70+ Best Curling Team Names For Your Squad in 2022

Curling is the most challenging and competitive game in which the goal is to slide stones towards the targeted area. It is not as easy as it seems. The game gets quite competitive if players are equally strong. In this case, the only thing that can give you an upper hand in the game is a good team name-a name strong enough to make your opponent nervous.

It is very important to choose a good team name for your team as it is the first introduction of your team. When you are on the hunt for a perfect curling team name, no stone should be left unturned. You can find inspiration behind any corner. For your inspiration, we have listed 60+ team name suggestions that are unique and amazing.

Curling Team Names | Best, Professional Curling Squad Name Ideas for Your Group 


Whether your team wins or not, you can feel relieved knowing that your team will still look the best among the rest after using one of the following names. All the names in this list are best for every curling team as they are inspired by some of the best professional curling players, along with some other names that just couldn’t be eliminated because of their uniqueness. Curling Team Names
If you want to create your own team name using your favorite professional players then read the guidelines below this article for fresh ideas. Here are some amazing curling team name suggestions:

1. Curling Pros.

2. The Mighty Ducks.

3. Rock n Roll.

4. Frostbitten Society.

5. Anti-Freeze Force.

6. Magical Shots.

7. Zero Chill.

8. Rush Hour.

9. Game Changers.

10. Heavy Hitters.

11. Out-Turners.

12. Tough Guys.

13. Ice Men.

14. Flawless Grippers.

15. The Last Gladiators.

16. Best Handlers.

17. The Horseplayers.

18. Rules Violators.

19. Sticks & Stones.

20. Hit n Roll.

21. Dodge n Sweep.

22. Smash Society.

23. On Your Face.

24. Tricky Hitters.

25. Sweeping Kings.

26. The Rolling Stones.

27. Ice Age Connection.

28. Curl Me Softly.

29. Sweeping You Away.

30. Winning Stones.

31. Playing With Ice.

32. Curling Connection.

33. Ice Masters.

34. Never Mind.

35. Win With Stones.

36. Icy Connection.

37. Sweeping Beauties.

38. Rocking Alliance.

39. The Ice Girls.

40. On The Rocks.

41. Wrist Power.

42. Ice Cold Balls.

43. Rubber Ducks.

44. Freezing Pandas.

45. The Curling Stars.

46. Bar Raisers.

47. Ice Power.

48. Wandering Men.

49. Win Win Situation.

50. The Rock Stars.

51. Ice Wrists.

52. Sheetheads.

53. Lords Of The Ice.

54. Sheet Heads.

55. Brooms Of Despair.

56. Curling Rocks.

57. Sore Winners.

58. Wrecked Shooters.

59. Roaring Lions.

60. Sweepless Society.

61. Surgical Strikes.

62. Stone Handlers.

63. N-Iciest Mates.

64. What The Hack?

65. We Rock.

66. We Can Handle It.

67. Ice Queens.

68. Cold-hearted Smashers.

69. May The Force Be With Us.

70. Broom Attack.

Guidelines for Creating Your Own Curling Team Name Step by Step in 2022

Create your own team name using the following guidelines:

1. Use Motivational Words:

Curling is a competitive sport even if it is between your friends. Show everyone that you much you are serious about winning by choosing victorious words like champions, survivors, competitors, finalists etc.

2. Think About Your Favorite Techniques:

There must be a particular skill or goal technique in which you guys excel. Use your favorite techniques or skills to create your team name. For example, if you guys are pros at hitting then you can use name like Best Smashers.

3. Use Curling Terms:

Curling game is full or rules and terms. Searching on browsers will help you to generate variety of options. Make a list of terms that you find interesting and incorporate them into a team name.

4. Take Inspiration From Your Favorite Players:

There must be a curling team or a player that your Team admires. You can use their first or last name to create your own team name. For example, Ferber’s Bears (greatest curling players from Alberta) or choose something abstract like The 6-time champs.


Creating a curling team name might be challenging as you will want to find a name that reflects your team’s vibe and skills when pitted against competitors. Hopefully, the above-listed names will help you to create a strong impression of your team in the ground.