Twister Rules | How to Play Twister [ Official Rules ]

Twister is a fun physical game. To play the game, the twister rules require good balance and the use of body parts as game elements. It has been around for more than half a century.

The two teams face each other at both ends of the mat. They stand in a circle next to each foot, thus covering the four circles closest to the Twister name.

Just like in a game with two or three players, the referee spins the wheel and calls out a hand or foot and a color circle.

Twister rules how to play

Basic Twister Rules


  • After turning the steering wheel, the referee will indicate the body part and the color the arrow points to.
  • Accordingly, the athlete should then place the body part of this color on the mat.
  • Twister’s rules are simple and can be followed.
  • They contain specific instructions on how to set up, play and win the game.
  • The best part is that it can be played indoors and outdoors with two or more people.
  • All you need for the game is a plane, carpet, and roulette (a tool or machine with a revolving toothed wheel)!

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Let us continue to develop this fun party game.

The Official Rules of Twister

First, look for a flat surface, such as a lawn, terrace, or floor. Once you have determined the venue, the following rules will be followed:

To Setup the Game

Setting up the game is not a difficult task. A few necessary steps are:

  • Place the carpet/mat face-up on a flat surface.
  • Ask each player to take off their shoes and put them aside.
  • Or fix the four corners of the carpet with shoes to keep the carpet level.
  • Choose a person to be the judge.
  • This person should not be a player.
  • He or she is responsible for spinning the steering wheel, shouting sports, and watching the game.
  • According to the number of players, locate them correctly on the map.

Players Scheme

  1. In a two-player game, everyone must face each other.
  2. They stand on opposite ends of the mat, next to the place where the word “Twister” is written.
  3. Place one foot in the blue circle and the other foot in the yellow circle.
  4. In the game of three players, two of them face each other at opposite ends of the mat, with one foot in the blue circle and the other foot in the yellow circle.
  5. Ask the third player to look at the center of the red circle on the mat and place a foot in each of the two red circles in the center.
  6. If you have four players, form two teams of two players each, and place each team on the opposite end of the mat.
  7. Every player is standing next to his teammates.
  8. Make a circle so that it covers the four circles closest to the word “Twister” on the mat.

To Play the Game

Here comes the fun! The main steps of playing the twister are:

Let the referee twist the needle on the spinner, and then determine the color and body part pointed by the arrow to start the game.

An example is the “right-handed red hand”, where all players place their right hand in the red circle closest to them.

The athlete must follow the referee’s instructions and place the appropriate body part on the colored circle to indicate that it is empty.

The only exception to this rule is a four-a-side competition, where members of the same team can participate in one round of competition.

The player whose arm or leg is already inside the circle of the specified color must move in another circle of the same color.

Unless you are a team of two people, there can only be at most one body part in a colored circle at a time.

Players trapped in a circle must wait for the referee’s decision, and the referee will decide which player comes first.

The player should find another empty circle with the specified color.

Unless with the permission of the referee, the competitor shall not remove his hands or feet from the circle after performing a new action.

The only exception to this rule is that they can remove an arm or leg so that another athlete can pass if they tell the referee to do so.

Replace beforehand, then immediately afterward.

If six circles of the same color are accidentally marked and covered, the judge must turn around again until another color appears.

How to Be Eliminated from the Game

The following points can become the reasons for elimination:

  • Any player who falls or takes part of his body out of the circle without permission or touches the mat with his knee or elbow will be disqualified immediately.
  • If the player thinks a new position is too difficult, he can eliminate himself.
  • In a two-player game, the fallen player is eliminated, and the remaining players win.
  • In a three-player game, the fallen player is eliminated from the game.
  • The remaining two players continue to play until one of them is eliminated, and the rest is the winner.
  • In a four-player game, if one person falls or hits the mat with his knee or elbow, that team will be eliminated, and the other team will win.

How to Win the Game

To win the game, you must be the last player on the carpet/mat and avoid being eliminated.

The best way to increase your chances of winning the Twister game is to pre-stretch.

Practice before playing is very important, especially if you are not used to it.

Bend your body into an unnatural posture.

Pre-training your muscles can keep your posture for longer, thereby increasing your chances of winning! maintain balance.

To win the game, you must survive among other players. maintain balance.

Put your feet on the mat, and don’t separate them too far. Also, keep your center of gravity and don’t lean too far.

Keep the movement as close to the mat as possible to maintain stability. Keep your distance from your opponent.

Every time you perform a new movement, you should keep your arms or legs as close as possible to your opponent.

This reduces the number of laps they can easily enter, causing them to continue stretching and possibly lose overtaking in front of their opponents.

If you are relaxed, maneuverable, close, and balanced with your opponents, you may live longer than other players and win the game! Also, remember to be patient and have fun.


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FAQs About Twister Rules

1. Can we play a game without a referee?

One player simply names the body parts, while the other player names the colors and then plays accordingly.

Players take turns calling out body parts or colors and continue in the same way until one of them is eliminated.

2.  How do you win at Twister?

You win the twister by being the only one standing.