Crokinole Rules | 5 Important Rules, Techniques, Scoring [ Official Rules ]

Wondering to know the basics of crokinole game rules, techniques, shots, scoring, etc.?

I’ll explain here crokinole rules basics, game setup, equipment, and how to play three players & 3 players crokinole in simple steps.

Crokinole Rules how to play crokinole

Crokinole Board Game


Basically, Crokinoleis a board game. It is more or less like the Carrom board game.

Setting Up

Before playing, install wooden stakes in eight pre-drilled holes.

This board game has become very famous these days. It is due to the fact that it’s an easy and pretty pleasing recreation of skill.

Target of Play

The players try to put their discs into the center hole of the board. In the process of competing for points, opposing players try to hit each other on the disc.

They make this effort to throw them out of the game area or occupy a lower position.

The player who gets the highest score wins the round. Usually, more than one round is held to determine the best player.

In traditional scoring, players must score at least 100 points in one or more rounds to win the game.

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Equipment Needed For the game

  • Crokinole Board
  • 12 Disks
  • Two or Four players

Size Of Crokinole Board

A good basic size is 32 inches wide. When the deck is in place, approximately 2 1/4 inches (for grooves) and 3/4 inches (for rails) will be left.

The crocodile leather board is round and octagonal.

Other Requirements

  • Type: Board game
  • Player:2 to 4
  • Age group:5 years old
  • Required skills: fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, intuitive understanding of physics and geometry.

Number Of Players

In Crokinole, there are two or 4 participants in partnerships. The purpose is to be the primary group to attain one hundred points.

Basic Rules Of The Game (Crokinole rules)

In the initial game, the sequence of the players or teams, the color of the disc, and the position of the seats are randomly determined.

In the single-player mode, two players participate in the game. The competitors/opponents sit on opposite sides of the board.

Everyone has their own color. Each player has to shoot eight targets in his turn.

4. Player Crokinole Game Rules

The game is carried out among four players. Twelve discs are divided into halves amongst teammates.

So, each player has six discs to begin the play with. The first player is selected through any game method.

Then the player continues shifting clockwise. The unique hints exercise within the side the same way.

This round may even last until all player discs are used up.

Overview of tips.

Croquinol can be thrown by pressing the end of the index finger or middle finger tightly on the thumb.

Then tapping or clicking the disk to move on the ground of the game.

Number Of pieces in a Crokinole game

Twelve discs are used in the game. Each team divides the twelve discs and takes the opposite quadrant.

You will need a crokinole board, pencil, and paper to keep track of things in the game. Once the game starts, the players can not move the board.

The player cannot move the chair or stand up from the chair. Unless it is their turn to shoot, no player can touch the board.

Traditional Crokinole Rules

Instead of moving the opponent’s disk, all you have to do is move the opponent’s last played disk.

When the last used disk is no longer useful (i.e., in the surrounding ditch), the player has the right to take a free throw (so he usually aims at the center hole).

Crokinole Flick Technique

The players are required to move or shoot the disk towards the target. It is usually the 20th hole or the opponent’s disk.

The flicks are performed with the index finger and thumb. The players take turns trying to place their disk in the center hole of the disk.

Score At The End Of Each Round.

Each player or team counts their discs in each scoring zone. If the disk reaches the score line, it will be counted as a lower value.

Each disc in 15 zones is worth 15 points. 10-10 points in each zone; in zone 5 with 5 points.

Play Crokinole with 2 players

Crokinole board games are usually played by two players. The player can only shoot discs from his own quadrant.

The outermost circle is the starting or shooting line. Discs that fall into the evaluation/ scoring circle get 15, 10, and 5 points from the inside.

Score-Sheet Of The Game

Once the players have shot all their discs, it’s time to check the score sheet. A player/group counts each disc in the capturing line adding any discs in the 20-bowl.

Every disc can only be counted once. Each disc withinside the 20-bowl is really well worth 20 points.

The Winning Score In Crokinole

Fifty points are the winning score in this game. It also depends upon the duration of the game: If you have less time to play crokinole, please play until the total score of traditional scoring is lower.

The player/team with at least 50 points is the winner. If you have more time, you want to get a higher total score.

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1.  How is the initial order of the players determined?

In crokinole’s rules, the initial order of the players or teams, the color of the discs, and the position of the seats are randomly determined.

2. How many targets does each player shoot?

Normally, each player hits eight targets.

3. What is the hammer in Crokinole?

A hammer. The final blow of the round is a special advantage. The player/team with the last shot is said to have a hammer.

4. Where do the players sit?

In the single-player mode (2 players), the opponent sits on opposite sides of the board, and everyone has a disc of different colors.