120+ Facebook Group Name that are Worth Naming!

Do you know how many Facebook groups you are in? No? Me neither. But I can tell one thing with confidence, and that is that all those groups on my feed never let me get bored, even for a minute.

Facebook group is a place where people communicate with each other, share their interests and express their opinions.

These groups are the best way to gather people together for any cause or activity. Creating a Facebook group is the best way to create influence, sell products, provide services, and entertain people.

It not only helps you to stay connected with your friends and close ones but also helps you to spend quality time with them.

Fb Group Names | Unique, Clever, Funny, Creative Facebook Group Name Ideas


One of the best features of Facebook is that it allows you to choose privacy for your group. You can choose to create an open group for the public or a closed group just for your friends.

If you are also thinking of creating your own Facebook group, then the first thing you need is a good and creative group name.

A good group name is the only thing that will attract an audience to join your group. A dull and boring name will only make people lose interest in joining your group.

In this article, we have arranged a list of the 120 best suggestions to help you in deciding the best group name. Every name in this list is unique, so feel free to choose any name that you like.

But if you want to create your own group name and looking for some guidelines, then do check out the tips at the end of this article for some good ideas.

FB Group Names For Friends

In today’s world, everyone is so much busy with their work that they do not get time to even talk to their friends. To solve this problem, Facebook gives you a platform to stay connected with your friends.

FB Group Names for Friends

You can easily create a group where you can share memes, important announcements, and gossip any time, any place to stay in touch with your dear friends.

If you also miss your friends and want to create a Facebook group, then this list contains a variety of cool suggestions that will definitely make your bond with your friends much stronger.

  • Staying Together, Slaying Together.
  • Life Is Meaningless Without Friends.
  • Always Better Together.
  • We Build Together.
  • Happy Club.
  • Cool Gang.
  • Surviving Together.
  • Through Thick And Thin.
  • Forever Ties.
  • Night Owls.
  • Every Friend Is Important.
  • Carefree Pals.
  • Before Anyone Else.
  • Friends Shelter.
  • Always connected.
  • Buddies for Ever.
  • Too Much Hotness.
  • Friends Come First.
  • Terrific Friendship.
  • We Tie Until We Die.
  • Last Benchers.
  • Non-stop Gossips.
  • 50 Shades Of Slaying.
  • Craziness Overloaded.
  • Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them.
  • Cool Funny Facebook Group Names

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Cool & Funny Facebook Group Names

You must have seen so many dead groups on Facebook. No one joins them, or even if they do, they do not stay active in the group. That is all because of one thing- a group name.

If your group name is not exciting or fun, then you not only lose active followers but also lose attention.

To help you with this problem, we have arranged a list of cool and funny name suggestions that will surely bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Moreover, they’d also love to stay active in your group. So, go ahead and choose any name that you like.

  • The Cereal Killers.
  • Eenie Meenie Miney Mo.
  • Out Of Order.
  • No Regrets.
  • Eat, Sleep, Post, Repeat.
  • Dark Circles Club.
  • Dealing With Life Crisis Together.
  • Do Not Disturb.
  • Rotten Eggs.
  • No Span-king Allowed.
  • Seriousness Not Allowed.
  • Power Nap House.
  • Total Embarrassments.
  • Only 18+ Allowed.
  • Meme-o-meme.
  • Non-sense Only.
  • Talk To My Hand.
  • Slaves Of Education.
  • Game Of Trolls.
  • A Group That Shall Not Be Named.
  • Weirdos Combined.
  • Trouble Makers.
  • High-School Survivors.
  • Weirdos Combined.
  • Drama Club.

Creative Facebook Group Names

Creativity is the main thing that makes a name popular. No one prefers mainstream names.

People will only notify you if your name has some creativity and uniqueness. So, in order to attract an audience, you need a creative name that makes them excited to talk to you.

