How to Make Sugar in Minecraft [ Quick Minecraft Recipe ]

Sugar plays an important role in Minecraft in making food and other items. It is not just a simple ingredient.

It works great for preparing recipes like cakes, donuts, pies, cookies, and potions during brewing.

If you are a newbie in Minecraft and do not know how to make sugar, then do not worry.

How to Make Sugar in Minecraft [ Step by Step Easiest Method ]


We have written simple steps in this article that will help you to make sugar without any complications. Just follow the steps correctly, after which you will be able to make sugar like a pro.

But first, let’s see what materials you need to make sugar.

How to make sugar in minecraft

Materials Required: 

Below are the materials required to make sugar in Minecraft. You can use any of these to make sugar.

  1. Sugarcanes.
  2. Honey Bottle.

Sugarcane can normally be found at the edge of the river and especially dessert. It costs one sugarcane to make one sugar, so once you have enough sugarcane, you will be able to make sugar.

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Step by Step Guide

1. Open the Crafting Menu 

Firstly, open your crafting menu. You will see a 3×3 grid like the one below:

Making sugar in minecraft method

2. Add Sugar or Honey

You can easily make sugar using sugarcane or honey. All you need to do is add sugar or honey, whatever you prefer, into the grid. We’ll show you both ways.

Method 1:

In method one, we’ll show you how to use sugarcane to make sugar. All you need to do is place the sugarcane in the middle row of the second column. After adding sugarcane, you will notice sugar appearing in the box present on the right side.

Making Sugar in Minecraft

Method 2:

This method will show how you can use honey to make sugar. All you need to do is place honey in the center of the grid, after which you will notice three sugar in the box present on the right side.

In both cases, make sure to place the items in the same manner as shown above.

Method 2 Making Sugar in Minecraft

3. Move Sugar to Inventory

Once you are done making the sugar, move the item to your inventory. That’s it! Now you have made sugar by yourself in Minecraft. Use it to make whatever food you’re like.

Making sugar in Minecraft method

Pro Tips for Making Sugar in Minecraft

In order to make sugar, make sure that you have enough supply of sugarcane. Sugarcane is something you will not find in your inventory.

You need to grow it at the farm. If you are playing in survival mode and your sugarcanes are taking forever to grow, then the only way to get more canes at a faster rate is by planting more of them to receive block ticks, and the best way to do that is by having more of them in the first place.

While making sugar, it is very important to place items in the grid in the correct pattern because changing the pattern also changes the item that is crafted.

If made correctly, sugar can boost the player’s speed by 40%. So, make sure that you always have enough supply of sugar cane to create plenty of sugar to create cookies, pies, and potions.


Sugar is the most important ingredient, without which it is impossible for you to make certain food items. It is a useful item that helps in various recipes and other preparations in the game.

Therefore, it is important to make it in the correct way because, in Minecraft, you do not have time for failed attempts.

Honestly, making sugar is literally a piece of cake. Hopefully, after reading the guidelines, making sugar in Minecraft will not be a problem for you anymore.