Soccer Rules for Kids | How to Play Soccer For Kids

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Soccer is a quite simple, entertaining and flexible game when it comes to the kids playing it. It’s not necessary to make this game complex for the kids and make them confuse. It’s all about making it convenient with straightforward and easygoing rules for them so as to make it fun for them.

Let’s now discuss it’s simple rules for kids:

Ten Basic Rules of Soccer For Kids

You might be wondering whether soccer is easy play for kids or its a complex sport? And yes, you can say that soccer is simple sport with complex outlooks! The professional soccer rules for kids are not that much complicated.

Soccer Rules For Kids, how to play soccer for kids

They are rather simplified. As, according to FIFA, the rules of playing soccer are flexible in application as regard to the age of players i.e players below the age of 16, female players or those with any physical malfunction or those who are above 35 years of age.

Following flexible conditions are allowed as regard to age, gender, or physical ability.

  • Court dimension/size
  • Weight, size, make up of soccer ball
  • Game duration
  • Substitution rules
  • Maximum width/space between goal posts and crossbar height

Following are the basic 10 most important rules of soccer for kids.

1. Objective of Game

The basic objective of this game is to score more goals than your opinion.

2. Team Composition

It’s played between 2 teams. The rule for the composition of teams for kids depends on age; the lower the age, lower the number of players.

It can be as low as 6 players in each side and as higher as 11 players in each team. However, each team must have equal number of players.

3. Duration of Match

Duration of play for kids range from 15 to 30 minutes halves with a 7 to 10 minutes for mid break.

4. Size of the Field

The total size of the field for kids stands flexible relying on the age factor of players. It should, however, be rectangular in shape.

5. Size of the Ball

  • Size 3 (23-24 inches circumference) ball is used by 8 years old kids.
  • Size 4 (25-26 inches circumference) ball is used by 8-12 years old kids.

6. Substitution Rules

In competitive or international soccer, three substitutions are permitted. A substitute replaces an active player, who must not enter the game after his substitute has entered. However, in kids soccer, there is flexibility.

7. Start of Game

Similar to international soccer, the game is started after the ball gets kicked by one of the players of toss winning team, standing in the middle of the ground, in circle. While other players holding their designated positions.

8. Goal Rules

When the ball, being kicked, crosses the goal line and enters in goalpost, fixed on opponent’s side, this is declared a goal. The team having scored maximum goals wins!

9. Out of Bounds Rules

In soccer, the ball is said to be out of bounds, when it completely trespasses the goal lines and goes beyond the boundary line.

10. No Hands Rules

The most important rule of soccer is not to use your at any cost.


Thus, you saw, soccer is very simple and easy to play for kids. There are no technicalities involved when it comes playing for children, Kindergarten kids etc. It’s rather fun and kind of self discovery. Let your kids enjoy soccer!

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