Panda Pubg ID [ Bio, Net Worth, Facts, Tips, Quotes ]

You might have seen so many professional players at Pubg who are precise in every move. One of them is Panda or Blue Panda. He is the most popular player in Pubg mobile world.

He is famous for a lot of stunts in Pubg, like maxing RP and blasting 100 gas cans. He also has a remarkable KD of 9 in the current season and 15 for the previous season. He is the conqueror of season 4.

His Pubg id is 5178659321. He is not in any clan right now. His crew name is PandaArmy.

Panda started his Youtube channel in 2018, which has gained immense popularity because of his creativity and skills.

He stays active on his channel and uploads videos on a daily basis that get thousands of views. Unlike other gamers, Panda uses his Ipad to play with a 4-finger claw setup.


If you are also a fan of Panda’s gameplay and want to know more about him, then we believe this article contains every information about him.

Basic Profile of Panda

Age:                Panda is 24 years old.
Birth:            He was born on 19 June 1997 in Sundsvall, Sweden.
Hobbies:      He loves to do all sorts of physical activities.
Education:  Since childhood, Panda has been interested in physical activities and has always wanted to become a firefighter. After some time, he developed a passion for video games.
Real Name:  Panda’s real name is Tobias Naslund.
House:            His beautiful house is located in Sweden.
Hairstyle:       Panda has golden hair with curled top.

Interesting Funny Unknown Facts About Panda Pubg Star

  • Panda started his Youtube channel in 2013.
  • He has two Youtube channels. One is Panda Pubg mobile, and another one is Blue Panda.
  • He has the best revival rate of all PUBG players because of his fast reflexes and tactics.
  • He has a high kill count, considering he has only participated in 82 games.
  • He is a season 3 conqueror too.
  • He does not have m416 glacier skin. Even though he has spent millions but is still unlucky.
  • His net worth is 2.5 crore.

Few Powerful Quotes & Tips by Panda Pubg Star

Some of the amazing quotes and tips by Panda that will really help you to defeat your enemies are written below:

” TDM is played on a very small map, so you should use AKM because that is the most fitting weapon for this.

On a small map, you are close to your enemy, so you need a gun that has more bullets and the one that kills your enemy immediately. So, for that, AKM is the best.”

“Do not try to shoot the enemy while they are still in the immunity. Wait till they are out of it. Stand in the corner and just wait for the enemies to come.”

“Where you drop has a huge impact on your game. If you are going for a higher rank, then dropping at those areas where there are chances of high kills is a bad idea.

That is because if you die early, you lose 40+ points. So, drop at safe places where you can get good loot and have less action early.”

“Use a lot of smokes to create cover if you do not have any place to hide.”

“You win the last circle by having the best placement. Make sure you have the high ground with good cover.”

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