Levinho Pubg Mobile ID | Bio, Age, New Worth [ 2022 ]

The popularity of PUBG has influenced the growth of content creation which has led many gaming enthusiasts to consider a professional career in live streaming.

Thanks to PUBG, we have seen so many amazing and talented gamers who have stepped forward and created amazing content for us.

One of them is Levinho. He is the most popular Swedish content creator all around the world. His PUBG id is 546590561. His pubg name is M~Levinho, and his flag is Sweden.

Levinho is a Youtuber, influencer, and E-sports gamer. He started his YouTube channel on January 24, 2018 which has been growing stronger since then.

Right now, his channel has 7 million subscribers with a total view of 970 million. The good thing about him is that he regularly uploads videos on his channel, where he also gives gaming tips to his followers.

He plays with three finger claw on his iPhone 13 pro max.

If you are also a fan of Levinho’s gaming style and want to know more about him, then we believe you will find every detail about him in this article.

Levinho’s  Pubg Mobile ID Profile

Age:                       Levinho is 22 years old.

Birth:                His date of birth is 10 May 1999. He was born in Sweden.

Hobbies:           According to him, his only hobby is playing PUBG mobile and doing live streaming.

Education:    He has just completed 12th grade.

Real Name:     Lavinho’s real name is Brahim.

House:                His house is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hair Style:       Levinho has never revealed himself on social media. However, in his leaked gaming video, his hair color is brown.

Few Interesting Fun Facts Yet Unknown about Levinho

  • Levinho is the brother of Sevou who is also a well-known Youtuber.
  • He has never revealed his face on any social media platform.
  • He is the first Youtuber who has gained 1B+ views on Youtube as a streamer.
  • He has not played a single solo game.
  • In season 14, his win percentage is 8.02.
  • He is in Diamond III-tier in squad mode.
  • Net worth of Levinho is $35k annually.
  • His favorite guns are M416, M24 & AWM.

Quotes and Tips by Levinho

Here are some amazing tips by Levinho that will help you to increase your rank in the game.

“Do not waste time on looting. Let your opponents do this for you.”

“Always have a vehicle. By having a vehicle, you will be able to travel much faster, and this will also protect you from getting shot by your opponents.”

“Always try to land in Pochinki, Georgopool, Gatka, military base, or other hot places. When there are many players in one area, then there are chances of high loot.”

“Playing in a squad is more difficult than playing solo. This way, you do not have to listen to anyone, and you can also get more loot for yourself. So, if you want to increase your rank, then it would be better to practice by playing solo.”

ALWAYS take a level 3 helmet and a level 3 vest.

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