Escape Room Team Names [ Best, Virtual, Mystery Solving, Clever ]

You just cannot deny the importance of a good team name for your escape room adventure.

Choosing a team name is a serious business, and if you want your team to win the escape room challenge, then you need to choose a good name.

We have seen countless groups that are smart and cool, but when it comes to choosing a team name, they get stuck at ‘ um, Uhm, no idea.

Luckily, now you do not have to worry about that anymore because we have listed amazing name suggestions for you below.

You just need to pick the one you like the most and get ready to rock n’roll.

66 Escape Room Team Names that are Best, Clever, Virtual, Funny & Victory Guaranteed!


A good team name creates a sense of belonging, which can enhance levels of passion, dedication, and motivation in a team.

It creates positive vibes and enhances the bonding of team members. For you, we have listed 60+ team names epic names below that will set the tone for an amazing escape room experience.

These names will surely help your team to work together and solve complex puzzles. After all, what’s a better dose of motivation than choosing a fun team name?

However, if none of the names suit the preferences of your team members, then you can also create your own team name by following the guidelines written below this list.

Here are some epic escape team name suggestions:

1. Breaking Out Experts.

2. The Escapsists.

3. Straight Outta Asylum.

4. The Taskforce.

5. Funky Fellas.

6. Mad Kings.

7. Project Power.

8. The Intruders.

9. Maniac Men.

10. Escapegoats.

11. Nightcrawlers.

12. Savages.

13. The Vault Artists.

14. Treasure Hunters.

15. Fast & Furious.

16. Still Deciding.

17. Nightcrawlers.

18. Special Agents.

19. Wire Wizards.

20. Name Pending.

21. Men Of Steel.

22. Prison Breakers.

23. Blind Detectives.

24. Riddle Experts.

25. Artistic Escapes.

26. Code Breakers.

27. Pro Strategists.

28. Crazy Scientists.

29. Clueless & Confused.

30. The Masterminds.

31. Time Travelers.

32. Escape Masters.

33. Stable Geniuses.

34. Impressively Smart.

35. 5 Heads Are Better Than 1.

36. 2 Geniuses, 4 Idiots.

37. Experts In Nonsense.

38. Wisecrackers.

39. Consistent Winners.

40. Intoxicated Brainiacs.

41. Mind Benders.

42. Code Crackers.

43. Go-Getters.

44. Untameable Stallions.

45. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

46. All Men’s Club.

47. Past Life Criminals.

48. Puzzle Masters.

49. The Secret Circle.

50. The Goofs.

51. Heist Adventurers.

52. Time To Escape.

53. Decoders.

54. The Clue Experts.

55. Farewell Forces.

56. Blood Brothers.

57. The Lame Band.

58. Always In Time.

59. The Mighty Explorers.

60. Locksmiths.

61. Can’t Stop Screaming.

62. Risktakers.

63. Time Masters.

64. Making Tracks.

65. All We Need Is Maths.

66. The Funky Group.

67. Daredevils.

68. Mission Possible.

69. Secret Agents.

70. Sher-Unlock Holmes.

Guidelines to Create Your Own Escape Room Team Name

The Following guidelines will help you to create your own epic team name:

1. Take Inspiration From Your Team:

You must know your friends better than anyone else. You know what their weakness, strengths, embarrassing memories, or secret jokes are.

Just think about your friends, and then create a name that everyone in your team can relate to.

2. Choose Names According To The Theme:

Different escape rooms have different themes. So, one of the best ways to create a unique name would be to take inspiration from the theme itself.

For example, if the theme is ‘defuse a bomb’, then you can choose names like Bomb Disposal Squad or the terms that are related to bravery and smartness.

3. Use Humor:

Escape rooms are tough but exciting and fun, too, where you work together with your team to solve the most challenging puzzles.

The best way to make your escape room adventure more exciting would be to choose a hilarious team name.

Honestly, there is no better way to motivate your team than laughter.

4. Use Synonyms:

If you like a certain name, but think it is too mainstream, then you can search for its synonyms to create a unique name.

For better suggestions, search synonyms of words like escape, exit, puzzle, problem, etc.


Escaping rooms are bit challenging, but choosing a good team name will surely boost your team’s spirit to ace any task.

We have written many unique suggestions after taking inspiration from various escape room themes.

Hopefully, you will find plenty of options on this list that fit your preferences.