Unstable Unicorn Rules: How to Play [ Game Instructions & Strategies ]

With hilarious play and tongue in cheek style, unstable unicorn is a wonderful card game.

Let’s learn more about Unstable unicorn with game rules, instructions and strategies!

Unstable Unicorn Rules


This is a simple card game that starts with the little unicorn in your home and gradually builds an army of unicorns. Every magical unicorn has its special power,

unstable unicorn rulesbut please don’t underestimate the power of ordinary unicorns! Use upgrades and downgrades to protect and build your stable environment.

So, if you like party games that offer multiple choices, keep reading to learn how to play unstable unicorn games.

Rules & Instructions

  • This game is not as difficult as other card games.
  • In addition, it has the features of strategy games with interesting and ironic artistic styles.
  • This is the first time a unicorn has suffered destruction.
  • Usually, eight players take part in this interesting gameplay.
  • Normally children 14 years and above can play the base game. But the other edition is for 21 and above.
  • The game is easy to learn, whichever edition you select. It takes about 30 – 45 minutes to play.

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Main Objectives

The player needs to become the one who has the most Unicorns at the end of the game. You can be the one who does this.

The Unstable Unicorns game has very appealing and amusing rules.

Moreover, the game has an appeal that makes players laugh with its funny and outlandish rules.

Game Requirements

All you need to play an unstable unicorn game is the basic game, whether it’s the normal version or the NSFW version. There are many risky cards in the NSFW version.

This is not limited to the basic software package, but there are actually many extensions that can make the game better.

There are many options: Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack has been added, allowing players to give the game a brand new look through the new map.

The Game Set Up

  • It is Just like other card games.
  • To start the game, first of all, you have to remove the reference card from the stack.
  • Take it and set it aside.
  • Each unicorn game must also have a black and a white card.
  • First, you’ll wash the white card and then press it each time.
  • Each player has a white card. It is also known as a little unicorn card.
  • The other cards are piled up upside down. It is also called a nursery.
  • The unicorns must live in kindergarten.
  • Now you’ll shuffle up the black cards.
  • After that, you’ll give each player 5 of these each.
  • The remaining cards will be placed face down next to the nursery.
  • This deck of cards is known as the draw pile.
  • In this game, you have a third pile as the discard pile.
  • Here you place the cards that got removed from the game.
  • Each player should be given a reference card.
  • This card helps the players to refer to the rules.

Strategies To Unstable Unicorns

When the required amount of cards is distributed among all the players, the Unstable Unicorns game begins.

The players are supposed to agree to all the rules and regulations.

Rules Of Dressing

The player who is wearing the most colorful clothing starts the game, and all other group members agree to it.

So the one who’s dressed most like a Unicorn is the one who starts the game.

Now The Game Begins

The game Unstable Unicorns is played in different rounds. The players are asked to fulfill different requirements when it’s their turn. These requirements include four different phases to be played in order.

The players may skip this step.

They can go to phase 2.

But they must have a card that states at the beginning of your turn’.

The players can do whatever action is displayed as this is their only Next, the players draw a card from the draw pile.

The player plays one card from his hand. Otherwise, he can draw one more card from the draw pile.

Before starting, confirm that the players have at most 7 cards in their hand when they end their turn.

If the players have more than seven cards, they should put the extra cards on the discard pile.

Kinds Of Cards Used In Unstable Unicorns

The most important aspect of the game Unstable Unicorns is to know what each card type does when drawn.

The cards have been divided in different colors according to different instructions.

Red: This color-coded card can be played at any time (Instant) and is usually used to prevent other players from playing cards. Put it in the waste dump. No reuse is allowed during play.

Orange: With this card, you can upgrade your stable. You can assign this card to any player yourself by counting.

Yellow downgrade: This card is used to indicate debuffs( Negative effects).

Green represents Magic: Playing this card will cause damage and confusion.

When the player owns a unicorn with light blue color, it is usually discarded: the player keeps the card on his stand to produce a magical effect.

Basic dark blue unicorn: When the player places this card in the barn (stable), the effect is not very magical, but it is still very useful.

Purple Baby Unicorn-Every player who starts the game will use a baby unicorn. Use each card to improve your position.

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Desired Number of Unicorns

The game goes on until someone gets the desired number of unicorns in their stable. Five players need Seven Unicorns to win, whereas Eight players need six Unicorns to win.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   In Unstable Unicorns, what happens if we run out of cards before a player is able to form their Unicorn Army?

If this is the case, then no one wins the game. There are only losers. You have to reshuffle the discard pile.

Then start the game after shuffling, and at the end, one player is declared the winner.

2. How to play the game if we buy the expansion packs?

The expansion pack in Unstable Unicorn keeps the game exactly the same. They added a new dimension to the main game.

They introduced various possible strategies. This is very useful for people who want to see unstable unicorns.