101+ Scrum Team Names [ Funny, Agile, Awesome ]

Scrum is a framework that helps in developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products. It is used in various fields, including research, sales, marketing, software development, and advanced technologies.

While working in a team, it is very important to keep your team’s spirit high, and that is where a good team name plays a role.

A good team name not only leaves a good impression on your team but also gives your team a sense of responsibility to complete their tasks in time.

But if you are confused and looking for suggestions, then you are in the right spot.

Scrum Team Names

We have listed some interesting options for you, which will be of great help in inspiring the coordination of your team.

However, if you want to create your own scrum team name, then do check out the tips at the end of this article.

These tips will help you brainstorm some best ideas.

Funny Scrum Team Names


Here is the list of funny team names to have a good laugh with your team members:

1. Error 404! The brain is not found: No brain, no problem.

2. Prank Masters:    Be careful; there will be so many pranks.

3. Brains On Vacation:    That seems like a long vacation.

4. Rodents Of Unusual Size: Some in this team are big,  some are small.

5. Naughty Gigglers:    There is always something to laugh about when you are in this team.

6. Research Rats:    They can look into anything.

7. Savage Crew: They do not follow any rules.

8. Scrum And Coke: Best start of the day.

9. Scrumy Bears: Too cute.

10. Slow n Steady:    Wins the race.

11. Crazy Folks: They are old fellows.

12. Bunk Queens: You will always see them absconding from work.

13. Just Joshin’:Keep your mind open.

14. Crybabies:    They do not need an excuse to cry.

15. Honorable Ducks: Say that aloud, and you will get it.

16. Net Surfers:    They can spend hours on the internet without doing any progressive work.

17. Leading Knights:    A team with true potential.

18. Little Rascals:    They get into all sorts of shenanigans.

19. Introverted Extroverts: They might look shy, but they are not.

20. Crackheads:     All lame people in this team.

21. The Fixers:  There is no problem that they cannot fix.

22. Trouble Makers: This team is always in trouble.

23. Scrum and Coke:    Can’t start their day without this.

24. Scrumbledore’s Army:    In reference to Harry Potter.

25. Straight Up Comedians:    Their team is no less than a comedy show.

26. Brain Drain:   Expect all types of lame conversation from this team.

27. Rising Scrums:    Similar to above

28. Real Genius:    The smartest man in the room.

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Best Agile Scrum Team Names

Here is the list of cool team names to show everyone how fun your team is:

29. You Name It, We Do It:    Nothing is impossible for this team.

30. Frontline Geniuses:    They lead in every task.

31. Strikingly Amazing: Pros in every work they do.

32. Eager Beaver:     The go-getters.

33. Bodacious Forces:    Excellent and attractive.

34. Motivational Group:     Brining up everyone’s spirit.

35. Brogrammers:    Brothers who are always there for each other.

36. Boss League: Everyone respects them.

37. Victorious Secret: Working too efficiently.

38. Sparklers:    They shine bright in their tasks.

39. The Intimidators:    They have good convincing powers.

40. Groovy Gang: Pretty exciting team.

41. Sprint Forces: Making everything work optimally.

42. Best One Of The Best Ones:    No one is better.

43. Nutella Toasts: Delicious and tempting.

44. Proficient Ones:     Skillful experts.

45. Bar Raisers:    They leave the bar a little too high for others.

46. Beastly Alliance: A bond stronger than others.

47. The Fixers:  There is no problem that they cannot fix.

48. Gal Pals:    What else could you need when you have your girls around?

49. One Shot:    They ace on their first attempt.

50. You Can’t Tame Us: Nobody tells them to do.

51. Overachievers:    When they decide to perform, they end up achieving a lot more.

52. Synergy:    They do everything together.

53. Scrumdog Millionaires:  Wordplay on ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’

54. Strategists:    They make the best plans.

55. One Mission: Mission to ace every task.

56. Sprinting With A  Smile: They have no worries.

57. In Style: Looking good is important.

58. Tycoons:    Top leaders.

59. Bring It On:    Not afraid of any task.

60. The Sprint Tribe: Good in time management

61. Task Experts:    No one does a task better than this team.

62. Enduring Souls:  Maintaining their lead.

63. Workaholics:    They love to work.

Cool & Creative Scrum Team  Names:

