Four Square Rules | How to Play [ Game Rules & Instructions

The four-square game is one of the awesome, simplest, and easy to setup games to play.

This game requires getting acquainted with a few basic four-square rules, tricks, and strategies to play with.

Unlike other outdoor sports, this game requires the simplest basic equipment to install and go on playing.

Let’s explore four square rules and strategies in detail for how to play four square with family or friends!

The Four Square Game | Game Rules, Instruction, Strategies & Tips of Playing


As the name suggests, Four square is a ball game. It is played among four players on a square court divided into quadrants. Four Square Rules

After the ball jumps out of their own court only once, each player must hit the ball on the opponent’s court with a part of one hand.

The kicker must return to the waiting/applause line and try again in case the ball lands on a line or goes out of bounds before it bounces.

Playing Objectives

  • The purpose of the four-square game is to remove the player from the highest square so that you can move to the highest square yourself.
  • There is a rubber ball on the square.
  • There are four players playing on the four fields, and each player occupies a quarter of the court.
  • The ball bounces between players on the field until one of the players makes a mistake and loses control.
  • The eliminated players leave the arena/court.
  • All players advance to fill the gaps, and new players join the arena at the lowest level.

Game Equipment and Setup

The Ball

  • First, examine approximately what type of ball is permitted inside the Gear section.
  • During play, gamers might also additionally handiest hit the ball with their hands. We describe the “hands” as any place among the gamer’s wrists and fingertips, consisting of the backs of hands.
  • The ball can be hit with open or closed fists withinside the equal way as authentic volleyball.
  •  Players might not catch, convey or keep the ball at any time at some stage in a play.
  • Spinning the ball is permitted so long as the hit that produces the spin isn’t always a convey or different unlawful hit.
  • In all cases, gamers who strike the ball incorrectly are eliminated.

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The Court

  • First, examine approximately the size and substances of the courtroom.
  • Squares are ranked from maximum to lowest.
  • Usually, a league makes use of numbers 1 through 4, different humans use letters or even some use the identity of royalty.
  • In all cases, the best and lowest-ranked squares need to be diagonal from every difference.
  • There are units of lines at the court.
  • These lines are the outermost corner of the whole court.
  • On the other hand, the “internal lines” refer to the line dividing individual squares of the courtroom that cross in the center.
  •  All lines in the courtroom are 1 inch wide.
  • Outside traces are in bounds.

Rules; How to Play Four Square

If a participant bounces the ball onto any door line, it is nonetheless in play.

However, if the ball bounces out of the door line, it is out of bounds, and the participant that finally hits it is eliminated.

Inside lines are out-of-bounds.  If a participant hits a ball onto any internal line, then that participant is out.

This applies to ALL internal lines, not simply the lines that border one gamer square.

If a ball touches an internal line, the participant that hit is final is eliminated.

Players aren’t required to live their part of the courtroom. They might also additionally stand, walk, or run everywhere in the courtroom.

The ball is always served from the highest-ranked unit to the lowest-ranked unit.

Box 1 and Box 4 are arranged diagonally across the platform. After the rebound serves, the server must throw and serve.

The ball must bounce off the playing field once. In the receiving field, the receiving player must hit the ball on another field.

After the receiver touches the ball, the ball begins to play.

The service should make the ball function fairly. Because the server must serve in the same way.

Time is the first step for the receiver to control the game. The waitress can only make one mistake per round, which is called a foul.

If the serving receiver does not hit the ball correctly or does not hit the ball on the court, the receiver may serve.

Only one foul per player is allowed in each round. Players call “errors” and false returns. However, if the player loses a second time, it is called “two bad times”.

In other words, you are very angry.

Owning and poaching each time the ball is hit, the normal sequence of the game is determined in two stages.

Once the ball jumps out of a block, only the owner of that block can hit the ball on another block.

Elimination and Ending

  1. Whenever a player is eliminated, he leaves the field of play.
  2. All players advance to the fields with the highest number.
  3. The Bottom Square situations show all of the methods in which a player can be sent out of the field.
  4. Players are eliminated by: Not hitting the ball in another box.
  5. The ball may bounce more than once in its own box or on a line in the hall.
  6. Hitting the ball in a wrong way, such as holding, catching, or carrying.
  7. Hitting the ball with any part of the body other than a hand.
  8. Hitting the ball outside of the turn (also called poaching).
  9. Violating any number of local rules invented on the field of play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by the term interference?

When the ball is touched by an object other than the four players or the floor, this is known as interference.

2. What is the aim of the game?

The main purpose of the four-square game is to remove the player from the highest square so that you can move to the highest square yourself.