown in the images for quick results.

Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

4. Move Smooth Stone to Inventory

Once the stone is smelted, you will see a smooth stone appearing in the right-side box. That’s it! You have made smooth stone. Now move it to the inventory and continue your adventure.

Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Pro Tips for Making Smooth Stone in Minecraft

There are many ways to get smooth stones in Minecraft. The fastest one is to smelt the cobblestones. Smelting one cobblestone gives you smooth stone blocks.

Just make sure to collect a lot of fuel because you can only make smooth stone if you have enough fuel to smelt cobblestone.

The game also generates smooth stones in various places, mostly inside buildings. If you look carefully, you can find them in houses throughout the villages in plains and snowy biomes.

Also, a butcher’s house has a great chance to contain a lot of smooth stone. Another alternative is to get the smooth stone as loot from Mason’s chest.

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Smooth stone is the building block for industrial builds. It is also used in various crafting recipes.

Though smelting takes time, the ending is totally worth it. Smooth stone has a very nice polished texture, and if you follow a proper pattern, you will be able to generate as many smooth stones as you want. Hopefully, now making smooth stones will be easy peasy for you.