Relay Team Names [ Funny, Clever, Triathlon, Ragnar, Marathon ]

Relay is no joke. It is the most competitive running challenge where you have to complete a racecourse. However, running gets a lot of fun if you are playing in a team, right?

We know you must have your complete team where all of you guys are closest friends and enjoy a lot but do you have a team name? Because without one, your team has no identity.

Relay Team Names | Best Top of the List Relay Team Names Ideas For Your Squad

A team name plays an important role in creating a team’s impression. It tells about your strengths, passions, and goals.

So, if you have not decided on a team name, then now is your time.

Your team name can be funny, inspirational, modest, or anything that you like as long as it matches your team’s spirit and nature.

Relay Team Names

Relay Team Names

1. Long Distance Relay-tionship.

2. Relay Stars.

3. Speedy Sprinters.

4. Fastest Four.

5. Call Us A Cab.

6. Epic Endurance.

7. Miles Over Martinis.

8. Running Brave.

9. Shaking Legs.

10. Speed Of Light.

11. Thrill Punks.

12. Without Limits.

13. Action Bolts.

14. Get Over This.

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15. Relay-able Runners.

16. Thunderwolves.

17. Heavyweights.

18. Fast Girls.

19. Power Rangers.

20. Relay-istic Winners.

21. Crashing Through The Obstacles.

22. Victorious Speedsters.

23. For Honor.

24. Record Breakers.

25. Out Of The Way.

26. Furious Runners.

27. Blink Of An Eye.

28. Adrenaline Rush.

29. Born To Relay.

30. Jiggly Legs.

31. Sisters With Blisters.

32. Relay Today, Regret Tomorrow.

33. Course Crashers.

34. Minions On The Run.

35. Rubber Ducks.

36. Big Fat Hen.

37. Snorty In Shorty.

38. Extra-Scoredinary Power.

39. Relay Maniacs.

40. The Unbeatable.

41. Relay Valley.

42. Ham & Baton.

43. Chillin’ & Sprintin’.

44. Runaway Sisters

45. Split Personality Disorder.

46. The Rolling Stones.

47. Anchor Power.

48. Lap Dancers.

49. Sprinters & Trash Talkers.

50. Exchange Zone Survivors.

51. Relay Connection.

52. Sole Mates.

53. Bar Raisers.

54. All Dead, No Finish.

55. Trouble Makers.

56. Death At Finish.

57. Raising Heat.

58. Relay Jokes.

59. That’s How You Relay.

60. Deadmill Trainers.

61. Should Have Said No.

62. Break-line Champs.

63. Th Sore Eagles.

64. Beating Hurdles.

65. Buns On The Run.

66. Lords Of The Wind.

67. Sanely Insane.

68. Runners Gone Wild.

69. Show Stealers.

70. Big Dudes With Scared Shoes.

Tips to Generate Your Own Relay Team Names

The above-given names are for your own ease. These names will not only help you stay confident on the track but also help you to get the attention you deserve.

We cannot promise you will win using these names, but we can guarantee you one thing; they will surely motivate your team members to give their hundred percent in the game.

To create a great relay team name, keep the following things in mind:

1. Choose Inspirational Words:

Relay is not an easy sport. It requires full focus and dedication. One second delay can lead you to failure.

To make sure that your team stays confident and motivated during the whole task, choose inspirational words. Inspirational names will create a positive attitude in your team members.

2. Put Your Confidence Into Words:

Since you are participating in Relay, you must know all the obstacles you are going to face during the game. Think about the obstacles and your strategies.

Think about how motivated you are for the game. Whether you are excited about the challenge or nervous, put your feelings into words and then create a team name around those words.

3. Use Humor:

Creating puns about running or using humor is the best way to distinguish your name from other teams. So, choose fun words that make your team members chuckle even after the game.

4. Take Inspiration From Your Team Members:

Make a list of words that you think best describe your team members as runners. Get creative with words and merge them in a unique way so that your name stays different than others teams.

You can also ask your team members for suggestions so that you end up with a variety of options.


Relay is a competitive game. Only the team with extraordinary skills gets to create an impact in the game.

If you also want everyone to remember your team for a long, long time, then choose your team name wisely. For that, you can count on this article for some unique and ideal suggestions.