Hedbanz Board Game | Rules, Instructions & Questions

hedbanz rules how to play

Hedbanz board game is an interesting sport that you can play with family and friends. This popular guessing game requires critical cognitive skills to win goals as per the rules of hedbanz.

Here, we have explained hedbanz rules & instructions on how to play with questions, skills & strategies for winning.

Hedbanz Game


A headband is a clothing accessory that is usually worn around the hair or around the forehead. It helps to prevent the hair from showing out of the face or eyes.

In this classic, fast-paced family puzzle game, players are given three tokens/  scoring badges. Each player draws a card without looking at the card and sticks it on the headbands.

Turn the timer and ask yes or no questions to find out. Who are you: animal, food, or object?

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 Game Components

  1. 72 Cards
  2. 24 Chips
  3. 6 Headbands
  4. A Timer
  5. A Rulebook

 Hedbanz Game Rules

Following are the basic rules of playing hedbanz game

Game Setup

  • Place the card face down in the center of the playing area.
  • Each player wears a headscarf and puts it on his head.
  • Put the Hedbanz logo above your eyebrows and centered on your forehead.
  • Give the card face down to every player.
  • Players insert their cards into the clips on the headband without looking at the sides of the cards, so that all other players can see the pictures.
  • Each player has three tokens/chips.
  • The remaining chips become the “bank”.

Game Starts

The youngest player plays first. Then the game moves to the left.

Set a timer on the ground and ask each player a question so that you can better recognize the picture on your headband.

Similarly, start the second round, then the third round, and so on.

The question card provides some sample questions that you can ask to help you understand who you are.

These questions are only guidelines. You don’t need to ask them if you do not want to.

You can ask any questions other than “What am I? You can always ask: “Am I…?

If you become successful in guessing the picture before the time runs out, you take another card and hang it on the headband.

You have to keep asking questions until time runs out. For each image, you guessed right, add one of the chips to the pot/bank. Then it’s the next player’s turn.

You can stop guessing at any time during the round. If you do, you should get a token/chip from the bank and get a new card for the next round.

End of the Game

The player who gets rid of his chips before others are the winner!


“Act Up” Game Components

  1. Six Headbands in 6 different colors
  2. 6 Player Cards (colors match headbands)
  3. 1 dice
  4. 1 Timer (20 seconds)
  5. 180 Cards
  6. 72 Tokens
  7. Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to get rid of 12 tokens. Help other players to guess their cards correctly by guessing the cards on your head or “taking action”


  1. Each player chooses a headband, player cards of the same color, and 12 tokens. Keep unused headbands and player cards aside.
  2. Wear your headband.
  3. The Hedbanz logo should be above the eyebrows in the center of the forehead.
  4. The player card is right in front of you to remind you of your color.
  5. Shuffle the cards and place them in the middle to form a pile.
  6. Each player picks up a card and then places it in the headband without looking at it in order to show the words to other players.
  7. Place a timer & dice within the range of all players.
  8. The remaining chips become the chip bank in the center of the table.
  9. The youngest player goes first.

Game Play

It’s your turn to guess. You are trying to guess a person, place or object on the card on the headband. The guesser rolls the dice.

The player whose headband matches the color of the dice is the actor (the guesser’s partner).

To start the game, the actor turns on the timer and starts “action”.

He should act like a person, place, or thing in the headband of the guesser.

  • The guesser has 20 seconds to guess the card in his mind.
  • He can give as many answers as needed.
  • If he guesses right before the time runs out, he and one or more actors will put one of their tokens in the bank.
  • If the timer still has time, the guesser can take a new card, put it on the headgear, and continue (don’t roll the dice again; continue with the same actor).
  • If the guesser does not guess before the time runs out, the token will not be returned to the bank, and his turn ends.
  • The card stays in the Guessers headband for the next round
  • . Now it’s the next player’s turn (the player on the left guesses).

End of the Game

The first player who gets rid of all their tokens wins. If it’s a tie, then the Guesser and Actor both share the victory!

Special Rules for Three Players

In a three-participant game, every participant receives colors: their headband color and a 2nd color that’s now no longer being worn.

Place those  Player Cards in front of you to remind you of your colors. All other regulations are the same.

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Hedbanz Questions

Following are the most asked questions about the game.

1.  How much time do you get in this game of headbands?

No doubt, this is an interesting game. The only problem is that the timer only lasts about 45 seconds, and each question lasts about 10 seconds.

The time is not long enough, so you end up rotating it 3 times.

2. Can you give hints in headbands?

Put the Hedbanz logo above the eyebrows in the center of the forehead. Give clue cards to each player face down.

Players can paste the clues into the clip on the headband without looking at the clues on the side of the card so that all other players can see the clues.

3. What if I choose my own color or color I don’t use?

If the color of the guesser is not used by other players, all other players start”playing” as the actor at the same time.

4. How should one Act up? “?

When “Acting up! “the player can move, point or do physical things. He doesn’t speak or make sounds with his hands, wear accessories or speak.

5. What If I Want a New Card?

If a Guesser fails to guess the card, he can take a new card from the draw pile. Take a token from the bank as a penalty. It is still their turn until time runs out.