Brooklyn Team Names [ 99, Nets, Fantasy Football, Jacksonville ]

The New Jersey nets do not exist anymore. They have now changed their name to Brooklyn nets. The Brooklyn teams are one of the two NBA teams located in New York City.

The team is the most beloved team in New York. If you are also a fan of the Brooklyn Nets who is looking for some inspiration to create his own team name, then this list might be of great help to create a Brooklyn Nets team-inspired name.

A team name is the identity of a team. It tells about your team’s skills and talents.

Brooklyn Team Names | Fantasy Nets Football, 99 Jacksonville, New Jersey Fantasy Football Team Name Ideas for Your Squad


It is your team name that has the power to create fear in your opponent’s mind at the beginning of the game.

And if you manage to make your opponent fear at the start, the game is totally yours.

Brooklyn Team Names

Brooklyn Team Names

1. Brooklyn Dribblers.

2. Court Violators.

3. Brown Lives Matter.

4. Basketball Junkies.

5. Born Perfect.

6. Brooklyn Den.

7. Breaking Defence.

8. Brooklyn Knights.

9. Curry In Hurry.

10. Brooklyn Rulers.

11. Chicken Patty Mills.

12. Brooklyn Kings.

13. The Simmons.

14. Violent Defenders.

15. Brooklyn Stars.

16. Where’s My Curry.

17. Quick Shots.

18. Blake Cake.

19. Unexpected Shots.

20. Brooklyn Rebels.

21. Tragic Dragic.

22. Brooklyn Perfection.

23. Brooklyn Billions.

24. Brooklyn Born.

25. Ball Bangers.

26. Brooklyn Brigade.

27. Flying Brooklyn.

28. Bruise On A Cruise.

29. Defying Gravity.

30. Brooklyn Tigers.

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31. Brooklyn Deckers.

32. Furious & Dunkalicious.

33. Flying Shots.

34. Attack Mode.

35. The Slam Squad.

36. Brooklyn Revolution.

37. Brooklyn Force.

38. Proud Brooklyn.

39. Rising Stars.

40. Brooklyn Offenders.

41. Bouncing Souls.

42. Brooklyn Royals.

43. Brooklyn Bulls.

44. Baskin Dunkin.

45. Brooklyn Brawlers.

46. God Speed.

47. Balls In The Family.

48. Brooklyn Venom.

49. Brooklyn Bulldogs.

50. Brooklyn Giants.

51. Go Big Or Go Home.

52. Brooklyn Phantoms.

53. Brooklyn Assets.

54. Brave Brooklyn.

55. Flying Jordans.

56. Brooklyn Nytes.

57. Dribbling Souls.

58. Dunk Masters.

59. Brooklyn Dodgers.

60. Brooklyn Fireballs.

51. Slamming Revolution.

62. 50 Shades Of Ben.

63. Angry Cheetahs.

64. Double Dribblers.

65. Brooklyn Grizzlies.

66. Curry Up & Shoot.

67. Brooklyn Pack.

68. Brooklyn Brotherhood.

69. Brooklyn Panthers.

70. Brooklyn Sanity.

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Guidelines for Creating Your Own Brooklyn Team Name Instantly

The above names have been prepared after taking inspiration from Brooklyn Nets, famous players, and basketball terms and then doing a lot of brainstorming.  These names will surely help you to make an epic entry in-game.

However, if you also have any ideas to add, then read the tips below to create your own team name.

Create your own Brooklyn team name using the following tips:

1. Use Your Favorite Players For Inspiration:

You can encourage and motivate your team by naming it after your favorite Brooklyn Nets player. You can also use his first or last name to create puns or try out various combinations until you create one final perfect name.

2. Choose Inspirational Words:

Do a little brainstorming a make a list of words that describe your team collectively. After that, merge them with descriptive words or play upon words to create unique team names.

This will help your team members to stay united and motivated during the game.

3. Use Alliteration:

If you are stuck for ideas and also got less time, then you can go for alliteration. Look for words that start with the same letter as your favorite team player’s name.

Keep trying until you create one that fits your team perfectly. For example, a team named after player David Duke can be David Den.

4. Keep Your Team Members in mind:

Your team name should reflect the personality of your team members. If your team got exceptional skills, then use their best attributes to create a team name.

For a funny or creative twist, you can also name your team after its imperfect attributes.


There you go! Hopefully, now you have plenty of best name suggestions to choose from. Whether you win or not, these names will always boost your team’s confidence and bring out the best in them.