Drifting Team Names [ Best, Awesome Drifting Nicknames, Usernames ]

Previously drifting was just considered a fun activity of the young generation, but now, it has evolved into a competitive sport where pro drivers compete and show their drifting skills to earn points.

If you are also one of those pros players looking for a perfect name for his drifting team, then you are surely at the right place.

Drifting Team Name Ideas | Best Unique, Awesome Drifting Nicknames, Usernames for Your Squad


Drifting is not an easy task. It requires precision, skills, and focus. The only thing that can help you to stay focused on the tracks is a good team name.

A good name serves two purposes: it boosts morale and encourages the team members to never lose hope.

Drifting Team Names

Drifting Team Names

1. Supercharged Roadsters.

2. RIP Other Teams.

3. Drifting Dominance.

4. Midnight Madness.

5. Maximum Speed.

6. Drifting Villains.

7. Sun Chasers.

8. Savage Drivers.

9. Can’t Cross Us.

10. Nissan Realm.

11. Catch Up If You Can.

12. Drift Alliance.

13. Track Dominators.

14. Godspeed.

15. With The Speed Of Wind.

16. Track Godzillas.

17. Royal Crew.

18. Forced Induction.

19. Speed Limit.

20. Speedy Wheels.

21. Turbo Speed.

22. Track Lords.

23. Gone Wild.

24. Crazy Speed Maniacs.

25. Loose Controls.

26. Acceleration Alliance.

27. Speed Of Wind.

28. Inspired Sedans.

29. On A Cruise.

30. Drift Lords.

31. Tokyo Mater.

32. Death Racers.

33. Daring Young Men.

34. Thunderbolts.

35. Driving & Thriving.

36. Roaring Roads.

37. Team Overkill.

38. Drift Queens.

39. Brake Dancers.

40. Street Maidens.

41. Horsepower Homies.

42. Drift Crew.

43. Drift Demons.

44. Fast & Furious.

45. That’s How Your Drift.

46. Triple Clutchers.

47. Midnight Suns.

48. Savage Lowriders.

49. You Can’t Drift Like Us.

50. Scumbag Drifters.

51. Chill & Cruise.

52. Nasty Tricks.

53. Smokin’ Hot Slides.

54. Tricky Speedsters.

55. The Illusionists.

56. Drifting Stars.

57. Night Kids.

58. Garage Boys Monsters.

59. Death Racers.

60. Once Upon A Wheel.

61. Wild Drifters.

62. Danger On Wheels.

63. High Gear.

64. Burning Up.

65. Extreme Asphalt.

66. Furious Drift.

67. Groovy Crafters.

68. Enraged Lions.

69. Long Lost Drifters.

70. Crash Test Dummies.

Tips for Choosing Unique Drifting Team Name For Your Group

Now imagine being in a race with people who love the same thing you do-drifting. You can imagine how hard every team tries to come up with the best name to show its dominance on the tracks.

That is why we have arranged the above list of 70+ epic drifting team name suggestions that will help you to stay confident and strong in the game.

So ahead and pick any of these names to make your opponent think twice before crossing you.

If you also have some ideas, then read the tips below this list to incorporate that idea into your team name.

1. Decide Your Tone:

First, decide whether you want a funny name or an intimidating drifting name. Deciding a tone will help you a lot in narrowing down your list of options.

You can also take suggestions from your team to get an idea of whether they prefer a hilarious name or a strong name.

2. Choose Words That Match With The Vibe Of Your Team:

Think about your team, and then choose a name according to the personality of your team members.

There is no point in choosing a name that does not reflect the vibes of your team.

3. Choose Cool Words:

Drifting is not an easy skill. It takes a lot of courage and patience. So make sure that you choose a cool team name that shows the fun side as well as the skills of your team.

4. Choose Easy Words:

Remember that your team name will appear on all social pages, so make sure that it is easy to understand and remember-able for everyone.


Choosing the right drifting name is the best way to show your skills. Honestly, drifting is one of the most fun things you can do with your car, and it gets more fun if you are doing it with your friends.

All you need is a perfect team name to show everyone who is drift lord on the tracks. So go ahead and finalize your choice.