Spyfall Rules | How to Play [ Roles, Questions, Game Play ]

Learning Spyfall rules is a really funny and lovely experience. You won’t believe how simple this game is!

Let alone simple, spyfall is a wonderful board game that includes spyfall roles, questions, etc.

It’s a truly a family, indoor game one can typically enjoy with friends.

The Spyfall Card Game


Spyfall 2 is an easy-to-learn card game with jokes, questions, clever answers, and suspicions. It provides the players with a secret map and tells them where they are.

They are vineyards, prisons, and gas stations, except that players will receive SPY cards instead of locations.

Spyfall Rules

Introduction To Spyfall Game

It’s really easy! Spyfall is played in a few rounds.

At the beginning of each round, all players are assigned cards with the same position: casino, traveling circus, pirate ship, and even space station, except for players.

You get a map called “spy“, without any location information.

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The game is composed of 208 cards (26 sets of 8 cards each) and 26 zipper pockets.

Rule-book. You also need to keep track of time when playing games, so please make sure you have a stopwatch on hand. The players may have a stopwatch on their phones.

 The purpose of the game

The main aim of the spy is to avoid detecting or determining the exact location until the end of the round. Whereas the objective of the non-spy is to check the identity of the spy and expose him.

When the first round begins, players sort all cards into the location deck.

Each deck contains seven cards with the same examples and also has a spy card. Each deck also has a separate zip pocket. All cards must be covered in a way that the spy card is placed on the top.

The position of the cards is shown in the middle of the rule book. It is recommended that players conduct research before starting the first round.

This helps to let potential spies know which locations to look for when playing the game.

First Round

Each game consists of a series of short rounds. Usually, the number of rounds is agreed upon by the players before they start playing the game. It is recommended that you play five rounds in the first quarter.

  • You have to choose an agent for each round.
  • The card dealer takes part in the game as an ordinary player.
  • The most suspicious player in the game is the first-round dealer.
  • The player takes all the zipper bags out of the box.
  • After that, he flips them face down and shuffles them.
  • Then he chooses a random zipper bag.
  • The dealer carefully removes the card from the selected zipper pocket.
  • He shuffles the cards and gives each player a card.

 To End Spyfall For All players At The Beginning Of Each Round

Any player can stop the timer in each round. In this way, it becomes easy to recognize the players as suspects. Then other players are asked to vote.

(Remember that the suspect does not have the right to vote.) The player’s card is displayed at the end of the game.

The Spyfall App

This game SpyFall is played with four or more players. They make the team. Then the player asks, yes or no-“Do you like to go there?”

He’s trying to guess who the spy is. The spies don’t know where they are, so they need to listen carefully to guess the location carefully.

To Exit Spyfall

Any player can stop the timer once every round to identify one of the players as a suspect and ask other players to vote.

If all players agree (the suspect does not vote), the game ends, and the player’s card is displayed.

On the other hand, when we play Spyfall on the computer, we have two different options; one of them is the app named  Spyfall. the app, which is considered to be the best option. It has up to eight players.

The second choice that we have is  Spyfall.adrianocola.com which takes the longest time to use. Here 12 players can take part in the game.

Moreover, this option provides you with more customization options.

Role Of Spyfall

It is a complete social game, suitable for 3-8 players. One of the players who has issued a face-down card and must reveal hidden information to other players is assigned a secret role (a spy or non-person with a different role spy.

The player asks himself: “Why do you dress so strangely?”Or” When was the last time we were paid? “Or anything you can think of.

Try to guess who the spy is. The spy doesn’t know where he is, so you have to listen carefully.

Play Spyfall on the PC:

There is the Spyfall application that may be the best option, there are 8 Players, and you can play it on Spyfall.adrianocola.com.

There may be more customization options, up to 12; no matter what other party games you play as a spy, please try it!

Walk around, the situation is different, really It’s simple! The game lasts for several rounds.

To Play Spyfall Telegram

Just add @PlaySpyfallBot to the group and make sure everyone starts the bot secretly and has their own @username.

The bot is responsible for sending private messages with secret locations and characters and keeping track of how much each player charges.

Update Spyfall Free App 1.3 2020-08-24

It turns out that application development is very difficult. However, thanks to the feedback and comments of users, they can fix bugs and improve usability.

This update contains fixes and improvements.

3. Spyfall. App: That is arguably the best choice for eight players and

Spyfall.adrianocola.com:  This has been around for a long time, giving you some options. More customization options for up to 12 players.

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Common Questions

1.  How many people can play Spyfall at the same time?

Spyfall is a card game for 3 to 8 players.

2. Where can I play Spyfall?

We can play Spyfall on the computer as well. There are two main options for us.

3. How to be a good spy for Spyfall?

A good spy is someone who knows his surroundings. The first few rounds should be used to evaluate the playing field.

In this round, observe the gestures and “cues” of other people. If you are a spy, this should make it easier for you to blame others or stand by your side.

4. How do I become a spy boy?

Spying is fun and addictive, but it is not easy! It is difficult to find a good spy.

As the next secret agent, you need to train, form a team, study mission logs, hide evidence and improve espionage techniques through various espionage activities.