100+ Badass Guild Names [ Fierce, Powerful, Great & Wisely Chosen! ]

If you are on this link, then you are definitely searching for a badass guild name, a name that is better than all your opponents.

Luckily, you are in the right spot. You know, your gaming skill comes later; the first thing that your opponent is going to notice is your guild name, so make sure to choose your guild name wisely.

Badass Guild Names List | Creative, Powerful, Great Badass Guild Names


Keeping this in view, we have arranged a huge list of badass options for you to strike fear in your opponent’s heart.

All the names are unique and have not been taken yet. However, if you want to create your own badass guild name, then do check out the tips at the end of this article to get some fresh ideas.

Badass Guild Names

Badass Guild Names

Badass guild names are the best way to make your opponent nervous and tense. The following names will not only project fear in your  opponent’s heart but also encourage you to do more and better:

1. ArmiferaFatum:    Bearer of Fate.

2. Without Remorse:    They have no shame of their wrong deeds.

3. Horrible Nuisance:    Causing a lot of trouble for their opponents.

4. Your Grave Diggers:  They will bury you alive.

5. The Punishers:  Suicide would be an easy option for your enemies.

6. Keepers Of Hell:  That’s the place they will be sending you to.

7. Striking Legends:  They make the finishing move.

8. Magister Mortalis:    The masters of death.

9. KickAss:   Vigorous and Aggressive.

10. Death Bringers:  End of all oppressors.

11. Head Hunters:  They collect the heads of their enemies as trophies.

12. Sin City:  They make their own rules.

13. Armored Army:  Good at defending.

14. Avengers: No one gets away after doing wrong to them.

15. Bloodthirsty Forces:  And they are thirsty for your blood.

16. Ninja Assassins:  Trained in weapon skills.

17. The Apocalypse:  Bringing destruction wherever they go.

18. Selfish Killers:  No sympathy for anyone.

19. Doomsday:  The last day of their opponent’s existence.

20. Tyranny Of Ashes:  They will never do any good deed.

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Badass Alliance Names

A group or alliance is what the strength! You become more powerful when you have similar faces behind you.

To add strength to your squad, pick up a badass alliance name with a unique combination of a funny, serious, dragon, or bounty hunter badass alliance Name.

21. Beg For Mercy:   The other team surely will.

22. Rise Of An Empire:   Much stronger than the rest.

23. Cannibalism:   They will rip you to shreds.

24. No Escape:   Their opponents would be left with no place to hide.

25. Killers on the loose:   You better hide.

26. Knights Of Death:   No one will be left alive.

27. Bounty Hunters:   They ace on their first attempt.

28. Rise Of The Legends:   Tough enough to conquer everything in their way.

29. Rise Of The Fallen:     They have come back, and they are stronger than before.

30. Children of Death:   They will not leave you alive for long.

31. The Rebels:   Here to bring down the ruling ones.

32. Extinction:   Bringing the end to another team.

33. The Wrongdoers:     The lawbreakers.

34. The Barbarians:     They will make your lives miserable.

35. Natural Born Killers:     They love guns a little too much.

36. Lethal Weapons:   Destroying everything in sight.

37. Contract Killers:   Shooting down all oppose them.

38. The Dark Knights:   After the fictional characters.

39. Death Dealers:   You should be afraid if you are their target.

40. Mission Clean Sweep:  On a mission to wipe out their opponents.

Great Guild Names

The great guild makes the victory greater! Wear a unique, great guild Name that fits you well as; Viking, mercenary, military or spartan like great guild Name is what that would glorify your guild!

41. Wandering In Madness:   Better not get in their way.

42. Hell Drivers:   They literally bring hell to the surface.

43. The Wild Bunch:   Do not mess with this bunch.

44. Chaos Makers:    Things are about to get messy.

45. Immortal Dynasty:   Undying rulers.

46. Black Panthers:   A group of cruel warriors.

47. Fight Club:   They never give up without a tough fight.

48. Unleashed Beasts:   Disorder has been restored.

49. Butchers:   The other team would probably end in pieces.

50. Furious Forces:   Enraged and Inflamed.

51. Kings Of Ashes:   Rising from ashes with more power.

52. Immortal Souls:   Who can kill a soul, right?

53. Marked For Death:   IF you are their target, you can never escape them.

54. Slaughterhouse:   Leaving no one alive.

55. The Dark Eclipse:   In the lives of their opponents.

56. Tools Of Death:   Won’t leave anyone alive.

57. War Lords:   Undefeatable champs.

58. The Slashers:   Violent murderers.

59. Stealing Your Glory:   First, they will steal your weapons and then your title.

60. Resurrection:   They’ve come back to life for revenge.

Badass Knight Names

The powerful Knights have badass knight names, as observed. Put up a powerful badass knight name as your armor, and fear, no worry!

