Bunco Rules: How do You Play Bunco ( Game Instructions & Strategy )

If you are ever excited about the dice game that can be played by as many people as 16! Here comes bunco with simplified game rules, instructions & strategies!

This guide briefly explains what essential equipment and necessary skills you must have to play a large group game, Bunco!

Bunco Rules of Playing | How to Play Bunco Game


Banquo is a  game usually played by 12 or more players. There are 4 people in each group. They try to score by throwing three dice in a row in six rounds.

A Bunco is attained when a person rolls three-of-a-kind and all three numbers are the same. It is a dice-rolling game. Usually, a group of two people plays it.

Bunco Rules, how to play bunco

Essential Equipment:

Bunco needs the following elements:

Three dice per table, Bunco invoice form for each player. Each table has a Bunco table counter. Bell for the main table. A pencil is suitable for every player.

Game Setup

This is the basic knowledge of Bunco:

  • Bunco games consist of two to four groups.
  • Each group consists of six rounds.
  • Players at the main table press the bell to indicate the start and end point of each round.
  •  Each table rolls three dice in turn to score points.
  •  All tables play at the same time.
  •  In each round, the player tries to roll the same number as the round number.
  •  For example, if you roll three triples in round 3, each number that matches the number of that round will receive player points.
  • The player gets one point for every number rolled that matches the round number.
  • The player continues to shoot until the scorer records his score from the table as a temporary score for the team.
  • The dice are given to those players sitting on the left side.
  • When the main table reaches 21 points, the round ends.
  • The main watch will sound, indicating that the round is over.
  • At the end of each round, players exchange partners or places.
  • At the end of the game, there are usually several “winners”.
  •  The player with the most Buncos, and the most wins, can win rewards for their success.

All tables must have 1 evaluation form for the Bunco Printable sheet, 4 scorecards for Bunco Printable, 4 pens, and 3 dice. The main watch should contain all these items as well as bells and travelers.

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The Game & Score

Bunco plays by throwing dice, holding points, and moving from one table to another.

Each game has six rounds per set. Each set includes 1-6 rounds.

The clock/bell is always on the main table (set by the hostess).

When everyone is ready, the bell is rung to indicate the start of the round.

All tables roll at the same time.

You are always a gathering of people before you.

For example, Player 1 and Player 3 are partners, and Player 2 and Player 4 in each round.

There are two teams at the table.

The game uses all three dice at the same time.

Only one player on each table throws the dice.

In the first round, the goal is to score one and 2 points in the second round, etc.


  • One person is assigned a scorekeeper at every table.
  • On the Table Tally Sheet, the scorekeeper and the teammate are “Us,” and the opposite group is “Them.”
  • Each time a participant rolls the ideal number for the round, the group receives one point.
  • When a participant stops rolling the number of the round (round 1 – ones, round 2 – twos, etc.), the dice go clockwise to the subsequent player.

Bunco Score Sheet

BUNKO means that the player rolls all 3 dice of the round number (3 1 in the first round, and so on).

Whenever the player rolls BUNKO, he will shout “BUNKO,” and the traveler will be skipped. Others call it “BUNCO ” and pass it on to the player.

The player throwing BUNCO marks the result with the word “BUNCO ” on his BUNCO score sheet. Each player must keep track of the number of BUNKO they throw. At the end of the game, rewards for travelers will be brought.

Baby Bunco (optional):

Every time a player rolls a three from a number other than the number played, they will receive a Baby BUNCO. The player marks his BUNCO score sheet in the blank area under BUNCOs.

Each player must keep track of the number of BABY-BUNKO. She rolls. The baby BUNCO doesn’t get any points, but they win prizes in the end.

The first team that scores 21 points on the main table wins the round. So, they ring the bell. It says that the round has ended. When the bell rings, the whole game is over.

The winning team marks the BUNCO scorecard with a W in the corresponding round. Whereas the losing team marks the BUNCO scorecard with L.

Changing Positions

  • The game Bunco is played by individual players instead of teams.
  • So the partners will change after each round.
  • The team that wins moves to the new table.
  • But they rotate in the same direction.
  • For example, the winner enters table 2 from the main table.
  • The winners in Table 2 are moved to Table 3, and the winners in Table 3 are moved to the main table.
  • The team that lost at each table remains at the old spot.
  • However, only one person from each losing team stays on the table.
  •  They swap positions to form a new team for the next round (player 1 stays in place, while player 3 moves to player 2.

Ghosts: When the person cannot be present, and a replacement cannot be found. The ghost will be used.

Players with ghosts as partners roll the dice on them and collect points only for their team (not BUNCO or Baby BUNCO, etc.). The ghost who takes part in the game will not have a scorecard.

The game continues from round 1 to round 6. A total of 4 games are repeated. At the end of the fourth group, all players will count their points and receive prizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does the game bunco take to play?

Basically, bunco is a 12-player dice game. It only requires half an hour to play Bunco.

2. How many players do you need to play Bunco?

A full Bunco game with 12 players is really interesting. But sometimes, fewer Bunco players are present.

Then rules are provided for 2-11 players as well!

3. Is bunco a fun game?

Banquo is an interesting dice game.  This is the perfect party game. It does not require any skills, but still, it is really fun. You can play the game as part of a regular group, or you can play one at a time.