Rules of Sevens | How to Play 7s Cards Game [ Players Guide ]

Sevens card game is a wonderful family game played anywhere between two to eight people. Once you learn the rules of sevens with objects & strategies, you will never get tired of playing it again and again.

This brief guide is aimed at letting you know how to play the sevens cards game with family and friends.

Rules of sevens, how to play

Rules of Sevens | Equipment, Skills, Penalty, Rounds, A Complete Guide


The famous card game Sevens is also known as Fan Tan, Dominoes, or Parliament.

Although the name does not tell much about the game, the aim is to get rid of your cards first of all to win.

To play the game, the things you need are:

  • Deck of cards,
  • Players
  • Knowledge of the game

Card Dealing 

  • First of all, you have to deal out a complete deck of cards.
  • Select a player to deal with and give him a deck of 52 playing cards.
  • The person should distribute cards face-down.
  • He should give one at a time to each person. He’ll do it by moving clockwise.
  • The number of players can be from 3 to 8.
  • If the number of participants increases, the cards may not be distributed equally.
  • To handle this situation, you can switch the dealers so that everyone gets a chance to get an equal number of cards as the other players.
  • If the sequence of card dealing is followed clockwise, there will be no chance of unfair distribution.

The four suits

The four suits or colors are named hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. If you use the alternate colors of the suits in your hand, it will become easier to find cards to play.

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Arrange the order and number of suits

In order to better concentrate, arrange the hands sent to you. You need to sort the cards by color first and then sort them in numerical order.

It’s better to start with the two extreme left hands. And take them to the trump card on the right.

The sequence will be like this: 2.3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A.

Start each round with seven diamonds.

The player who has the seven diamonds puts it on the table. When a player plays a seven of any suit, it starts a “layout.”

A layout is formed when the players lay the cards down one by one. They put them next to the seven in regular sequential order.

In this way you have four layouts total, one for each suit. As the game progresses, the only way to start a suit layout on the table is for someone to play a seven.

However, some variations of this game choose the person to the left of the dealer who goes first, regardless of who has the seven diamonds.

Arrange the designs on the table

The designs go horizontally on the table. You can create a 4×13 map grid. This can be done by layering each color on top of the other.

Otherwise, you can pile up the rest of the sequence on top of some cards. You can lay the cards in their suits vertically.

In this way, the game is similar to the solitaire setup.

One card is placed alternately.

Everyone has to play one card on their turn. Make sure that this must be the next in relation to the cards already on the table.

For example, the next cards played after a seven are the six or the eight of this suit.

If you go in the correct order from seven, you are playing cards that fall down on the two cards of that suit on the left of the seven and on the right.

The card values ​​go up to Ace.

To understand it clearly, we’ll see this example. If you have a jack of hearts, you cannot play this card until someone has played the ten hearts on the table. You can only collect cards of the same suit.

This means that if you have 7 of the hearts on the table, you can only play six hearts side by side, not six spades.

Signal by hitting the table when you can’t play cards

When you hit the table, you say it is your turn. If you don’t want to knock the table, you can simply say  “Pass” instead.

You can pass if you have no playable cards. For example, if there are only cards with the numbers five to nine on the table.

On the other hand, you only have number two cards left. However, it is against the rules if you have a card that can be played, but you still say pass.

Use a penalty

When playing with poker chips, you can use a penalty if someone checks; when they have cards to play, they have to put three chips in the pot.

Keep playing until someone runs out of cards. Go around the table and sit one at a time. Card down until someone plays their last card.

You are the winners of this round, and if you only play one round, you are the winners of the game. Collect all 52 cards and start a new round or game.

Multiple Rounds

You can play multiple rounds within a game to play longer or just play a quick game while killing time.

You have several options for choosing the nearest dealer. One possibility is that the person to the left of the original dealer is now the new dealer.

The other option is for the winner to deal with the cards or the person to their left.

The only thing that matters is that each person has the opportunity to deal with the cards.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How many cards are there that you deal in 7s?

The dealer gives seven cards to each player. These are face down. These seven cards are the player’s opening hand.

2. What is the position of the cards while dealing?

The dealer puts the other cards in the middle of the table. The pack is face down. The dealer now turns the top card face up. That was next to the pack.

3. What do you call the card game where you start with 7 cards?

This game is known as 7 cards rummy. Like other games, there are several rules. The main objective of the game is to be the winner.

4. Who is the winner?

It is the first player who ensures that he has the matching combination. These card combinations can be of different types.

Either it is a straight of the same suit, or it can be a set of different suits etc., any of the card combinations which are allowed.