Rage Cage Rules | Equipment, Skills & Strategies

Explore the rage cage drinking game that’s a perfect game for any party to energize the environment and get excited.

Here are complete rage cage rules and how to play with strategies and equipment.

Rage Cage Drinking Game


This is a ball game. Rage Cage is a fast-speed, ball-drinking game. This game needs big groups of almost7 players.

Rage Cage is not a standard ping pong, and ball-drinking game as players need to bounce the ball quickly or they have to drink

Rage Cage Rules, How to Play

Equipment for Rage Cage 

  1. Two ping-pong balls
  2. 20 + independent cups
  3. One standard 4-5 cups of beer

Game Overview

  • The players have to select the beverage of their choice.
  •  In addition to two cups, about a quarter of the filling.
  • Now they arrange them like the filled cups along the length of the table.
  • They are arranged like inverted cups on both sides of the table.
  • Two starting players are given an empty cup and a ping pong ball.
  • Beginners should not be standing close to each other.

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Game Setup

The Rage Cage setup is simple. Rage Cage is a very interesting game. It is played in a big round. Mostly 7 people are recommended.

The bigger the party, the more cups the players have to make. For example, they will place 20 drinks in the center, which can accommodate 6-8 people.

About 3-4 cups per person. The more cups placed, the longer the match will last.

  • Players take 20 to 30 individual mugs.
  • Fill at least 1/3 full with beer, and set them in the center of a round table.
  • Take another cup to make it the middle cup and fill it up, complete with beer.
  • Spread all the players evenly around the table, and pick two players to start the game.
  • Give each one a pong ball.
  • The Rage Cage begins with a “3, 2, 1-” countdown.
  • After “1” the two players with the pong balls choose a cup near them, drink the beer and try to jump their ball quickly into the empty cup.
  • As soon as they do this, they pass the trophy and ball on to the next player in a clockwise direction.
  • This continues until one player reaches his trophy while the next person is still jumping.
  • Once this happens, the player piles his mug on top of the next, and the losing player turns his stack clockwise, chooses a new mug, drinks the beer, and continues playing.
  • The game ends when all cups have been used (ends with the middle cup, which contains a full beer).
  • Make Your First Try If a player succeeds on the first try, they can pass it on to anyone at the table except someone who is still jumping.
  • The player should drink this mug and pile it on top of the previous mug and keep trying to put it on top of the pile.

Rules To Play Rage Cage 

  • As soon as the game begins, the starting players try to bounce the ball into their respective empty glasses.
  •  It is important to remember that there are no turns.
  • So go as quick as you can.
  •  If the ball misses the glass, grab it and try again.
  • When the ball lands in the cup, the player can pass the cup and ball clockwise to the next player.
  • Now it is the next player’s turn to do the same. If ever the same player ends up with both cups and balls.
  • Then they lose the round.
  • You should take each full cup off the line and swallow it.
  •  Now they choose two other players to start the next round.
  • This continues until all cups are used.
  • If the players want to make things more interesting in the rage cage drinking game, they can add a “final” cup.
  • They fill this cup to the brim and the last one to lose a round has to drink it all.
  • This game is played better as foreplay than anything as it is quite a drink, especially if you are slow.
  • Therefore, they have to drink responsibly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Rage Cage?

Rage Cage is a thrilling drinking game fit for big groups of over 7 players.

Rage Cage is not a standard table tennis ball game because players need to throw or drink the ball in the cup as soon as possible.

2. What is the middle cup called in a rage cage?

This game is also known as Stack Cup or boom. Players fill about 20 plastic cups with a small amount of beer and place them in the center of the table.

Fill a glass. Place up to the edge and in the middle of partially filled glasses.

3. How many cups do you need for a Rage Cage?

The players are required to grab 20-30 solo cups and fill them up at least 1/3rd with beer, and place them in the middle of a round table.

They pick up one more cup to be the center cup and fill it completely with a full beer.