Space Team Names [ Awesome, Badass, Trivia ] List 2022

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If you want a name that is unique and different then space team names are exactly what you should go for. Finding space-inspired names can lead to a strong and unique name for your team. Everyone loves to look at the sky for inspiration. You can do the same and get inspired from space. If you also get fascinated by space then you should definitely checkout this list.

Your team name is your identity and looking beyond the Earth is the best way to generate some unique and epic ideas. By choosing a space-inspired team name, you not only build your team’s confidence but also help them to improve their skills. So, without any further delay, let’s get started because the universe is so vast and we have to cover a lot of space

Space Team Names | Best Awesome, Badass Space Themed Trivia Squad Names

We have listed 60+ space name suggestions after taking inspiration from galaxies, planets, stars, moon and constellations. These names are truly epic and out of this world. So, fasten your belts because we are about to take off.Space Team Names

But if you think you also have some ideas that can be incorporated into a team name then do checkout the guidelines below this article for fresh ideas.

1- Shining Stars.

2- Moon Goddesses.

3- Fireballs.

4- Morning Stars.

5- Daughters Of Saturn.

6- Solar Eclipse.

7- Alien Lords.

8- Irregular Satellites.

9- Angels From Earth.

10- Star Lovers.

11- The Asteroid Family.

12- Alien Invaders.

13- Exploding Stars.

14- Meteor Attack.

15- Star Dancers.

16- Black Holes.

17- Shooting Stars.

18- Aliens From Mars.

19- Milkyway Madness.

20- Fireball Comets.

21- Maximum Velocity.

22- Light Year Speed.

23- Noble Nix.

24- Saros Cycles.

25- Anti-Gravity Forces.

26- Moon Walkers.

27- Dangerous Asteroids.

28- Flyby Astronauts.

29- Lunar Eclipse.

30- Faraway Planets.

31- The Space Cadets.

32- Saturn Sliders.

33- Travelers From Parallel Universe.

34- Red Giants.

35- Neutron Stars.

36- Magellanic Clouds.

37- Hypergalaxies.

38- Doppler Effect.

39- Dark Energy.

40- Big Bang.

41- Barycenter.

42- Binary Stars.

43- Dirty Comets.

44- Celestial Coordinates.

45- Blue Moons.

46- Beads Of Sunlight.

47- Space Hawks.

48- Star Cops.

49- Purely Plutonic.

50- Unidentified Objects.

51- Dark Matters.

52- Space Patrol.

53- The Voyagers.

54- Red Dwarfs.

55- Defying Gravity.

56- Space Travelers.

57- Beyond Skyline.

58- Space Orbiters.

59- Space Sweepers.

60- Passengers From Space.

61- Revenge Of The Fallen.

62- Space Invaders.

63- Dark Stars.

64- Outlanders.

65- Starship Troopers.

66- The Starfighters.

67- Galaxy Guardians.

68- Space Cowboys.

69- Fallen From Moon.

70- The Martians.

Guidelines to Create Your Own Space Team Name

Creating Your Own space team names isn’t that much difficult. You needed to look at a certain things. These guidelines will help you to create space-inspired team name in no time.

1- Take Inspiration From Scientific Discoveries:

Until now, science has become so much advanced. Everyday we see new advancements in space technology. So, the best way to take inspiration is by searching actual discoveries that are related to space. Make a list and then create a unique sci-fi name using these terms.

2- Make A List:

Do not stress yourself out too much. Do no spend hours on internet searching scientific discoveries. Make a list of the 5,6 discoveries that you find most interesting and incorporate them into a team name. This will also help you to narrow down your list of options.

3- Write Words Related to Space:

What comes to your mind when you think about space ? For example, when we think about space , the words that come in our mind are far, mysterious , galaxies, stars, Milky Way, planets etc. Just write down the words that come to your mind when you think about space and then alter merge them to create a unique name.

4- Take Ideas From Astronomical Dictionary:

If you are out of ideas then search for astronomical terms on internet, you will plenty of suggestions there to use as team names. You can use single words or combine them depending on how much lengthy you want your team name to be.


Space-inspired team names is a broad category. You will find astronomy, mythology, history all factors in. This is the perfect theme for any team to look the best. We hope that you will definitely find a perfect fit for your team here that will make your team look out of this world.

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