100+ Scavenger Hunt Team Names [ Catchy, Quarantine, Virtual, Epic ]

Whatever Scavenger hunt Team Name you choose should be catchy & lifting your team’s Morale up to take the hunt mission to the next level.

Scavenger hunt team names can be relative like; Covid or quarantine scavenger hunt names etc.

Exercise your wisdom to hunt out the best name for your team from our recommended list and guide in the end.

A scavenger hunt is the most popular game, which is believed to have originated from ancient folk outdoor games. It is a game where participants have to find certain items which are listed on a map.

If you also want your team name to be the best and most creative name among the rest, then we got our covered.

Do not worry if you are confused about making a final decision because we have arranged a list of best names for you which will not only encourage your team to win but also help you to gain the support of the audience.

List of Scavenger hunt Team Names


We have arranged a list of creative, cool, funny, and unique names for you. So, whatever category you want to choose for your team, we have got you covered.

Scavenger Thun team Names List

Creative Scavenger hunt Team Names

Here is the list of creative team names that will show everyone that you are beauty with brains:

1. GPS Team: They are good with tracking

2. Masked Hunters: Beware of this team

3. Happy Seekers: Such a happy-go-lucky team

4. Legacy Creators: Their team will always be remembered

5. The Goodies Search Party: They believe in teamwork

6. Morse codes: They probably understand riddles much better than us

7. Clueminati: They possess special knowledge of this game

8. Innovative geeks: They make the best out of everything

9. Procrastinators: Do not expect quick action from them

10. Artificial Intelligence: Too smart for this game

11. The great Hunts by: Great Hunters

12. Knockouts: They know how to beat their opponents

13. The Creative Crew: The team that everyone praises for being so creative

14. Still looking: Give them time

15. Plenty of Twenty: If all team members are of the same age

16. Team Alpha: The top team in this game

17. Aim for the game: They are only focused on winning

18. Genius Heads: Smartest of all teams

19. Still Deciding a name: Who needs a name anyway, right?

20. The fast Diggers: Probably much smarter than others in hunting and searching

21. Finding Treasure: Finding Nemo would be an easy task for them

22. Riddles Experts: No task is difficult for them

23. Lead from the Front: They know how to spice up the competition

24. The path Breakers: They make their own ways

25. Sore Winners: Prize matters; sore muscles will be taken care of later

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Cool Scavenger hunt Team Names

The purpose of the cool team name is to show everyone that you have a sweet and kind nature and you are not here just to win, but you are here to win hearts.

Here is the list of cool team names for you to choose from:

26. The Only Contenders here: All other players are noobs in front of them

27. The Search Party: They will definitely find the items faster than other teams

28. Spies & Fries: Food first, the game later

29. Hide &Seekers: They are good with search

30. The A-plus Team: Nothing comes before A, right?

31. Eyes on the prize: Their eyes are fully on the winning prize

32. Winner takes it all: They are here just to win

33. Rule Breakers: After all, what are rules?

34. The Foragers: The experts of this game

35. Scavengers of the year: They have already considered themselves to be the winners. Watch out for them

36. Indiana Jones: They love adventures

37. Just scouring around, Ready for a thorough search to locate the treasure

38. Scouting Eagles: They have achieved higher levels of achievements in this game

39. Get, Set, Scavenge: They are prepared to ace this task

40. Treasure Seekers. (They will not rest until they find all the items

41. Alice in Wonderland: Completely bizarre but fantastic

42. The Collectors. (They are looking forward to finding all the items

43. Hunt it out: Motivated enough to find everything on the list

44. Treasure on my mind: This team surely knows what counts

45. Fast & Furious: They are definitely going to raise the bar

46. The Ramblers: All set to discover the treasure

47. The Seekers: Tenacious finders of the treasure

48. The Dream Team: They have full faith in each other

49. The Nonquitters: They will not slow down even if the hunt is difficult

50. Pirates of the Caribbean: They probably have their eyes on your items too

Funny Scavenger hunt Team Names

Here is the list of funniest team names that will not only make your team members smile but also increase your bonding:Funny, Cool, Powerful Scavenger hunt Teams Names