For your inspiration, we have listed some out-of-box ideas that you are definitely going to like:

  • Positive Energy.
  • Fabulousness.
  • Nostalgia.
  • One Hit Wonder.
  • Staying Fearless.
  • Spicy Sugar.
  • Can’t Function Without Tea.
  • Go-Getters.
  • Hot Shots.
  • Good, Better, Best.
  • Focused Minds.
  • Going Crazy.
  • Jurassic Park.
  • Intrusive Thoughts.
  • Strong Signals.
  • Do No Underestimate.
  • Good Times.
  • Staying Positive.
  • Bachelor Network.
  • Hashtag Bored.
  • No Judgements.
  • Doom Doorway.
  • No Hard Feelings.
  • Silence Is Golden.
  • Fiesta Force.

Famous Crazy Facebook Group Names

We can all agree to this that Facebook groups provide endless hours of entertainment.

If you also have a group and you want to make it a success with thousands of followers, then you need a crazy name, a name that makes people excited about joining your group.

Famous Creative Facebook Group Names

People love crazy ideas, and they would love to join your group if it has an element of excitement and fun. That is why we have listed some crazy and famous ideas below that will make you group more fun.

  • No Flucks Given.
  • Can’t Function Without Good Memes.
  • Post-Random Thoughts Here.
  • We Judge Secretly.
  • Fearless And Flawless.
  • Guess What! We Don’t Care.
  • Devil’s Workshop.
  • Just Send A Request, Not A Marriage Proposal.
  • Reality Checks.
  • Trash House.
  • Psychos But Sweet.
  • Blockheads.
  • Post At Your Risk.
  • We Love To Correct your Grammer.
  • We All Are Losers Here.
  • Meaningless Words.
  • Wandering Minds.
  • Join At Your Own Risk.
  • The Abusement Park.
  • Gentlemen Club.
  • Irrelevant Gossipers.
  • Crap Collection.
  • So Called Graduates.
  • Lame People Association.
  • Bundles Of Craziness.

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Clever & Unique Facebook Group Names

Nowadays, some people love to twist or play on words to create unique names. It is the best strategy to attract more audiences.

A clever and unique name is indeed the best way to show off your creativity and smartness.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed different clever and unique suggestions below that will definitely impress your followers.

  • Quarantine Survivors.
  • All Night Long.
  • Soul Sisters.
  • Gossip Queens.
  • Positive Brains.
  • Positive Vibes Only.
  • Utilizing Precious Time.
  • Do Or Die.
  • We Are Heroes.
  • Odds Are In Our Favour.
  • Yes, We Can Do This.
  • Chamber Of Secrets.
  • We Believe In Miracles.
  • From Sunrise To Sundown.
  • Tic, Tac, Toe.
  • Helping Hands.
  • Off The Charts.
  • Every Morning Is A New Chance.
  • Creative Minds Think Alike.
  • Weekend Booster.

How to Create Facebook Group Name?

If you still have not found a perfect name and you want to create your own group name now then read the tips written below for some fresh ideas:

How to create your own Facebook Group Name

1. Choose Your Group Theme: Your group name reflects the purpose of your group.

So, first, decide what your group is about and then find a name.

2. Keep Audience In Mind: Think about the members of your group. Is your group specifically for adults? Is it for men or women? Decide this thing first because it will help you to find an appropriate name for your group.

3. Choose Unique And Memorable Words: Facebook is full of creative groups. The main thing that will attract people to your group is your name.

They will notice what is unique in your group that other groups do not have. So, be as creative as you can and choose unique words to make your group stand out.

4. Choose Relatable Words: Your group name should be something that the members can relate to.

You should know the interests of your audience well to create a good name.

5. Use Fun Words: There are hundreds of boring groups on Facebook. You need to make sure that your group does not become like those.

And for that, you need to make sure that you choose a fun and interesting name.

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Your group name is your first impression. So, when you make a Facebook group, make sure to choose a unique and meaningful name because that will help you to attract more audience.

Moreover, it will also help you to create a fun environment to connect with your dear ones.