70 Best Hawaiian Team Names Ideas For Your Squad

Hawaii is such an iconic place in today’s world. It is an oasis of wonders, islands, and cultures. The Hawaiian language is very beautiful and compelling. It is known for its rhythmicity and beauty.

Choosing a Hawaiian-themed team name is the best way to show your love for Hawaiian culture.

However, if you are a beginner, then it might get difficult for you to find a Hawaiian name for your team that suits the personality of your team members.

That is why we have created this list of 60+ name suggestions perfect for every event. Believe it or not but a name plays an important role in creating a good impression of your team.

Hawaiian Team Names | Best, Funny, Clever, Cool – List 2022


Hawaiian names are inspired by sea, land, fire, and sky, so after taking inspiration from all Hawaiian cultures, we have arranged this list of beautiful name suggestions that you are definitely going to like.

With cool meanings, lovely sounds, and easy pronunciations, the following Hawaiian names are surely worth considering if you feel a special connection with Hawaiian culture.

Hawaiian Team Names

So, if you want a perfect Hawaiian name for your team, then we suggest you consider the following names. These names depict intelligence, calmness, and positivity.

Now without any further delay, let’s take a look at some cool Hawaiian team name suggestions.

1. Nani Kakahiaka:  Morning Glories.

2. ʻAihui Sandcastles:  Sandcastles Alliance.

3. Hui Niu: coconut Crew.

4. Rum A Leʻaleʻa:  Rum & Fun.

5. Hui Waiwai:  Booze Crew.

6. Akoni: Worthy Of Admiration.

7. The Alohas: Loving Persons.

8. Hoku hula: Dancing Stars.

9. Na Kona Kope: Kona Coffee Addicts.

10. Na Kona Kope: Outlanders.

11. North Shore Goodies.

12. Hawaii Liquor Group.

13. Pro Surfers.

14. Ka Uhane Aloha: The Aloha spirit.

15. Ka poe Mokupuni: The Islanders.

16. The Barefoot Alliance.

17. Ka mele lanakila: Victory Anthem.

18. Nā Manaʻo Lanakila: Winning Attitude.

19. hui kaikunane: Band Of Brothers.

20. Nā Monsoon Hawaiʻi: Hawaiian Moonsoons.

21. The Muumuu Alliance.

22. Grass Skirt Girls.

23. Puka Shells Society.

24. Nā pōā Hawaiʻi: Hawaiian Pirates.

25. The Cowrie Shells.

26. Barefoot Superheroes.

27. The Banyan Trees.

28. Pūʻulu puka ʻana o ka lā: Sunrise Squad.

29. Nā moʻolelo Hawaiʻ: Hawaiian Legends.

30. The Beach Girls.

31. The Paradise Group.

32. Hawaiian All-Stars.

33. Green Sea Turtles.

34. Kupanaha wale: Just Amazing.

35. Piʻi mākou: We Rise Together.

36. Band Of Whales.

37. ʻO ka Lā Hikina: Eastern Sun Crowd.

38. ʻO nā Dominators.

39. ʻO ka mea hiki ʻole: The Impossible.

40. Mai Tai Cocktails.

41. Pearl Harbor Attack.

42. North Shore Goodies.

43. ʻAʻole hiki ke kāohi: Unstoppable Forces.

44. Balanced Maneuvers.

45. Dancing Movess With Ukulele groves.

46. The Puka Shells Collection.

47. The Hula Moves.

48. Tropical Thunder.

49. The Lava Girls.

50. Flower Lei Girls.

51. Hawaiian Sun-Seekers.

52. Long-Spined Sea Urchins.

53. Aloha Attires.

54. Hawaiian Beach Brigade

55. Team Lava Not War.

56. Lanakila Lanakila: Victory Streak.

57. Na kaikamahine hauʻoli: Happy Girls.

58. Paipai ʻia i ka Lanakila: Propelled Towards Victory.

59. Nā Mea Aloha ʻAi: Hawaiian Food Lovers.

60. ʻO ka Sunshine synergy.

61. Manawa e Alohilohi: Brightest Stars.

62. Maui Whale Watchers.

63. The Tropical Storm.

64. Pineapple & Papaya Pals.

65. Pina-Colada Society.

66. Na Mokupuni oiaio: True Islanders.

67. Aloha a puni: Aloha All Around.

68. Manawa e Alohilohi: Time To Shine.

69. Manawa e Alohilohi: Native Islanders.

70. Rock Boring Urchins.

Guidelines to Create Your Own Hawaiian Team Names

Create your own beautiful Hawaiian team name using the following guidelines:

1. Take Inspiration from Hawaiian culture:

Hawaiian culture is very different from our culture. It is an eastern-western mixture. A detailed search will help you in finding interesting facts about Hawaiian culture.

For example, did you know that in Hawaii, if you tuck a flower in your left ear, that means you are committed, and if you tuck it in your right ear, that means you are available?

Just take inspiration from interesting facts like these, Hawaiian history and culture, and use them to create your team name.

2. Take Inspiration From Plants & Animals:

Hawaii is such a peaceful and beautiful place where you will find so many unique plants and animals.

For example, Uki Uki (Hawaiian lily) is only found in Hawaii. These things can be the perfect inspiration to create a unique team name.

3. Use a Translator:

It is okay if you want to create a Hawaiian team name but do not use the Hawaiian language. As long you have an internet connection, you do not need to worry.

Just use google Translate and convert the words that you like into the Hawaiian language.

4. Avoid Mainstream Words:

Hawaiian culture is colorful and exciting, so choosing a dull or simple name won’t do justice to this culture. Do not go for simple and basic names like an alpha shirt or the surfers.

Think out of the box and creative team names with creativity and twist.


Hawaiian-themed names are meaningful and perfect if you want to give a direction to your team. The above-listed names are best if you love connecting with nature.

We hope that you like and consider one of our suggestions because they are surely worth considering.