Hockey Team Names | Funny, Cool & Fantasy Team Names Ideas

 Hockey is the most exciting game, and the fact that you can choose a name for your own team makes it more interesting.

However, it gets difficult to come up with a name that suits your team’s style.

Having the best hockey team name is ideally important for your branding. A unique name is what makes you known and identifiable.

Having that in mind, a fantasy and funny team name has the privilege of enchaining your team’s morale, confidence, and winning prowess.

Simultaneously a cool or clever team name makes your opponent shudder

Sometimes, people go through a list of names and still with nothing.

They get confident, and it is difficult for them to focus on their practice because, as a matter of fact, we all know how much a good name is important for a team.

Hockey Team Names | List of Cool, Clever, Fantasy Hockey Team Names For You


Here are some good team names which will definitely make your team unique, among others. Trust us when we say that spectators will not forget about your team for a long, long time.

hockey Team Names

Fantasy Hockey Team Names

A cool fantasy hockey team name you might be looking for in your squad.

Here you go, we have an amazing list of funny fantasy hockey team names that are funniest, clever, pop culture, etc., for your league

1. The Hit Squad:  Well practiced to hit with accuracy.

2. Hitting Machines:    No one hits as accurately as them.

3. Dope Players:  Get ready to see their amazing talents.

4. Men of steel:    Not afraid of any team.

5. 11 Deadly Sins:    Unfortunately, all are in the field today.

6. No place than First place:    Because Second place is for losers, according to them.

7. We like big hits, and we cannot lie:    A wordplay on “Baby Got Back.

8. Super-Strikers:    Best at striking the other team out.

9. Happy Sticks:  Keep smiling, and forget about game stress.

10. Impact Makers:    No one will forget their performance.

11. From Zero To Hero:    They have worked very hard to make their team the best.

12. Remarkably good:    They are a lot tougher than they look, be aware.

13. Chicks Magnet:    Bit overconfident, though, no?

14. The Go-getters:  They want it, they get it.

15. Designated Winners:    In their eyes, they are already the winners.

16. Players of the Day:    They have won already with this much confidence.

17. Smooth Players:    They play so perfectly that you cannot see any imperfection in their team.

18. Hit Happens:    Can’t complain. It can happen anytime.

19. Work hard next time:    Is that a threat to opponents? A threat with advice, though.

20. Stick Wonders:    It’s terrific how amazingly they perform with these sticks.

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Funny Hockey Team Names Ideas

A funny team name adds distinction to a team while in a competition! Hit down and find the best funny awesome, coolest hockey team name for your squad.

21. The Show Stoppers:    They know how to become the center of attraction with their performance.

22. Dream Killers:    Probably gonna kill someone’s dream of winning today.

23. We play with Pride:    You will not see them making strategies to make fouls.

24. The Slaying players:    They slay when they play.

25. Flying wrists:    They have confidence in their hand movements.

26. Buckle Up:    Cause you are going to see some real action.

27. Scoring was never a problem for us:    When it comes to Hockey, they are pretty perfect in this.

28. Golden Boys:    Everyone is a star on this team.

29. Elite Squad:    They know to maintain their position.

30. Hit-men:    Beware of them.

31. Serial hitters:    They have a habit of winning.

32. Striking Legends:    They possess some amazing talent.

33. Incoming hits:    Take cover! Take cover!

34. Sticktators:    A wordplay on Dictators.

35. Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat:    Hockey is everything to them.

36. Feeling Puck-y:    They are already feeling lucky for the game.

37. Fifty shades of Glory:    A wordplay.

38. Multiple Scoregasms:    They just love to score.

39. Lethal Elbows:    Now you know where their strength lies.

40. Hits Don’t Lie:  A wordplay on a song by Shakira.

Best Cool Hockey Team Names

A cool and creative name enhances the motivation of your team. Half of the game is already won, and a half rest on the shoulders of your cool and creative hockey team.

41. Sole Survivors:    Never Backing down.

42. Killer Hits:    Better hitters than anyone in this game.

43. Win now, Party Later:    Can’t see anything more motivating than this.

44. Born Winners:    Winning is their birthright.

45. Apocalyptic Strikers:    Do think twice before competing with them.

46. The Finishers:    They know how to end the game with a winning score.

47. Your masters here:    Be wise and bend your knee in front of these professionals.

48. Bad Intentions:    They are here to win at all costs.

49. Best of the best:    They are well-practiced.

50. Laced Up:    All set to bring the trophy home.

51. The Hitting Avengers:    They might be better than real Avengers. No Offense.

52. Let there be hit, let there be score:    Don’t take them easy.

53. Loaded with skills:  Pros of the game are here.

54. The Fantastic Eleven:    They are pretty amazing in this sport.

55. Knockers:    They will knock your team out.

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Clever Hockey Team Names

If you wanna add spice to your team while uplifting their morale, a clever team name is what that’s needed!

Hit here to get one powerful, witty and clever hockey team name for your club, squad, or team.

56. The Studs:    You will love this team.

57. Smells like Team Spirit:    Highly energetic and motivated for the game.

58. Scorealicious:    They always score the best goals.

59. Can’t see any challenge?:    No challenge is too much for them.

60. Born Hitters:     They left the womb with winning intentions.

61. Big Gloves:    The players in this team have huge hands.

62. Losing was never an option:    They are not going back home without the trophy.

63. Hit Masters:  Way above your team.

64. The Leopards:    You can just wish to match the speed of these players.

65. Hustle, Hit & Never Quit:    And they surely never will.

66. Danger Alert:    For the other team.

67. Synergy:    They are always in sync with each other.

68. The Puck Artists:   Amazing at hitting.

69. Overcomers:    It is impossible to find a team that they cannot beat.

Guidelines on how to Create Your Own Name for Hockey Team

Coming up with a team name is very easy.

If you want to create a name of your own, then do not forget to read these tips, and we are sure that they will surely help you in brainstorming:

Hockey team Nmaes

1. Use Your Favorite Player’s Name:  Find inspiration from your favorite movies, shows, hockey players, and games.

If you have a favorite and well-known player to make your team recognizable.

2. Know the characteristics of Your Team:  Get to know your team. Use dominant characteristics of your team members.

For example, if your team members are nerds and smart, then you can use names like “The Nerd Herd”.

3. Combine Words to From a Unique Combo:   Merging different words always works. Sometimes, you come up with something much interesting that makes your team stand out among the rest.

Just make sure that the two words you combine have a reasonable meaning.

4. Add humor or Puns:  Who said that you only need powerful team names to make your team look badass?

Picking a funny name is also a great option to show your opponents that you are not an easy target. You can also add puns to make it more epic.

Puns are a great option to include in our team’s name. Puns add a spark to the team’s name, especially those which use any player’s name.

5. Avoid Abusive Words:  Do not use abusive words that are likely to hurt someone’s feelings.

Do not use any word that is against any race, religion, caste, or gender.

6. Take Feedback From Your Team Members:  Feedback is very important from your team members to show that they are also an important part of the team.

This will also enhance your bond with other team members. Moreover, feedback also helps to generate more creative ideas.

Listen to very suggestions of the members because it will help you to come up with a final word.

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Hockey is the most interesting and strategic sport, and good team names make it more interesting. If you were trying to find good team names to describe your team, then we hope you find them here.

Also, if you have any ideas after reading our guidelines, then do not forget to share them with us in the comments section.