Irish Poker Rules | How to Play [ Game Variants & Basic Rules ]

Irish Poker a fine fusion of Texas hold ’em and Omaha Hold ’em is the extreme gather together game with friends and family.

All you need simplified Irish poker rules and winning strategies to play Irish poker!

Irish Poker Rules

Irish Poker Game Overview


  • In this game, each player receives four cards facing down.
  • The first player guesses whether his first card is red or black.
  • If they guess right, all other players will get the point; if they are wrong, they take the point.
  • This continues on the table.
  • For the second card in the row, guess whether it is higher or lower than the previous card.
  • For the third card, guess the middle or outer side of the two cards you already own.
  • For the last of the four cards, you must guess its suitability.
  • At the end of the four rounds, the player with the highest points needs to ride the bus, and the player has to guess more or less ten cards to win.

The game uses a button and blinds system, with each hand rotating clockwise next to the table.

The first player to the left of the dealer posts the small blind, and the second player to the left posts the big blind.

Starting from the small blind, each player will receive four cards.

The game starts on the left side of the big blind and then continues around the table. (Blind is a heavy drinking bout)

Irish Poker Rules Round One

 Poker drink

  1. The player will try to guess the color (red or black) of his first card.
  2. If successful, he can choose two players for each drink.
  3. If he does something wrong, he must drink two glasses himself.
  4. Continue to play at the table until all players have completed the first card.

Irish Poker Round Two

  1. You must determine whether the second face-down card is higher or lower than the first face-down card.
  2. You might choose four players for a drink.
  3. If you guess wrong, you need to drink four glasses.
  4. Aces are usually high, but you can put them in a lower position or use them both ways at the same time.

 “Riding the Bus”

If the player has cards, he will instruct all other players to drink according to the victim’s choice.

If the face-down card is from the bottom row (4 cards), the player with the playable card can provide another player with a drink.


 Floor Decisions

The best interest and fairness of the game come first when making a decision. Exceptions sometimes require that fair decisions take priority over technical rules. The floor decision is final.

Things To Remember

Before the game starts, players should check:

  • The registration details and seat allocation,
  • Defend their hands,
  • Clearly define their own intentions,
  • Follow the action,
  • Take turns,
  • Defend their right to action,
  • Pay close attention to the cards and place the chips correctly,
  • Stay at the table alive and hold hands.

They should speak if they find a mistake.

Formal Terminology

The official betting requirements are simple, error-free, and verified statements, such as betting, raising, calling, fold, betting, all-in, full, and pot.

When facing movements, gestures must be used with caution. Touching the table is a check.

Players are responsible for clarifying their intentions: using non-standard terminology or gestures is the player’s risk and may lead to decisions that are different from the player’s intentions.

Use of mobile phones and other devices during game

  1. As long as the game is not interrupted, players can use mobile phones and other electronic devices on the table.
  2. Players cannot send text messages/emails to other players on the table.
  3. If the tournament director believes that a player is communicating with another player at the table, that player can be immediately disqualified.
  4. During all communications, any player who wishes to speak on the mobile phone must be at least one table away from the assigned table.
  5. All cell phones should be silent while at their assigned locations.


Random Correct Seating

Seats for competitions are allocated randomly. The player who starts from the wrong position with the correct chips will move to the correct position and take his current chips with him.

Special Needs

If possible, arrangements should be made for players with special needs.


Mistakes include:

1) There are two or more cards in the space where the first card is dealt
2) If the first card is dealt in the wrong position
3) The deal position of these cards is not allowed to be issued
4) An entitled seat is dealt out.
5) If the dealer’s mistake exposes one of the first two down cards,
6) In the flop game, if one of the first two cards in the deal is dealt, or the dealer exposed the other two down cards, which was a mistake.

Give cards to players who have been penalized. If major action is taken, no misdeals will be declared a crime.

In this case, the hand must continue.

Note:( Hand is the set of cards dealt to a player in a card game)


End of Play

Ten minutes before the end of the game, a random card will be drawn to determine how many hands will be played. Use cards 3 to 7, and ask random players to choose a card face-down.


  • As you approach the “money”, “Hand-for-Hand” will be used to determine the player’s final position and pay the prize pool.
  • In this process, more than one player can be discarded at the same hand.
  • If two players are eliminated on the same table with the same hand, the player starting with the hand with the most chips will win the highest position.
  • If two players are eliminated on the same table in the same round, the two players are “equal”.
  • This method of allocating prize pools and players’ final positions is also used in cash games in regular games.
  • In the “Hand-for-Hand” phase, the player must sit in his seat, and the player is not allowed to sweat for his opponent on other tables.

FAQs Irish Poker

1. What is the status of Ace in Irish poker?

Aces are usually higher, but you can set them to be lower, or you can use both methods at the same time.

2. Name the most common poker game?

Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular poker game.