100+ Star War Team Names to Win above the Stars!

Star Wars is one of the greatest series of all time. Once you become a Star Wars fan, you know there is no going back.

The series never lets you get bored, even for a minute. The series is full of iconic stories, characters, scenes, and dialogues to take inspiration from. I am sure you must have so many ideas in your mind too.

To give you more options, we have also listed some Star Wars-inspired group names.

Star Wars Team Name Ideas | Powerful, Huge, Star Wars Inspired, Themed Team/Group Names Suggestions


This article contains a wide range of content from the Star Wars universe. So, if you are tired of thinking of new ideas, then give these lists a try.

You are surely going to find plenty of unique names here. However, if are interested in creating your own name, then see our guidelines at the end of this article.

These tips will help you brainstorm the best ideas. To make your decision-making easier, we have listed names under different categories, which are:

Star Wars Inspired Team Names

When it comes to choosing a Star Wars-inspired team name, you can never get out of ideas. Star Wars Series is full of inspirational characters and scenes.

Every name, planet, character, location, and dialogue is an inspiration for us.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about finding a perfect Star Wars-related name because we have already done this work for you.

After a lot of brainstorming, we have written this list of Star Wars-inspired team names. We are sure that you will definitely love this list.

Star wars inspired Team Names

  • The Skywalkers.
  • Survivors Of Alderaan.
  • Millennium Falcons.
  • Imperial Knights.
  • Anzati Forces.
  • The Chosen Ones.
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy.
  • The Keepers.
  • Order 66.
  • The Phantoms.
  • Shoto Pros.
  • Tusken Raiders.
  • The Lost Tribe.
  • Force Ghosts.
  • Wandering Droids.

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Star Wars Trivia Team Names

After a long week of constant work, you probably need a good activity to release all your frustration.

And what better way to do it than Trivia Night, where you can actually have a fun time with your friends and enjoy their lame answers.

But wait, you forgot one thing, you have to choose an epic trivia name for your team too. Luckily, you got us now.

There are some amazing suggestions for you in this list. We have written some amazing names in this list after taking inspiration from our favorite characters and scenes of Star Wars.

  • Wookieleaks.
  • Game Of Clones.
  • The Nerfherders.
  • The Trivia Falcons.
  • he Force Is With Us.
  • Cloud City Crew.
  • Revenge Of Sith.
  • Trivia Troopers.
  • Pre Quizsla.
  • Han So-High.
  • Ewokie Talkies.
  • Task Force.
  • Crait Expectations.
  • The Space Crew.
  • The New Hope Gang.

Star Wars Themed Team Names

Who isn’t a fan of Star Wars? Even people who have never seen this series are aware of its famous dialogues and characters because this series is really a masterpiece.

But if you are still out of ideas and looking for suggestions to name your team, then check this list.

We have written interesting and unique Star Wars-themed team names in this list.

These names are definitely going to make your team look the best among the rest.

  • The Rebel Alliance.
  • The Resistance.
  • The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Lightsaber Warriors.
  • Stormtroopers.
  • Return Of Jedi.
  • Padawans.
  • Star Destroyers.
  • X-wing Flyers.
  • Death Star Pilots.
  • The Dark Side.
  • Witches Of Dathomir.
  • Darth Vaders.
  • The Sith.
  • Nightsisters.

Funny Star Wars Team Names

The best way to attract an audience is to choose team names that contain a play on words.

Believe it or not but the audience is only going to remember you if your team name is more hilarious and epic than everybody else.

There are so many characters and scenes in Star Wars that made us laugh. After reminiscing all those epic scenes, we have written these funny Star Wars team name suggestions for you.

These names are definitely going to make everyone smile in the crowd.

