Dragon Team Names [ Famous, Purple, Grey, Warrior, Boat, Ice ]

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Since you are on this page, you obviously love dragons and want to develop strong traits like them. We grew up reading so many dragon stories that left a strong impression in our minds. The sense of adventure that came with those dragon tales is just unmatchable. It is that adventure and excitement that made us consider writing dragon team names.

Dragon Team Name Ideas | Famous, Cool, Dragon Boat, Color Dragon Ice Team Names

May be you want your team members to develop strong traits like the mother of Dragons, Khaleesi or may be you are so fascinated by dragons that you want a dragon-themed name for your team. Whatever the situation is, you should know that you are not alone. There are so many people who want an epic dragon name for their team too. Dragon Team Names

Dragon Team Names

Here are strong and epic team name suggestions for you:

1- Reign Of Fire.

2- Toothless Dragons.

3- Fiery Beasts.

4- The Dragonites.

5- Dragon Tales.

6- Dragonheart.

7- The Last Of The Dragons.

8- Azure Dragons.

9- The Mighty Dragons.

10- Fire Breathers.

11- Dragon Riders.

12- Fired Up.

13- The Charizards.

14- Chilling & Winging.

15- Fire Ladies.

16- Winging Destroyers.

17- Wild Dragons.

18- Brutal Dragons.

19- Fiery Jaws.

20- Fire Born.

21- Fire Blades.

22- The Wrecking Wings.

23- The Fire Lords.

24- Crypt Of Fire.

25- Skybenders.

26- Skyminer Giants.

27- Spitting Fire.

28- Dragon Tails.

29- 4-Legged Fiery Beasts.

30- Hell Hawks.

31- Steel Blades.

32- The Forgekeepers.

33- The Fiery Force.

34- Lazy Dragons.

35- Couch Dragons.

36- Hydrophobic Dragons.

37- Fire Breathing Monsters.

38- Fire Resistant.

39- Wrath Of The Dragons.

40- Fiery Wings.

41- Ferocious Fangs.

42- Cave Dragons.

43- Cliffjumpers.

44- Dark Steel.

45- Night Fury.

46- Holiday Dragons.

47- Dragons In Chill Mood.

48- High Dragons.

49- The Bruises Babies.

50- The Thunderstorms.

51- Night Wild Life.

52- Children Of Fire.

53- Team Scratch & Sniff.

54- The Destructive Wings.

55- The Fire Pack.

56- Fire Trouble.

57- Roaring Beasts.

58- The Wild Pack.

59- Smokescreen.

60- Death Hawks.

61- The Chaotic Idiots.

62- Dragon Legion.

63- Burningsights.

64- Fire Breathing Assassins.

65- Stinger Starbursts.

66- Wrathful Beasts.

67- Breath Weapons.

68- Mighty Claws.

69- Burning Forge.

70- The Lost Wind Riders.

Tips for Choosing Great Dragon Team Name for Your Group

Dragons are a symbol of immense power and strength. They are believed to have strong and auspicious powers. So any team that includes a dragon inspired name will surely be able to create a strong impact in any event.

After taking inspiration from famous fantasy dragons and their traits, we have arranged this list of 70+ dragon team name suggestions that will surely strike fear in your opponent’s mind. And if none of these names strike your fancy then checkout the tips below this list for some creative ideas:

1- Take Inspiration:

We all grew up fascinating dragon movies. Fictional writers are the pros when it comes to coming up with best dragon names. Take inspiration from your favourite dragon tales, series, comics or famous dragons to create your team name.

2- Use Synonyms:

Synonyms for words like fiery, darkness, serpentine creatures, winged can make awesome team names. You can use a word alone or build a phrase around it to create a strong team name.

3- Use Your Team Members For Inspiration:

Choose words that fit your team perfectly and fits the way you want to portray your team in the game. For example, if your team is a fan of GOT then you can choose team names like Khaleesi’s Dragons, Dragons Of Winterfell etc.

4- Merge Words:

Take inspiration from several words that you like and merge them. It is a great way to create a unique name.

5- Read Facts About Dragons:

Reading interesting facts about dragons will help you a lot in creating an epic team name. Read history of dragons, about their origin, their fictional tales and then incorporate them into your team name.


When you think about dragons, the things that come to your mind are their powers, strengths and magic, so it makes sense that a dragon inspired team name will inspire your team to develop these traits. The above listed names will surely help you in creating a strong and lit impact on any game.

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