70+ Billiard Team Names [ Best, Catchy, Cool, Badass Pool ]

Billiard sports include a variety of sports generally played with a cue stick. It is the most competitive yet interesting sport that helps you to meet new people and learn new skills.

If you are on this page, then that means you already have your team ready to win the next competition, and now all you need is a good team name.

Luckily, we have done this work for you. We got the best team name suggestions to make your billiard experience amazing.

Your team name should serve two purposes: it should intimidate your opponents, and it should foster cooperation between your team members.

Without a good team name, your team would only look dull, and you will lose all support from the crowd; after all, the first impression is the last impression.

Billiard Team Names | Best, Catchy, Badass Pool, Snooker Team Names 


We have listed 70+ name suggestions perfect for every billiard sport. Who knows, you and your team might become the next big thing in the billiard world after using our suggestions.

So, take a look and see if you find any that best reflects the spirit of your team members.

Billiards Team Names

If you also have some ideas that you think can make great team names, then follow the tips below this list to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Precise Strikers.

2. Billiard Addiction.

3. All About Angles.

4. Undercover Queens.

5. Offensive Defenders.

6. Finding Angles.

7. Eyes On The Ball.

8. Law Abiding Strikers.

9. The Rack Pack.

10. Stick n Ball.

11. We Are Solids.

12. The Hustlers.

13. Keel Calm & Snooker On.

14. Superiority Complex.

15. Precise Hitters.

16. Bad Shots.

17. Hittin’ & Winnin’.

18. Billiard Wizards.

19. Refuse To Lose.

20. Right Angles.

21. O.C.B.D: Obsessive Compulsive Billiard Disorder.

22. Angle Perfectionists.

23. Peak Performers.

24. Strikers In Action.

25. Billiard Legends.

26. Hittin’ & Chillin’.

27. Pro Strikes.

28. Billiard Battalion.

29. Best Strikers Alliance.

30. Finger Flickin’ Good.

31. The Crybabies.

32. Lost Shots.

33. No Practice Squad.

34. Misfits Combined.

35. That’s How You Hit It.

36. Zero Error.

37. All-Rounders Society.

38. Rule Breakers.

39. Cue Ball Pros.

40. Keep Striking On.

41. Standing On Edge.

42. Non-judgemental Amateurs.

43. Multiple Scoregasms.

44. Maximum Force.

45. Catch It & Scratch It.

46. Superlative Concentration.

47. Furious 8-Balls.

48. Strikes Of Despair.

49. Making No Mistakes.

50. Never Looking Back.

51. Ambidextrous & Proud.

52. Billiard Geeks.

53. Breaking Racks And Hearts.

54. Break Shot Smashers.

55. Final Show Warriors.

56. Diamond Cutters.

57. Rules Are For Weak.

58. The Spin Doctors.

59. Backspinners In Action.

60. Cue Phobia.

61. All In.

62. Chicks With Sticks.

63– Just Chillin’.

64. The Pro Series.

65. Shots Of Glory.

66. Calculated Shots.

67. Poke & Hope.

68. Three-Cushion Billiards.

69. Chalk It Up.

70. Cut Shot Experts.

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Tips on How to Create Your Own Billiard Team Name

If none of the above suggestions fulfill your requirements, then create your own team name using the following guidelines:

1. Take Inspiration From The Game:

Billiard is a game with a lot of rules and terms. Searching for common billiard terms will give you a lot of inspiration to create your team name.

2. Think About Your Skills:

You can also think about your angles and skills in which you think you are a perfectionist and then incorporate them into a team name.

3. Choose Words That Reflect Your Team Members:

Is everyone in your team of the same age? Are you guys from the same city? Or do you have anything in common?

Thinking about the qualities that you all share and then use them to create your own team name.

4. Choose Words That Convey Your Spirit:

Since you are kind of going into battle with your opponent, make sure that you choose strong and meaningful words that convey your spirit and potential.


Billiard sports can get very competitive. Therefore it is important to influence your competitor from the beginning. Otherwise, you will lose control over the game.

And for that, a good name is important, a name that makes your opponent nervous while competing with you.

Hopefully, the above-listed names will help you to set your mark in the game.