71+ Eagles Team Names [ Philadelphia, Fantasy, Ceedee, Zach ] List-2022

Philadelphia Eagles are a professional American football team based in Philadelphia. If you are a Eagles fan and looking for some great Eagle team names then this list is definitely for you as we have listed some of the best name suggestions for your team. According to legends, Eagle is the oldest of all birds.

Eagle team names definitely bring out amazing strong qualities in any team such as flying eagles, soaring eagles etc. Team names based on eagles are trending nowadays as it is believed that giving your team a name that is representative of strong prey like eagle will end up give your team its strength. Choosing a eagle team name indicates smartness and swiftness and can make a strong moniker for your team.

Eagles Team Names | Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Team Name Ideas 


The satisfaction of finding the best team name-one that encourages and motivates you is incomparable. However, we understand that finding a eagle team name is bit difficult. That is why we have done this work for you. We have listed 60+ team name suggestions below that indicate strength and power.

Eagles Team Names

While choosing a name for your team, it is important that you choose the one that your team members relish for coming years. There is no point of choosing a name that your team members cannot relate with. However, if you also have some ideas and want to create your own team name then read the tops below this article for a head-start.

1. Cox Communication.

2. As Cole As Ice.

3. The Golden Eagles.

4. Cox Network.

5. Bold Eagles.

6. Napp Addicts.

7. Green Gang.

8. Reynolds Attacks.

9. The Ospreys.

10. The Power Of Stevens.

11. The Crowned Eagles.

12. The Avenging Eagles.

13. Soaring Eagles.

14. The Sixth Wentz.

15. Best Grippers.

16. Eagles Have Landed.

17. Wentzsylvania.

18. Foles You Twice.

19. Wentzday Rush.

20. The Invincible Stevens.

21. The Dirty Birds.

22. Eagles Squadron.

23. The ill-Eagles.

24. Wentz Upon A Time.

25. Soary Species.

26. Eagles Rising.

27. Call Me Frances.

28. The Nocturnals.

29. Love Ertz.

30. Booted Eagles.

31. Gonna Slay You.

32. Dirty Philly.

33. Mack Me High.

34. Mackarroni & Cheese.

35. Spring Sproles.

36. Issac Newton’s Intelligence.

37. Mack To The Future.

38. Devil Wentz Down to Play.

39. Wentzers Are Coming.

40. Ginger Christ.

41. Goode Times.

42. Bad Influwentz.

43. ColeSlaw Sandwiches.

44. The DeSeandents.

45. Ertz Is Flat.

46. Cole-Hearts.

47. Ertz Attack.

48. Hit Where It Ertz.

49. Long Cox.

50. Cox In The Woods.

51. Cunning Cox.

52. Hilly Philly Billy.

53. DeVonted Players.

54. Nabb Time.

55. Flying Birds.

56. Josh Sweat & Beers.

57. Thumbs Epps.

58. Flaccoholics.

59. Keep Calm & Karryon.

60. The Reddick Did It.

61. No Pain & No Gainwell.

62. 100 MegaErtz.

63. Hurt Bees.

64. We Slay When We Play.

65. Devonta Strikes Back.

66. This Is Gonna Hurt.

67. Buzzard Eagles.

68. Lesser Spotted Eagles.

69. Crested Serpent Eagles.

70. The Millennium Eagles.

Guidelines to Create Your Own Eagles Team Names for Your Squad

Create your own team name using the following guidelines:

1. Take Inspiration From Eagles Players:

There are so many amazing players in the team. You can take inspiration from their names and incorporate them into your team name.

2. Use Puns:

You can also create puns using their names to create a unique team name. Using players name to create a pun are full encouraged and loved. Just make sure that your name is unique and relevant. For example, Strong Ertz (Zach Ertz), Wentzday (Carson Wentz) etc.

3. Find Words That Include The Word Eagle:

There are many common words that include words eagle. There are many types of eagles like bald eagle, black kite, black eagle. Just make a list of them, choose your favorite one and incorporate it into a team name.

4. Add Descriptive Words:

You can so many descriptive words with the word Eagle and create an amazing name. All you have to do is do a little brainstorming and make a list of words that come to your mind. Get creative and think out of the box to create exceptional team name. For example, The cunning Eagles, Beaky Buzzards etc.

5. Say Your Name Aloud:

Say your name aloud and see if it sounds goods. If the names evokes a feeling of motivation and joy in your team members then finalize it.


It can be challenging to finalize one name from long list of words. Hopefully, you will find each name in our list to be perfect for you team. The variety of names in this list would definitely help you out how to find the best team for you fantasy football team name. May these name evoke motivation and positivity in your team.