Here is the list of creative team names to show how sharp-witted and smart your team is:

64. The Prodigies:    A team with extraordinary skills.

65. Pre-eminent Leaders:    Surpassing all others with extraordinary skills.

66. Easy Scrum Easy Go:  Wordplay on ‘Easy come, easy go.

67. Problem Solvers:    They have solutions to every problem.

68. Alpha Team:    Nothing comes before A.

69. Game Of Scrums:    A wordplay on ‘Game of thrones.

70. Peak Performers:    Always giving their best.

71. League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen:  It is amazing how exceptional their skills are.

72. Support Group:    Always there for each other.

73. Our Time Will Scrum:    Wordplay on ‘Our time will come.

74. The Optimizers:    They make maximum profit.

75. Team No.1:    They always come first place.

76. SCRUMptious:    It is always so pleasing to see their work.

77. Keep Calm, And Sprint On:  Panicking is never useful.

78. Clear-Sighted Visions: They understand tasks more quickly than others.

79. Sharp-witted:    Smarter than the rest.

80. The Accomplishers:    No task is too big for them.

One Word Scrum Team Names

81. Charmers:    They know how to get what they want.

82. Splendid:    Impressive team.

83. Phenoms:    They are outstandingly talented.

84. Inventive:    Always coming up with new ideas.

85. Prudent:     They are wise and sane.

86. Unpredictable:    You can never guess their next move.

87. United:    Standing together as one.

88. Enigma:    So unpredictable.

89. Qualifiers:    They have a natural talent for leadership.

90. Gravity:    Everyone eventually gets attracted to this team.

91. Priceless:    This team is so precious that you cannot buy it.

92. Incisive:    Always working with a clear mind.

93. Minions:    A team of little followers.

94. Backbenchers:    Do not expect much work from them.

95. Scrumbags:    Remove r to get it.

96. Ingenious:    Always thinking of new ideas.

97. Trendsetters:    All others copy their style.

98. Pixies:    A team of beautiful souls.

99. Wizards:    Making unbelievable happen.

100 –Concentrated:    Focused on their goals.

101. No Loose Ends:    Working without making any mistakes.

How to Create a Scrum Team Name

If you want to create your own team name, then follow these points. We hope that with each point, you will get unique and different ideas.

Your Team Name Should Convey a Message

There is no point in choosing team names that are irrelevant or boring. Your name should be interesting enough to leave a good impression.

A good team name is one that conveys a strong message. So, make sure to choose words that convey a positive message and define the goals of your team.

Pick a Theme

Do you guys have any favorite movies? or Food place? Color? Movie star? Animal? Pick a theme because this will help you to think of a variety of options.

Keep it Simple and Fun.

A simple name is easy to pronounce and understand. A simple, short but fun name will not only stick to others’ minds but also make your team memorable.

On the other hand, a long name will only create misconceptions in the audience.

So, do not try so hard to find a complicated name. Choose a name that is unique but easy to understand.

Don’t Use offensive Names.

Your team name should not carry offensive words because they might hurt someone’s feelings. A little competition is healthy, but you should not cross your boundaries while choosing a team name.

Do not forget that if you are creating an offensive team name, then you are basically insulting another team, and that won’t leave a good impression on your team.

Take Feedback From Your Team

Whatever name you choose, make sure to take feedback from other team members.

Keep in mind that your team name is the only thing that will keep your team motivated and energetic, and that is only possible if your team members are happy about the decided name.

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A good scrum team will keep your team organized and help you to start your project with motivation.

All the names suggested in this article will not only enhance their bond with each other but also help your team to work together with enthusiasm.

So, feel free to choose any name and tell us in the comments section if you like any.