55+ Darkest Dungeon Team Names that are Best & Victory Inspired!

The darkest dungeon is a challenging video game where you lead a band of four heroes and fight horrible and evil creatures as you crawl through the dungeon to clean your estate from evil monsters.

The game is all about tactics, management, overcoming your fears, and pushing your luck.

It is a pretty intense game where every player wants their team name to be the best. Your darkest dungeon team name can be dark, strong according to the game, or humorous to ease the stress of the game.

You can find so many inspirations from games too.

For example, the doctor helps in recovering health, jester has extraordinary skills and weapons to survive.

Darkest Dungeon Team Names

Darkest Dungeon Team Name Ideas | Cool, Unique, Funny, Awesome Dark Dungeon Team Names


We know naming your team gets pretty difficult, especially now when all the suggestions on the internet are either taken or boring. But do not worry now because you are in the right spot.

This article contains all the unique and creative names for your team that you are definitely going to like.

We have also listed some points at the end of this article that will help you to decide the best name for your team.

Dark Darkest Dungeon Team Names

Your team name should be strong and scary enough to make your team look fearless and powerful.

So, here are some dark Darkest Dungeon team names to make your presence felt on the ground and put fear in everyone’s heart.

  • Soul Trappers.
  • Crawling Spirits.
  • Death Chasers.
  • Butcher’s Club.
  • Darkness Summoners.
  • Cursed Souls.
  • Army Of The Dead.
  • Demonic Cult.
  • Hell Bringers.
  • Unholy Alliance.
  • Soul Crushers.
  • Shadow Hunters.
  • Cursed Warlocks.
  • Terrifying Nightmares.

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Strong Darkest Dungeon Team Names

In Darkest Dungeon, you fight not only spine-chilling foes but also famine, diseases, and horrifying darkness. You keep your heroes together and move forward even when all hope is lost.

In all of this, you need a strong team name to show everyone that you are not afraid of any challenge and you have the courage to face every evil.

We have also listed some strong team names’ suggestions for you in this list to consider.

  • Bounty Hunters.
  • Shades Of Madness.
  • Fallen Angels.
  • Black Pythons.
  • Monster Catchers.
  • Wolvespack.
  • Poisonous Brotherhood.
  • Predators.
  • Mad Killers.
  • Wild Hawks.
  • Death Tribe.
  • Fiery Dragons.
  • Black Knights.
  • The Reapers.
  • Clan Of Terror.
  • Knights Of Chaos.

Characters Inspired Darkest Dungeon Team Names

There are so many amazing and fearless characters in Darkest Dungeon to take inspiration from. Every character in the game has special skills and weapons to survive and win.

Some have the power to take heavy damage, some have special skills, some are best healers, and some can hit multiple targets at once.

We have written this list after taking inspiration from those characters.

  • Hellion’s Hell.
  • Grave Robbers.
  • Vestal’s Army.
  • Leper’s Colony.
  • Fearless Jesters.
  • Graveyard Doctors.
  • Shield Breakers.
  • Fearless Highwaymen.
  • Dawnbreakers.
  • Plague Doctors.
  • Vicious Forces.
  • Houndmasters.
  • Wild Crusaders.
  • Leper’s Legacy.
  • Bravo Shieldbreakers.

Witty Darkest Dungeon Team Names

Darkest Dungeon is a pretty intense game where you face horrifying evils and try hard to survive.

In this game, where everyone prefers to choose a strong and dark name to show his team’s strength, you can stand out among all of them by choosing a witty name.

It will not only make your team unique among others but also ease the stress of the game by bringing a smile to your team’s face.

So, here are some sharp-witted names’ suggestions for you:

  • Flawed Forces.
  • Jester’s Party Club.
  • Prisoners Of Azkaban.
  • The Musketeers.
  • Band Of Amateurs.
  • Karma Providers.
  • Troll Squad.
  • Noob Heroes.
  • Crimson Court Jesters.
  • Jester’s Club.

How to Find Darkest Dungeon Team Names

Here are some  tips which will help you to find the best team name:

1. Take Inspiration From Game:   Darkest Dungeon is full of terms, characters, locations, rules, and weapons to take inspiration from. You will find so many ideas from there.

2. Choose Catchy And Unique Names:   Choose a name that sets your team apart and shows your team’s potential. So, when you are searching for names, keeps these traits in mind.

3. Use Synonyms:   If you like a name, but that is too mainstream, then search for its synonyms. This will help you to find unique, interesting, and creative names.

4. Take Feedback:   Do not forget to take suggestions from your other team members too. More minds will generate more unique ideas.

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Darkest Dungeon is a pretty challenging and thrilling game, and it gets more exciting when you have an epic team name.

That is why we have tried to write all the names that are perfect for every team.

These names will definitely boost your team’s morale and set you apart from the rest.