77 Cycling Team Names that Will Never Exhaust Your Team!

In honor of cycling teams, we have got the suggestions from the world’s famous, winners level, creative cycling team Names from bike enthusiasts and managed to provide you with the list of Top 77 Cycling Teams Names with Meaning & Winner’s guide how to choose the best biking names ever!

Biking already exhausts your muscles, so we want to help you by listing perfect name suggestions for your biking team.

Now, you do not have to spend hours on the internet to find a perfect team name. We have written some of the best names under each category that are not taken yet.

However, if you are still confused and want to create a name of your own, then we have written some tips at the end of this article that will definitely come in handy.

Do not forget to read those tips and tell us in the comments if you get ideas.

List of Cycling Team Names


We have arranged the list into different categories: Funny, creative, and powerful team names. We hope you will definitely find your ideal name here.

Cycling Teams Names [Cool, Funny, Creative, Powerful Biking Team Names ]

Creative Cycling Teams Names

Looking for something appealing that fits perfectly on your team and represents your team’s nature? Here are some cool biking team names to inspire your team.

1. Catch up if you can: You cannot beat them in speed

2. The Extreme Zone: They are just here to win

3. Millennials: Experienced as well as smartest

4. Pace Makers: They know how to maintain their speed and performance

5. The Unpredictable: You can expect anything from them; one minute, they are loser; who knows, next minute, they might be the ones leading in the game

6. Speed Matters: Speed does matter, right?

7. We-sain Bolt: Usain bolt would be proud of them

8. Pedal Aliens: They are good with peddling

9. The Pedal Experts: They know every strategy for winning this competition

10. The Cyclopaths: They have a mental disorder in which they cannot afford to lose

11. Wild Walkers: Defeating them won’t be easy

12. The Pedal Gang: No one can defeat them in pedaling

13. Show Stealers: They know how to catch the attention of the audience

14. Fueled Up: They are highly energetic to win

15. The Underdogs: Everyone underestimates them while they enjoy proving them wrong

16. Bike-oholics: They are addicted to Biking

17. Break Busters: They know how to get rid of their opponent

18. Born to Ride: There do not find any activity more interesting than this

19. Bike-opedia: No one can beat them when it comes to knowledge about bikes

20. Freestylers: They are confident enough to drive any type of motorcycle

Funny Cycling Teams Names

Your team automatically becomes the center of attraction with a funny and epic name.

No one will cheer for your team if you have a boring and dull name. That is why we have listed funny team names that will definitely make your team stand out among others:

21. No Gain, Only Pain: Clearly, Biking is not an easy sport for everyone

22. Whiskey Wheelers: They booze before the cruise

23. Ride now, Moan later: Winning is more important for them than sore muscles

24. Misfits: You cannot find any normal people here

25. Are we there yet?: They probably get tired easily

26. Knuckleheads: Do not judge them by the name though

27. WTF-Where’s the Finishline?: They just look forward to ending the race now

28. Miserable Riders: Riding a bike in competition might be hard for them but they will still do it

29. Just Screw it: They are probably inspired by Nike

30. Drag to the End: No matter how tired they are, they will still make it to the end

31. We Tried: Extra points for efforts, right?

32. Imperfect Peddlers: They want you to believe they are not perfect for this game. Pretty smart, no?

33. Phantoms: Catching up with the speed of a ghost might be scary, no?

34. Impractical Jokers: A witty team with a sense of fun

35. Sweaty Crew: They sweat a lot while biking

36. Ain’t got no Brakes: They are not familiar with the concept of brakes

37. Wheeling on Fire: They are probably inspired by the song “Feelings on fire.”

38. Grinning Maniacs: You will always find this team smiling broadly

39. Call us an uber: Already tired of the race

40. Drinkers with a Riding problem. (They clearly do not have any other problem in life…except…drinking

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Powerful Cycling Teams Names

Powerful names indicate the strength and power of a team.

They clearly give a message to your opponents that they should be nervous and scared when they are in competition with you.

