King of Tokyo Rules | How to Play King of Tokyo [ Players Guide ]

King of Tokyo is a fun game. It is a knockout game, which means that the player whose monster is defeated will be excluded from the game for the rest of the game.

Let’s explore more how to play & win king of Tokyo with detailed guide and rules of King of Tokyo Board game

Kings of tokyo rules

Game Overview


Travel across Tokyo and become the most destructive monster or just the last monster.

  • Game type: competition, monster,
  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Recommended age: 8 years old and above

Game Requirements

  • Tokyo game board,
  • 6 monster boards,
  • 6 monster cardboard figures,
  • 6 black dice,
  • 2 green dice,
  • 66 power cards,
  • energy cubes,
  • 12 shrink tokens,
  • 12 poison tokens,
  • 3 smoke tokens,
  • 1 mimic token.

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Board Game King Of Tokyo Rules

  • Each player has a board and a monster character.
  • When the game starts, every player places 0 victory points represented by blue stars and 10 health points that are the red hearts on the monster board.
  • Now shuffle the cards to start the game and, if the players can reach, distribute the first three cards face up to the Tokyo board.
  • Ensure that players can easily obtain tokens, energy cubes, and dice.

Determine who will go first.

Tokyo Bay is used to play games with 5 or more players. It is still considered Tokyo.

If the number of players in the game is less than 5, Tokyo Bay will be closed immediately. In this case, the monsters inside will move to Tokyo or open space outside of Tokyo.

The 5-player game

In the 5-player game, the players in Tokyo have a chance to lose. If both sides get out of the way, the attacker enters Tokyo and scores 1 point.

The next attacker causes damage to the player in Tokyo. The player has a chance. If the player does not Give up, then the attacking player must enter Tokyo Bay without being busy.

Now The Game Begins

  1. At the start of the round, the players must roll 6 black dice.
  2. Remember that you can only roll the dice three times.
  3. When you are done with the dice, you have to solve the 6 dice points.
  4. It calculates the value of the set and adds 1 bonus point to each additional matching number in set 3.

Outside of Tokyo, each person can gain 1 life point.

If you are in Tokyo, you will not get any health from this role. Ability / Power cards can still be used to gain health. You cannot gain more than 10 life points. They deal 1 damage.

For every scratched hand (smash), all other monsters that are not in the same place as you. Players can leave Tokyo after taking damage.

If you raise more than one clawed hand, the monster can only deal or hold 1 point of damage and continue to take damage. Monsters can only give way when hit by Smash Roll.

When the monster’s health is exhausted, remove it from the game.

  1. Now is the time to throw away his energy and power cards.
  2. You can only occupy one monster at one of the two locations in Tokyo.
  3. However, if there is an open space there, you will have to enter Tokyo.
  4. Enter Tokyo for 1 victory point and start Tokyo for 2 points. Now it is easy for you to buy one or more Power Cards.
  5. Spend as many energy dice as possible, this is one of the three face-up power cards bought in the same round.
  6. Players can repeat this action. But this is possible only as long as they have enough energy.
  7. Players can also spend 2 Energy to collect 3 existing cards in discarded cards and draw 3 new cards to buy immediately.
  8. Players can repeat this process as long as they have enough energy to take turns.
  9. At this point, all effects will be applied to the activated card at the end of the turn.

To win the game

In order to win the game, you must complete the life cycle with 20 victory points or be the last monster left in the game.

If you have 20 victory points but at the end of the round, your life points are 0. This makes you lose the game.

You can play King of Tokyo online.

Heart dice/Cube

The King of Tokyo cannot use heart dice for healing himself,  so he cannot remove poison tokens and shrink ray tokens.

Fast healing can be used in Tokyo. The King of Tokyo can heal other people with the Heart dice/Cube. The King of Tokyo can be healed with the healing light/ray.

Tokyo Leaving Rules

The King of Tokyo stipulates/demands that if you leave Tokyo, you can only leave Tokyo if you were directly injured (due to an attack) while in Tokyo.

It is stated in the rules of this game, “Becoming the King of Tokyo”: If you are attacked while in Tokyo and don’t want to stay there again, you can submit to the attacking monster.

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King Of Tokyo Rules FAQs

1. When are you allowed to leave Tokyo?
If someone hurts you and the person who beat you replaces you, only then can you leave Tokyo.

2. Is Tokyo King interesting?

All this is very interesting. In the game, you will fight for 20 victory points or eliminate all opponents from the game.

3. What is the board like?

The first thing you will notice about the King of Tokyo is a board, probably the smallest board in the history of board games.

4. When can you play cards at Tokyo King?

The memory card can only be played when it is your turn. The discarded cards must be played immediately. Permanent Power cards can only be played during your turn.

However, the temporary bonuses can be played at any time.