  • Look Ma, No Han.
  • X-wings With Buffalo Sauce.
  • Inglorious Blasters.
  • The Fault In Our Death Star.
  • Sith Happens.
  • Luke’s Left Hands.
  • Got A Bad Feeling About This.
  • It’s A Trap.
  • Princess Leia Banana hammock.
  • Traitors.
  • Droid Lives Matter.
  • Work-shy Clones.
  • Star Whores.
  • Kriff Off.
  • The Wanking Wookies.

Cool, Clever Star War Team Names

If you are looking for a team name and you are also a fan of Star Wars, then what would be a better way than combining these two things?

Your team name is your identity. Whatever name you choose should show how smart and tough your team is.

It should also show how cool and clever your team is when it comes to competition. Keeping these things in mind, we have created a list of cool and clever team names after taking inspiration from Star Wars.

Hope you like them!

  • Straight Outta Death Star.
  • Bounty Droids.
  • The First Order…Of Wings.
  • Wookies Of The Year.
  • The Awakened Forces.
  • Its Getting Hoth In Here.
  • Let Qui-Gons, Be Qui-Gons.
  • Mind Tricksters.
  • Kylo Sell High.
  • Havoc Squad.

Epic Awesome Star Wars Guild Names

Tired of seeing the same old guild name suggestions on the internet? Do not worry because we’ve got you covered.

Guild names not only show your team’s personality but also show how much motivated you are to win.

That is why we have written some epic Star Wars guild names suggestions in this list that will show how strong and awesome your guild is:

  • Red Eclipse.
  • Anonymous Rebels.
  • Hoth Ski Patrol.
  • Where’s My Wookie?
  • Starkillers.
  • Lethal Weapons.
  • The Dark Siders.
  • Rebel Society.
  • Ewokalypse.
  • Droids Rage.

Star Wars Nicknames/Squad Names

There are so many characters from Star Wars that we are obsessed with. No matter how old we get, we can never get over those characters and dialogues.

My favorite characters in Star Wars are Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Rey.

Star Wars Nicknames & squad Names

You will all agree to this that at some point in our life, all of us have tried to create nicknames after taking inspiration from our favorite Star Wars characters.

To give you more creative ideas, we have also written some best nicknames/squad names suggestions in this list. Feel free to pick any name from this list.

  • Delta Squad.
  • Dagger Wing.
  • Ghost Squadron.
  • Sandcrawlers.
  • Clone Flight Squad.
  • Yoda.
  • Rogue Squadron.
  • Darth Maul.
  • Snows-peeders.
  • Interceptors.

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Unique Star Wars Group Names

We know how much difficult it gets to find a unique name on the internet.

All names on the internet are either taken or too complicated. If you are also facing the same issue, then do not worry now.

We have written some unique suggestions in this list for your group after taking inspiration from Star Wars series.

Every name in this list is unique and has not been taken yet. So, pick any name to make your group look unique and the best.

  • The Cantina Band.
  • Tauntaun Riders.
  • Super Star Destroyers.
  • Clone Troopers.
  • R2 Units.
  • Jedi Apprentices.
  • Generation Y-Wings.
  • Protocol droids.
  • Darth Urderers.
  • Space Cowboys.

Points to Consider While Creating Star War Team Names

We have listed some points in this list to create more amazing Star Wars team names. We hope that with each point, you get new ideas.

1. Take Inspiration: Take inspiration from Star Wars characters, locations, scenes, and dialogues for brainstorming.

2. Check Out Star Wars Content: You will find so many Star Wars Terms on the internet. You can use those terms to create new and unique names.

3. Rewatch Star Wars movie: If you want to create your own group name, but you are out of ideas, then I’d suggest you re-watch the Star Wars series or clips again. You will definitely find so many unique and lesser-known scenes to take ideas from.

4. Take Suggestions: If your group members have different favorite characters and you all are confused, then make a list of all names and take a vote from all members.

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If you have watched Star Wars, then you can never get out of ideas. We had so much fun while writing and reminiscing all those characters, dialogues and scenes.

We are sure that you must have so many ideas after reading the list. If you want to add some more ideas, feel free to write in the comments section. May the Force be with you!