Names that are dark, mage or crew knight names would do wonders!

61. Infinite Evils:   Too many evils in one game.

62. Volcanic Eruptions:     It is so peaceful before they all show up.

63. No Fear:    Not afraid of anything.

64. Skull Crushers:   Pretty terrifying, no?

65. Borderland Badasses:   Plain and simple badass guild name.

66. No Mercy:  No pity for anyone.

67. Sudden Death:  Their opponents would have no idea how close they are to their death.

68. Enraged Outcast:  They are vicious and angry.

69. Ultimate Destroyers:  Destroying everything in their path.

70. Horde Of Terror:  Their opponents will always stay in a state of fear.

71. Violent Vultures:  Crossing this team would be a bad idea.

72. The Reapers:  The last thing their opponents will see before dying.

Badass Spartan Names

The medieval spartan we have heard about too often! But what makes them great was obviously a badass name for Spartans!

An intimidating, fearless, and bounty hunter badass spartan name has been an often quoted strength of spartan.

73. Coming For You:  They are coming to get you.

74. Jawbreakers:  Your face won’t look the same after fighting with them.

75. Assault Force:  They know how to get what they want by using force.

76. Death Dose:  Pretty deadly.

77. The Hitlist:  You should be afraid if you are on that list.

78. Iron Fists:  Bold hearts and steel hands.

79. Mad Men:  They are insane for winning.

80. The Occupiers:     They will take everything by force.

81. The Dark Forces:  It would be better not to get in the way of these guys.

82. Vicious Hunters:  Leaving no one alive.

83. The Undead:  You just cannot defeat them.

84. Cunning Strategies:  You cannot reach their mind.

85. Angels Of Chaos:  Complete disorder.

Good Guild Names

A good and clever guild name can make the work go on smoothly, with earning much success and glory.

Find below the best listed good guild names for your squad!

86. V For Vendetta:   Here to seek revenge from everyone who causes them pain.

87. Mental Assaulters:   They will not just hurt you physically but mentally too.

88. The Sinner:  The wrongdoers.

89. Evil Bad:   Not an ounce of goodness left in them now.

90. Blazing Guns:   Killing everyone in the way.

91. Wrecking Crew:   Demolishing everything in sight.

92. Shades Of Hell:   They will give you a glimpse of what the hell looks like.

93. Savage Killers:   They do not follow any rules.

94. The Eradicators:   Destroying every target completely.

95. Cold Blooded Killers:   They have no heart.

96. The Tyrants:   Cruel and Oppressive.

97. Roaring Beasts:  Not a pretty bunch to mess with.

98. White Walkers:     You cannot kill them easily.

99. MortiferusPunctim:    Death by stabbing.

How to Create a Badass Guild Name? Few Steps

We have listed a few tips for you, and we have high hopes that after reading these tips, it will get easier for you to create a badass guild name.

How to create Badass Guild Name?

1. Take Inspiration from other Guild Names:  You definitely do not want a name that is already in use, but we would suggest you look at other guild names for inspiration.

Looking at those guild names will bring new ideas to your mind.

2. Study Your Game:  Whatever your game is, it must be full of phrases and rules that would make excellent guild names.

You can use those terms and merge them with something powerful or change their order to create a unique and strong name.

3. Use Strong Words:  Search for words that are strong and powerful. If you want unique words, then you can search for the synonyms of those words too.

This way, you will get badass but unique ideas.

4. Make Sure Your Guild Name is Catchy:  No one likes a boring name so make sure that your guild name is catchy and badass.

Your guild name is your first impression, so make sure to choose powerful words to show your opponent that you are not an easy target.

5. Take Feedback:  Feedback is very important while choosing a name. Different minds will create different and unique ideas. So, do not forget to take feedback from your close ones.

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A badass guild name not only shows the strength of your guild but also makes you the dominant one in the game.

We hope that without a list of suggestions, it will get easier for you to come up with so many ideas. So, if you have decided on your guild name, then do not forget to share it with us in the comments section.