Here is the list of powerful team names for you:

41. Record Breakers: They are highly motivated to set new records

42. The Conquerors: No task is difficult for them

43. Ghost Riders: Nobody can catch up with the speed of a ghost, right?

44. Thunderstruck: You will surely get shocked by seeing their performance

45. Unleashed Beasts: You should think twice before challenging their team

46. The Mighty Ones: Endowed with immense strength and power

47. The Professionals: They are experts in biking and riding

48. Bikers Strikers: They know how to score the points

49. The Finishers: They are going to finish the game by winning it

50. Mighty Speedsters: No one can beat them when it comes to speed

51. Firing Assaults:  They are surely a tough competition

52. Bikers Army:  Their squad is ready to defeat you

53. The Champions:  They are already a winner in their own eyes

54. The Dominators: They will rule the game

55. Gang Busters: They will destroy your team in the biking challenge

56. Geared up: They are fully ready to ace the competition

57. Legacy Setters: No one will forget about their team

58. Thunder G-O-A-T-S: Greatest of all times

59. Riding Eagles: They ride as fast as eagles

60. Target Breakers: No distance is too much for them to cover in a quick time

61. Speed Demons: No one can match their speed

62. Thrill Bringers: Trust me, they are going to bring excitement to the game

63. Wild Riders: You should watch out for them

64. No Fear of Gear: They do not have any hesitation in speeding up their game

65. Dragon Riders: Some deadly riders out here

66. Speed Divas: They consider their team to be the Gods of speed

67. The Racing Masters: You cannot hold this team back

68. Motivated Speeders: They are highly motivated to win

69. One more track: They are not afraid to cover more miles

70. Furiously Fast: Crossing them won’t be easy

71. Firm Bricks: It is hard to put this team down

72. Raging Falcons: They are very serious about winning and making you losers

73. The Risk Takers: They are not afraid of any challenge

74. End Game: They know how to finish a game with dignity and pride

75. Lords of the Track: They might not be the “Lord of the rings,” but they are definitely the lords of this track

76. Peak Performers: They only know how to give the best performance

77. Grim Riders: They are only serious about one thing, winning

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Guidelines on how to Create Your Own Cycling Teams Name

In the past few years, the popularity of biking as an activity has gained a lot of attention.

It is a great workout as well as a healthy activity that reduces stress and relaxes your mind. It gets more interesting when you form a biking team with your friends.

While forming a biking team seems easy, coming up with a perfect team name is certainly not easy.

You probably want to assemble your own biking team now, but the critical step in this is to choose a name for your team.

.Sometimes, you go through a list of hundreds of names and still find nothing. The perfect solution to this problem is to come up with a name of your own.

Just follow these guidelines, and we believe that you will come up with so many ideas after reading these tips:

The following guidelines will definitely help you to create your own biking team name:

Keep it Simple

The first thing to consider while choosing a biking team name is to avoid the use of difficult names and names that are hard to spell.

No one will remember your team name if it is complex. Keep it simple and unique.

Get Inspiration

Take inspiration from your favorite things. If you and your teammates have a favorite commonplace, show, movie, or famous biker, then try to add or merge that into your team name and come up with a unique and interesting name.

For example, if your team is a fan of Game of Thrones, then you can use names like “The Targaryens” or “The Lannisters.”

It does not matter if your name does not relate to biking directly as long as it is creative and unique.

Catchy Name

Your name should be catchy. No one wants to support a team with a boring name. Your name should be interesting enough to catch the attention of the audience.

Make sure that your name sounds interesting when said aloud.

Ask Your Friend

After deciding on a name for your group, do not forget to take a vote of the whole team.

It is important to consult with your team before making the name official because there is no point in choosing a name with which your team does not feel satisfied.

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These names are best for all teams that consider themselves biking champions. These names are perfect for riders of all ages and genders.

These names will surely make your team stand out among the rest.

If you also have some ideas in your mind after reading the guidelines, then do not forget to share them with us in the comments section.