Soccer Skills | 7 Crucial Skills that You Needed to Learn in 2022

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There are a few crucial soccer skills that a professional can never afford to ignore in the game. The skills like; agility, power, precision and focus while passing the ball counts much among other major skills like; dribbling, shooting, shielding & controlling feet, chest, thigh etc.

The youth players would need to work on each skill individually for a unique playing style & attributes. We have taken the pains of listing down here 7 crucial soccer skills that are important for basic, beginners as well as professional soccer players.

7 Soccer Skills for basic, beginner & advanced players

7 Crucial Soccer Skills | Important soccer skills for Basic, Beginner & Professional Soccer Player

Here come! we have discussed vital soccer abilities that you needed to master over

1. Controlling the ball with feet, knees, thighs, chest and Head

Having complete control over the ball is of paramount importance in soccer.  There are a number of ways a player should apply for controlling the ball.

  • First Touch: This skill is very important as it can make or break a chance for you to possess the ball once you receive it. You can simply control the ball productively and make it pass to your teammates.
  • Trapping the Ball: If you face an awkward ball, you should this technique to handle the ball. Here tapping means “tackling a ball with care” with the use of legs, thighs, feet, head etc but not hands.
  • Use of Feet: It’s no exaggeration if we say that football solely depends on feet. Having proper control over the ball with your feet provides you edge over your opponents. Skills such as; dribbling, passing, or shooting are wholly dependent on your feet.
  • Use of Knees and Thighs: On different occasions, you feel unable to control the ball with your feet and thus resort to using your knees and thighs instead. Smart use of knees and thighs enhances your skills.
  • Use of Chest: Chest comes to your rescue, when the ball goes bit higher than your feet, knees and legs. By using chest, you can normally make the ball stop and bring it under your control. It generally falls in front of you and thus giving you afresh chance to carry on with your feet.
  • Use of Head: Usually for headers. Sometimes, the ball goes even higher than your chest and you have to use your head to tap the ball. Important to note, you can also use your head to score a goal.

NOTE: It’s not recommended for kids to perform headers since it can cause serious injuries to your head

2. Passing the Ball

Second in importance are the passing skills in soccer. Brilliant passing skills help a team have control over the ball, assist in scoring, and ultimately help your team win crucial games.

Types of Soccer Passes

It’s not mandatory to pass the ball to your teammates, you may pass it as per situations.

a). Direct Passes: The first pass in soccer, you would love to learn, is the direct pass. You ought to pass the ball directly to your teammates with caution so that it must reach your opponent sooner and easier.

b). Passes to Open Spaces: Passing the ball into space is a significant technique in football. This pass is made when your teammate is running. You must predict the direction and speed of both; your teammate  opponents.

c). Long Passes: A long pass is also used in soccer. It takes place when you intend to make the ball pass longer distances on the field. This pass entails firm kicks so as to make it possible to reach desired destinations.

d). Backward Pass: At times, you need to pass the ball in backward directions. This techniques is predominantly applied in professional soccer.

Note: Practice, timing, power, and precision are quintessential elements for brilliant passes

3. Dribbling

Dribbling is an act of propelling the ball, to an intended direction, by repeatedly tapping it, with your both feet, all through the way.

In simple words, dribbling is just running with the ball towards a designated direction. Dribbling is considered one of the most tactful and productive skills in soccer.

4. Use Both Feet

You must learn using your both feet if you want to be an excellent dribbler. Usually, you need to use the inside, or instep, of your foot when moving in a specific direction. You can also learn how to use outside or inside of your foot in order to divert the and deceive your opponent.

5. Having your Head Up

You must be looking in front while taking the ball all along. In case, you kept your head down for looking at the ball while dribbling, you would be unable to spot defenders of opponent team as well as your teammates.

6. Shielding, Changing Directions and Faking

While dribbling you can simultaneously shield the ball, change its direction, and fake kicks so as to fool your opponents. If you have acquired these skills, you are a wonderful dribbler like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar etc.

7. Shooting

The crowd as well as players go berserk when a goal is scored. If you play as a striker or an aggressive midfielder, you must learn how to shoot the ball. Shooting and passing seem similar in style but are quite different from each other. Passing seems delicate and less forceful.

It takes place among teammates, while shooting is absolutely aggressive which goes towards the goalpost after beating the goalkeeper.

Note: A striker must not, at any stage, hesitate to take up the chance when he has one.

There are typically two major types of shots that you should learn to play.

The ground shot and the volley shot.

a). Ground Shot: The most usual shot played in soccer. Ground shot, as it’s self-explanatory, remains on the surface of the ground.

Accurate positioning, formidable balance, and a forceful strike are of vital for for playing a well-directed and exquisite ground shot.

b). Volley Shot: Volley shot is played in the air from the pass. When a ground shot seems impossible, the stickers rely on this shot.

This shot is quite difficult to play but very productive to earn a goal since this shot becomes quite unstoppable for the goalie.


While physical fitness, agility and speed are fundamental to any sport, let alone soccer, the specialized set of soccer skill-set can never be ignored. A soccer player has to contact with ball in the game while playing with different specialized skills like; dribbling, passing the ball, shielding, faking, shooting, goalkeeping etc. Each of these skill needed strong practice. It depends upon soccer fan further how does he proceed to strengthen his/her soccer playing skills. The better the best!

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