51. We Tried: No Points for trying??

52. Cranky Sloths: For the team members that do not work

53. Too hunt to Drunk: Party animals here

54. Terrible Hunters: Definitely not a good idea to play this year

55. The Wanderers: They will roam everywhere rather than focusing on finding treasure

56. Gold diggers: At least they are being honest about their intentions

57. The Crybabies: You can expect a lot of crying from their team after losing

58. Rookies of this Year: They are new to this game. Go easy on them

59. We showed up: Give them points for at least showing up

60. No loose end: Someone, please tell them what to do

61. 4 hours behind: Their team is a bit lazy

62. The Chaotic team: Expect nothing but disorder

63. Sleepyheads: Never mind; they will probably fall asleep during the hunt too

64. The Mad team: Before or after any task, they are always a bunch of crazy members

65. Win or lose, we always booze: That’s some real team spirit

66. We thought it was Bingo: Not their mistake, right?

67. Scavenger Mafia: Their team rocks every game

68. Freaky Detectives: They are probably inspired by the Sherlock series

69. Trouble Makers: Do not expect any sensible thing from them

70. Dora and her Boots: Cutest name, no?

71. Slower than Internet Explorer: Enough said

72. Clueless finders: They are still confused about the list

73. Sherlock works for us: Let this team stay in delusion for some time

74. Numb Dumb: They are probably pretending to be dumb

75. Punny Hunters: Expect a lot of puns from them

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Unique Scavenger hunt Team Names

Here is the list of best unique team names that will not only show your creativity but also make you a favorite in everyone’s eyes:

76. The Rummagers: Get ready for an energetic, usually hasty search

77. The White Walkers: The night kings of this hunt

78. Keep calm and hunt on: They are pretty much involved in the game now

79. The Ground sniffers: They have super powers of a bloodhound

80. Too lit to quit: They are too awesome to lose hope in the middle of the game

81. Unstoppable Collectors: They will not rest before finding all items

82. Mind Hunters

83. Piece of cake: Every task is easy peasy for them

84. 50 shades of seekers: The opposite of the movie

85. Dumber & Dumbledore: Inspired by Harry Potter

86. Black Hawks: the sharpest and smartest team

87. Hunters of the Day: Best ones of best ones

88. Been there, Hunt that: They are old players of this game

89. Clash of the Hunters: They are ready to fight to win

90. The Occupiers: They take what they need…by force)

91. Mission Crossable: They believe they will ace this mission

92. The Searching Smarties: Sharp & Intelligent

93. The Treasure Lifters: They know how to lift their team’s spirit while searching for treasure

94. Chaos Builders: The game won’t stay peaceful after their entry

95. The Wrecking Scavengers: They will create a lot of mess while searching for the items

96. Innovative sensations: They have some pretty good ideas

97. The Known Hunters: They are pros of this game

98. Lords of the Hunt: Do not underestimate this team

99. The Sc-Avengers: Masters of this hunt

100. Born to hunt: They are made for this game

101. Through thick and thin: They have the ability to walk through any situation together

102. The fast & Serious: They are very serious about the game

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Guidelines on how to Choose your Own Scavenger hunt Team Names

I am probably addressing a fan of this game! Isn’t it?

Do not forget that whatever name you choose for your team reflects your team’s skills and intelligence.

That is why your team name should be interesting and unique enough to attract the spectators.

Finding a perfect team name is certainly not an easy task. However, with these tips, you will surely get more ideas that will help you in decision-making.

For a great Scavenger hunt experience and a great team name, do not forget to consider the following tips. After reading these tips, you will surely get ideas about your team name.

Creativity is Needed

In Scavenger hunt, there are no specific rules and regulations, so you have total freedom to add creativity in your name.

You can use inspiration from any of your favorite movies, book, comics, or character. Just find a word and merge it with a phrase related to a scavenger hunt or theme.

Keep it up to the Time.

Keep in mind who else is attending the hunt and whether your team name suits the environment or not.

Style it up to the Venue/Place

If you are creating a name and looking for ideas, then create a name by keeping in mind the place where scavenger hunt will take place. For example, if you are taking part in scavenger hunt that is taking place in school, then try to create words originating from the venue.

Pick one with a Strong Meaning.

Your team name should convey a strong message. If your team name does not convey an interesting message, then no one will support a team with such a boring name.

Get Feedback

Most important thing is to get feedback from your team because there is no point in naming your team when the name is not liked by your team members. Come up with 4,5 names, and then ask your team members to come up with a unanimous decision.


A good team name not only boosts up your team’s spirit but also encourages your teammates to push beyond their limits for the task.

We have tried to cover every category, and we hope that you will definitely find your ideal name on this list.

Also, if you create your own, then do not forget to tell us in the comments section.