80+ Evil Organization Names [ Funny, Scary, Dark, Sinister ]

Whether you are creating your evil organization for good reason or just to show your power, your name should be spooky enough to evoke fear in your opponents.

Your evil organization’s name should be spooky and villainous, but it should also be fun. There is no point in creating a name that is evil but dull and boring.

If you are tired of thinking of evil organization names and the task of finding a spooky evil name is getting monotonous and boring now, then do not worry because we have done this work for you.

In this article, you will find plenty of evil name suggestions to show your villain side. Hope you like them!

List of Evil Organization Names

In this article, we have listed names under different categories so feel free to pick any name that you find best. We have listed the following categories:

Evil Guild Names

We have listed some evil guild name suggestions in this list that are definitely going to create fear in your opponent’s heart.

After all, what is the better way to show your villain and spooky side other than using an evil name that is evil enough to make everyone scared of you right?

So, choose any name from this list and get ready to show your bad side to the enemies.

Evil Guild Names

  • Black Cross Army.
  • Hell Bringers.
  • Unseen Forces.
  • Your Nightmare.
  • Scoundrels United.
  • Drug Experts.
  • The Cursed Ones.
  • Devil’s Army.
  • Last Ones Standing.
  • Shadow Hunters.
  • The League Of Villains.
  • The Invisible Guests.
  • Money Over Bitches.
  • Drug Mafia.
  • Prison Graduates.

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Evil Group Names

Do you want to show your badass side? Make sure to choose a group name that is evil and powerful to let others know how tough you can be.

We have written some pretty evil suggestions in this list. Pick any name and get ready to dominate every task.

  • Evil Brotherhood.
  • Frightful Forces.
  • Guilty.
  • Devil’s Crew.
  • Blood For Money.
  • Tribe Of Terror.
  • Straight Outta Prison.
  • Ghost Assembly.
  • Assembly Of The Dead.
  • Good Liars.
  • Wicked Ones.
  • The Fiery Circle.
  • The Deceivers.
  • Black Widows.
  • Unholy Brothers.

Evil Faction Names

Teamwork is very important for success. Working in a faction not only helps to work better but also allows you to make the best strategies to beat the opponents.

Your faction name is supposed to be competitive and spooky. With the right name, you can really make your opponents nervous.

We have written some really badass and evil names in this list, which will make your opponents fear for their lives.

Evil Faction Names

  • Criminal Minds.
  • Death Escapers.
  • Rebels.
  • The Black Cats.
  • Outlaws.
  • Dagger Sisters.
  • Dark Vengeance.
  • Little Pricks.
  • Bloodlust.
  • Dark Forces.

Cool Evil Organization Names

If you want a cool, evil organization name, then there is no limit for you to show your creativity. A cool name is the best way to show how smart and creative your team is.

Choose any cool name from this list to show how cold-hearted your team can be when it comes to competition.

  • Project Power.
  • Lawbreakers.
  • The Secret Circle.
  • Abusement Park.
  • Black Hat Organization.
  • Black Money Love.
  • Karma Kompany.
  • Dark Desires.
  • Damnation.
  • Council Of Sinners.

Sinister Bad Guy Names

Sounds pretty scary, no? All of us have grown up watching thriller movies that used to scare us to death at night.

After taking inspiration from the evil characters of those movies, we have created this list of sinister bad guys.

These names are spooky enough to haunt everyone at night.

Bad Guy Names

  • Angel Of Death.
  • Doctor Psycho.
  • The Punisher.
  • Phantom.
  • The Slaughterer.
  • Nightcrawler.
  • The Sinner.
  •  Mind-Hacker.
  • Wandering Maniac.
  • The Executioner.
  • Homicidal Maniac.
  • Heaven Shaker.
  • The Slasher.
  • Black Pirate.
  • Necromancer.
  • Night Stalker.
  • Trickster.

Funny Dark Evil Names

Evil organization names should be scary, but they should also have a fun element in them. Otherwise, their name would sound dull and boring.

In this list, we have written some unique, dangerously evil, and funny dark humor-based names that will cause you chills even in this weather.

  • Stinky Rebels.
  • Drunken Dirtbags.
  • I Have Candy Get In The Van.
  • Cereal Killers.
  • Drug Sniffers.
  • The Rejected Ones.
  • Happy Death Day.
  • No Honey, Only Money.
  • Alcoholic Forces.
  • Killed My Aunt For Money.
  • Bald Dwarfs.
  • Street Rats.

Points to Remember While Choosing a Name

We have some tips for you which will help you while choosing an epic name.

Read all the points because every point will help you to decide what name you should go for:

1. Take Inspiration: Take ideas from other evil groups. This will also help you to identify which names are already in use.

Do not use the existing names, but you can create something similar to those ones.

2. Be Creative: While creating a name, be as creative as you can. Do not settle for less. Your group name shows your creativity, so make sure to choose an epic name.

3. Choose A Name That Is Fun: Your group name should be scary, but it should also be fun and interesting.

So, choose a name that also has some fun elements in it because it will make your name more interesting.

4. Do Not Use Inappropriate Terms: By inappropriate terms, I mean that do not use words are rude to any caste, race, or gender.

Dark humor is okay, but there is a fine line between humor and offensive words. Do not cross that line.

5. Involve Other Team Members Too: Take suggestions from other team members too. Together, you can create much more villainous and spooky names.

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We have written some pretty badass and evil options for you that will provide a strong identity to your team.

Your name is going to be the first thing that will create a strong impression so choose wisely. If you also have some badass ideas, then do not forget to share them with us in the comments section.